Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sandy Hook Hoax & Susan Stanton to attempt to Dig Up Daniel Barden's grave

Susan Stanton, again via Sandy Hook Hoax's private group, is asking for assistance from her fellow Sandy Hook Hoax members in purchasing a plane ticket and accommodations to help her get from Hawaii to Newtown, Connecticut so Susan Stanton can dig up Daniel Barden's grave!  Daniel Barden, of course, is one of the first graders killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

To sum up her story concisely:

Susan Stanton claims she was pregnant with triplets. Two were boys and one was a girl. Stanton was tied down against her will and had a forced c-section by evil minions of Mark Barden (father of Sandy Hook victim, Daniel Barden) and the two boys were taken and they left the girl with Stanton (this girl later rescued from Susan by CPS).  Sandy Hook was staged to kill off one of them, Daniel Barden, again, a evil plan by Mark Barden.  The other one, also named Daniel, is in an undisclosed location in Canada.... errr or something like that.

While a normal response to her plight might be to urge Susan Stanton to get the mental help she quite obviously needs, Sandy Hook Hoax uses Stanton's delusions to push their agenda and obfuscate real issues. Sandy Hook Hoax members egg her on her quest and some volunteer to help her!

Prominently featured in Sandy Hook Hoax's private group is her plea for assistance in helping Susan Stanton get to Newtown so she can dig up  Daniel Barden's grave.  What she intends to do with the child's body after she digs up the grave is anyone's guess.  I am now told she has multiple threads posted in the group.

Sandy Hook Hoax's thread doesn't stop there; Susan Stanton adds a new child to stalk to her list: she wants to stalk the girl who was the loan survivor of Room 8!

And if all of that was not enough, Susan Stanton s requesting someone  armed and "not afraid to shoot" to help her.


The clock is indeed ticking until Sandy Hook Hoax gets someone hurt or killed with their agenda of stalking and aiding and abetting the stalking of innocent people of Newtown, Connecticut, and Sandy Hook Hoax gets more brazen every day with what they want to do.

Susan Stanton's post unedited, word for word:

Serious request, guys. I just watched he 2 minute YouTube of Pastor Jim Solomon talking about the little girl who survived the shooting in Lauren Rousseau's classroom. The pastor claims the little girl was covered in blood when she walked out of the school. I want to fly to Connecticut to talk to this little girl , the Newtown Police Department, and the State Troopers, and stay until I get Daniel's grave dug up.
Problem is I can't afford a two way plane ticket, nor do I know anyone there to stay with safely. I'd rather not end up with bullet holes in the back of my skull like Nancy did. So, all you Truthers who say you want the Truth, here's your chance to send someone who actually has the ability to get a grave dug up. If you are willing to help me get to Connecticut please message me. I am not asking for money, just a plane ticket and a place to stay. Thanks.
The Video of the interview of the Pastor is at , "Connecticut Shooting : Pastor Explaining How Girl Played Dead to....", http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/connecticut-shooting-pastor-explains-girl-played-dead-survive-17989933

A selection of Responses:
  • Daneen Covino-Rogers Is this a joke? LOL
  • AJ Drew Where do you live?
  • Susan Stanton No stupid comments Daneen. No I will stay in Ct until my son's grave is dug up and DNA tests are done. A. J , I live on Maui, and it is a long plane ride, but the only way to force investigation of the Bardens is for me to walk into the Newtown Police Department and file reports. They have to investigate by law. So does the State Police. I will stay in Newtown until I get forensic evidence and witness statements. I'm done with theories. I want facts to force investigations.
  • Asia Payne DO IT Susan!!!!! If you make travel arrangements, I can find you a place to stay, no problem. But you'll have to keep your reason for being there on the low. I'm so serious. I will make arrangements. I was there in February, visiting my family, and I was DETERMINED to get to Newtown/SH to hunt some shit down. But there was a gigantic snow storm and I was stuck on the shoreline (in Westbrook) for four days with my niece and nephew because school was canceled and my sister had to work. I was so mad that I didn't get to go.
  • Susan Stanton Cool, thanks Asia but I don't do shame, and hopefully someone from Ct Carry Arms, or the NRA will let me stay with them and travel with me to investigate. No offense , but I want to stay with people that are armed and willing to shot anyone that isn't supposed to be on their property
  • Asia Payne Lol!! I hear u
  • Ashlee Smith Are you related to Daniel? If you aren't a biological parent, how would you be able to get his grave dug up?
  • AJ Drew I find this fascinating. *Gets popcorn*
    Daneen Covino-Rogers Susan Stanton believes that Daniel Barden is her biological son that was kidnapped from her and is actually alive and well and hiding in Canada.
  • Melissa Sell What happens if Daniel is in fact not your son?
  • Melissa Sell How would you even know if the kid in the casket is even daniel?
  • Jeff Loeffler Susan! If you had sex with mr Barden then you can describe his ppppppenis! Why not just have him drop his pants and with a witness you can start proving your case. Thats what Miss Ballbricker wanted Tommy to do in Porky's the movie! LMFAO


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