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Wolfgang Halbig FOIA Hearing Report Issued

Wolfgang Halbig FOI Hearing Report Issued as Halbig's Legal Woes Mount

Cliff Notes Version: Halbig's hearing was nearly a total failure with the recommendation being the majority of his complaints be dismissed in their entirety, a finding that ALL documents have been received by Halbig; Newtown was found to be tardy in providing the Hochsprung emails.

Commissioner Matthew Streeter has issued his Report on the Wolfgang Halbig FOI Hearings of 4-23-15 and 6-3-15.  The Commission's ruling was as predicted by Sandy Hook Facts, Wolfgang Halbig's attorney failed to show that Newtown failed to provide even a single responsive document.

As most are aware, Wolfgang Halbig's crew broadcast these hearings live; additionally a documentary is allegedly in the works.  Further,  Wolfgang conducted several broadcast interviews throughout and after both proceedings.

Wolfgang's Infowars Interview was broadcast
on several channels.

You may download the Commissioner’s Report in it’s entirety here.

The entire FOI Commission will consider the Commissioner's report on July 8, 2015. Generally speaking,  we can expect the report will be adopted as it is or with only minor technical changes or additions. For example, the report incorrectly spelled "Sinko's" name as "Sinka". 

Therefore, it appears that the ruling will be as follows.

FIC 2014-461 - Dash Cams, Porta-Potties, and Security System

Halbig had requested Newtown provide responsive documents as to Dash Cams, Porta Potty ordering, and the Security System installed at Sandy Hook on December 14, 2012.

At the hearing, Halbig further contended the Dash Cams and Security System documents were not authentic or not complete, offering as his proof, a screen shot of Sandy Hook Fact's video.

The Commission ruled entirely against Halbig finding the all the documents were authentic and complete. As to the Porta Potties, the finding that Newtown had no responsive documents and therefore had fully complied. The Commission further found that Newtown had responded timely stating [Newtown's] response was "nothing more than methodical, deliberate, and rigidly precise."

The Commission found that the Dash Cams were a true copy of the Dash Cam from Lt [Sinko's] Dash Cam; fully vindicating Sandy Hook Facts and in support of our videos and articles proving Halbig had indeed received the correct Dash Cam videos.


 The Commissioner recommended Halbig's complaint #2014-461 be DISMISSED in it's entirety. 

It does not appear that the Commissioner addressed several other requests docketed as 2014-461.  Some of these requests include the Bio-Hazardous Waste Removal contracts, the Sign-In Logs, and the Newtown School Board Minutes of 1-23-13.  Perhaps these matters will be taken up by the full commission. 

As to FIC 2014-823 Work Orders & emails The Commission further found as follows:

Wolfgang Halbig has received ALL documents responsive to his request.

Therefore, the issue is closed. They will not be receiving any other documents for this request.

The Commissioner found that Newtown was not prompt as to the requests for emails, as required by the FOI act, and was ordered to henceforth comply with promptness provisions of The Act. 

Wolfgang Halbig's spent about $20,000 raised through his charity, Sandy Hook Justice, for two days worth of hearings. He was awarded no documents and the majority of his complaints where dismissed in their entirety.  It should also be noted that the documents Halbig obtained at a cost of  about $20,000, Sandy Hook Facts obtained for under $100.  Sandy Hook Facts does agree that Halbig's hearings were a good show.

While Halbig's followers may think it was a victory for the First Selectman to admit "Homeland Security" (likely meaning the State Dept of Homeland Security) was on scene; all one really had to do to learn this was refer to the report. The agency is listed as one of the State's responding agencies; as would be expected of Mass Casualty Incident

This ruling was nearly entirely predicted by Sandy Hook Facts in previous articles.

UPDATE. Sandy Hook Facts broke this story exclusively!  Yet another exclusive By Sandy Hook Facts.  Even Wolfgang Halbig's attorney was so disorganized she had to refer to our web blog for the ruling, according to sources close to the case.  Par for the course for Kay Wilson.

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Anonymous said...

"sensors detect no more quarters detected in your pockets...."

Lumpy Failbig, you're DONE...smacked down in a most proper and legal manner. My guess is, you're SLAPP lawsuits will have much less "oomph" without the FOIA to lend you and your cause any credibility.

Anonymous said...

The corruption in your state is beyond belief. The truth will come out.

Marc Watson said...

Of course they are going to rule against him.
Any free thinking person knows Sandy Hook was a HOAX!

Anonymous said...

That's because you'll believe anything...even the delusions of a wanna-be "school crisis expert". You can "believe" all you wish, you don't get re-write facts because they don't support your claim.

Anonymous said...

Wolfgang is allegedly "fuming" that Sandy Hook Facts obtained this info before he did

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Murphy:

I am requesting under the CT FOIA laws from your office copies of addresses and names of people who used the CT FOIA laws to receive the CT FOIA Hearings from my case since it now posted all over the internet regarding Commissioner Streeter findings in my FOIA case.

How is that possible since I and my Attorney Kate Wilson have not received those findings from your office or Commissioner Streeter?

If this is true that others are receiving this information before my attorney and I have a chance to review in order to prepare for the full commission hearing on July 8, 2015 which I do not even know if that is the real date.

I have purchased a $650.00 Airline ticket to be present in order to Challenge the Commissioners findings.

Please dear God tell me that your office does not operate that way.

I have been slandered as you will see without me or my attorney even having the opportunity to see it first.

Very Unprofessional if it is true.

You are supposed to be a safeguard for the truth if people ever challenge a government failure to disclose documents.


Anonymous said...

Well, the FOI Commission hadn't finish converting their document to crayon drawings Wolfgang Halbig can understand. Once they put in the snack, they'll send it his way. said...

:) quite enjoyable! said...

I would like to thank my anonymous tipster with black suit and Black SUV and silver brief case for yet another Sandy Hook Facts exclsive. Sandy Hook Facts... where even wolfgangs attorney goes to get the news of her own case!!! LOL! My guess is that Kay got the letter but dribbled hamburger sauce on it and threw it away. MY guess.

Anonymous said...

I think, for Halbig, this has become more about creating and preserving his "celebrity" status in the Hoaxer world...kind of like Dr. Judy Wood in the Twoofer world.

Both have been completely refuted by the facts, evidence and science...and both have made HUGE mistakes in their claims...only to be revered by those who based their opinions and positions on emotion.

It would seem as though, critical thinking and intellectual honesty are becoming lost skill sets.

Anonymous said...

A flight from Orlando to Hartford should be about 500 bucks round trip this time of year. at $650 Wolfgang is getting gyped. More likely, his supporters are.

Anonymous said...

"A flight from Orlando to Hartford should be about 500 bucks round trip this time of year. at $650 Wolfgang is getting gyped."

Just speculating here: Given Mr Halbig's ample stature, perhaps two seats are more comfortable. In which case, a 30% mark up would actually be a generous deal.