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St. Rose of Lima 911 Call Released - Hoaxers reportedly filming children at school

St. Rose of Lima 911 Call
Sandy Hook Hoax Hoaxers
"I've got two cars here from out of state that are video taping children as they leave the school
 and the guy gave me a rough time about leaving".

Newtown, CT - A troubling 911 call is shed new light but raised troubling questions regarding an incident that occurred at St. Rose of Lima School on June 2, 2015. The incident was first described by Wolfgang Halbig in an internationally broadcast interview.

Wolfgang tells the story:  He he went to St. Rose of Lima in "Sandy Hook" with a documentary crew to meet with  Monsignor Weiss.   Halbig claims he went there to obtain the names of two nuns for his Hoax Group.  "What I wanted to know was the name of the two nuns.", Wolfgang explains (as if that's normal).  The actual reason Hoax Group needed the names of the two nuns is not clear.  We are aware conspiracy theorists have targeted the nuns in the past, such as this article:

The hoaxers have targeted St. Rose of Lima School for their ire in numerous articles and videos as any Google search will reveal.

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According to Halbig, the Monsignor refused to meet with him and when Halbig exited St. Rose, six Newtown Police cars surrounded his vehicle.  "What is that all about?" Wolfgang asks, during the Richie Allen Show.

Newtown Police Department has released the 911 call that prompted the response, and it is chilling.  The caller states "I've got two cars here from out of state that are video taping children as they leave the school and the guy gave me a rough time about leaving."    Considering the massacre of December 14, 2012 and the continued targeting of Newtown schools by Hoaxers, it's no wonder six cars responded to that shocking claim.

According to the police report, a white van, described by hoaxers as a "licensed film crew vehicle transport", left the scene just prior to the arrival of police  The registration of the van returned to 'EAN HOLDINGS' and was therefore, likely a rental.

Halbig left the scene in a blue Honda, shortly after police arrived and without being questioned.

The 911 call can be heard on this exclusive Sandy Hook Facts video:

Hoaxers are no strangers to Harassing Newtown schools and officials.

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Timothy Rogalski was spared prison after he begged for mercy of the court. He was convicted of Harassing Newtown schools just this past May.

One of the most famous Hoaxer arrests involved Hoax Group hero, Jonathan Reich.
Arrest Photo Courtesy Avon Police

Reich was prosecuted; however, as the son of a wealthy attorney, he was able to employ high priced lawyers who went to work on behalf of Reich.  Reich and the State of Connecticut waived time NINE TIMES, in legal maneuvering that allowed Reich to even avoid entering a plea.  Reich's slick attorney's then obtained a sweet deal for Reich, consisting of short-term diversion and some sort of mental health program (apparently an unsuccessful program at that).  As of today, his case is presently statutorily sealed.  Having money has worked out well for Reich.

Since his criminal case appears completed, he has openly jumped back into the fray on behalf of Hoax group as part of Wolfgang's exclusive inner circle.

His latest video "Sandy Hook A Trip Down Memory Hole Lane" focuses on harassing a parent of a child slain at Sandy Hook and in doing so, violates the parent's privacy on numerous levels.  It is noted that Wolfgang often mentions Lenny Pozner, indicating a possible mutual preoccupation with the beleaguered parent.

It is therefore not so shocking to find Jonathan Reich right smack dab in the middle of the Halbig's St. Rose of Lima controversy.

Reich was, apparently, the man Wolfgang selected to provide his response via Reich's popular  Youtube channel,  The channel, of course, still obsesses on Sandy Hook conspiracy theory.  In Reich's 5 minute response he  "debunks" the 911 call by simply declaring the call fabricated and promises the entire event was recorded.

"You see, the ACTUAL incident has been fully recorded and documented."

 Reich also provided screen shots of a letter purportedly received by Wolfgang Halbig from St. Rose of Lima's attorney that orders him to never return to parish property or he faces legal action and advising him that his mere presence is considered a "trespass and a nuisance".

The remaining 4 minutes of Reich's video consists of Halbig speaking at a Catholic Church function nearly fifteen years ago.  It is unclear what relevance that has to the instant issue; however, it is not always easy to follow thought patterns of Hoaxers.

"Incident Recorded"
Since Halbig, through Reich's channel, has promised the entire incident was recorded, Sandy Hook Facts is reserving judgment on the incident itself.  After all, there are two sides of every story.   We await Reich's full release of the incident.  The full release of the video is necessary because Wolfgang Halbig is running a licensed charitable organization that uses events such as these as talking points during international broadcasts done to raise money.  Sandy Hook Facts does request that Wolfgang and his well financed film crews redact any children who were filmed; if indeed they were filmed.

Several questions remain.

Was Halbig or his film crew filming children and giving Security a hard time, as the Security Officer reports?

Who was in the mysterious white van that fled just prior to the arrival of Newtown Police?  The identity of the "licensed film crew and transport vehicle" was never ascertained.

Why is Halbig's inner circle using this event as an excuse to harass a Sandy Hook parent and attempt to threaten and intimidate Sandy Hook Facts, in video?

What agency "licensed" Halbig's film crew and were they claiming to have permission?

Were a licensed film crew and/or a licensed charity sole proprietor giving a elementary school security officer a hard time?

Why is Halbig's inner circle slandering Sandy Hook Facts by claiming we committed the crime of fabricating an official police 911 call?

Who was the driver of the blue Honda with Connecticut plates?  In the past, Wolfgang has been seen chauffeured  in a blue Honda, such as this video:

his driver is known to to be a Youtuber and Connecticut resident who goes by the name of "Sleight of Sin".  This was solidified when Sleight of Sin demonstrated first hand knowledge of the police response to St. Rose of Lima:, appearing to taunt an NPD officer:

McGowan was the reporting officer of th St Rose of Lima incdent and also a Sandy Hook first responder.

Sandy Hook Facts is working on the answers to these questions and anxiously await Wolfgang Halbig's explanation, in the form of a release of the video to show what he and his film crew were doing at the private elementary school.

Simple questions that deserve an answer.

Actual Police Reports:

Other relevant reference and research links:

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Hoaxer attempts at threats and intimidation over this incident continue. Historically, hoaxers who attempt to threaten and intimidate Sandy Hook Facts are met at the door, so they might want to check themselves.

These people are very scary.


Anonymous said...

sandy hook justice listed the film crew as an expense on their tax filings, one may recall. So, literally, if you donate to sandy hook facts you are enabling men to park a creepy van at a school to film innocent children, and also to stalk nuns. Nice!

Anonymous said...

"Threats and intimidation"...It's what Hoaxers do. When they can no longer argue or support their position based on the known facts or evidence. It's their attempt to shut down the conversation because they know, they are going to lose the debate.

Again, they don't want to know the truth...they just want their nutter position validated by other nutters.