Friday, July 4, 2014

Sandy Hook Window Frame Part II

I was looking at the metal plate I used in Sandy Hook Window Frame Part I and decided I should have added a few more pictures to the discussion.  Rather than edit the first post I will do a Part II.

There is a relevant look that can be made at a bullet hole that is at nearly the same angle as the bullet hole in the window frame and the effect is nearly identical as well.  Since I have a nearly identical round hitting a metal plate at a nearly identical angle and a virtual match of effect for the entry and exit as the Sandy Hook Window Frame, then I need to revisit the post.

Sandy Hook Hoaxer created Myth:

The bullet holes in Room 10 are exit holes, indicating the rounds were fired from the outside in.

First, let's take a look at a couple of Sandy Hook Hoax'ers who allege themselves some experience and see what they pushing:

  • Mike Zincke notice the metal protruding inward, as if it had been shot from out side.

    Bruce Backlund
    Mike, I've shot over 10,000 rounds on a AR-15 in my lifetime and that looks like an exit path from a full metal jacket, not hollow point. If it is, it could mean a lot of things, a second shooter, etc. Law enforcement was adamant they fired no rounds from outside at school.

A better view of the photo's the Sandy Hook Hoaxers are discussing:
Crime Scene Photo showing bullet damage to window frame.
Crime Scene Photo showing angle

Apparently, the Sandy Hook Hoaxers have not looked closely at a piece of metal that has been struck by bullet. It is very common to have mushrooming on the entrance and exit side.

This metal plate is the same plate as used in Part I.  Here, I have circled the hole that will be the subject of this analysis and labeled the entrance side "F" (front) and the exit side "R" (rear.

Bullet hole in a metal plate with exact same mushrooming as seen in the
crime scene photo.
Metal Plate with Entrance hole

Exit Holes

Exit Hole on metal plate

Metal plate showing shot angel
Shot Angle, Entrance hole side. Note identical mushrooming.
Shot Angle, Exit hole side

Here are some other comparison photos. If you look closely, you can see this pattern repeated over and over.  Please note, not all holes in the plate are from a 5.56 mm round or from the same shoot.

This shows the probable location of the shooter as he fired the shots through the window.

Edited to add video of effects of an AR15 round on aluminum:

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