Monday, July 7, 2014

Sandy Hook Hoax Group stalkers receive warning from Newtown PD

 Sandy Hook Hoax group continues their stalking and predatory behavior and in doing so, earning a warning from the Newtown Police Department.

 I have confirmed through independent source that Tony Mead, Admin of Sandy Hook Hoax, received a warning from the Newtown Police Department for reportedly making a harassing phone call to Gene Rosen.

Gene Rosen has been the subject of some of the most vicious stalking by Sandy Hook Hoax conspiracy theorists.

Today's efforts by Sandy Hook Hoax Admin Tony Mead encourage and incite stalking.

The stalking of Gene Rosen has been well documented, including in this article:

 Apparently, operating under a pretext, Tony Mead called  Gene Rosen stating words to the effect of: 'I heard a rumor that you died".

Tony Mead went on to proudly boast of the call to Rosen on Sandy Hook Hoax. The organization, Sandy Hook Hoax featured the stalk on their main page.  A full text of the post is below.  Astonishingly, the post whipped his fellow Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists into a frenzy.  The members proceeded to 'one-up' each other with their sick comments, supported the stalking, and assured each other this was perfectly normal behavior.  

Here is the full post  and some of the responses by Sand Hook Hoax members.

Yesterday I heard a rumor that Gene Rosen had died. His business card was posted online, so I took the liberty of calling him. Imagine my surprise when he answered on the 2nd ring !!
"Hello, may I speak to Gene Rosen", I asked.
"Speaking", was his reply.
"Well, I'm glad to hear that rumors of your death have been greatly exaggerated!", I said cheerily.
"Who is this?", he asked.
"My name is Tony Mead and I am an Admin at the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook Page".
"Why do you have that page?", he asked
"A lot of people don't believe that we've ever been told the truth of what happened that day. and we continue to share information in the hope that we will someday find out"
"How do you feel about everything that's transpired since the incident", I asked.
"I don't think I want to talk to YOU about it --- AT ALL !!"
CLICK - he hung up.
An hour later my phone rings- it a a 203 CT area code, but not Gene Rosen. When I go to answer, they hang up. 20 minutes later I call back- It is the Newtown Police Dept.
"This is Tony Mead", I state, "Is someone trying to reach me from this number?"
After a 5 minute hold, a woman comes on the line and asks me if I called Gene Rosen.
"Yes", I respond, "I had heard a rumor that he died and wanted to confirm that he was ok"
"Where did you hear that rumor?", she asked
"I read it online".
"What website did you read it at?"
"Oh, I don't really remember", I replied.
"How did you get Gene's number?", she asked.
"Well, his business cards are posted all over Newtown so someone posted one online".
"Well, your call to him was NOT business related, so that could be construed as harassment", she stated authoritatively.
"I don't think that it is harassing to call someone to see if they're OK", I said.
"What is YOUR name", I asked.
After a brief hesitation, she responded "Officer 105".
"I didn't ask for your number", I said, "I asked for your name!"
Another hesitation, followed by "Officer Wickman".
"At this point, Mr Rosen has reported that you have called him and if you make any further calls to him, it will be considered harassment".
"OK", I responded, "I understand".

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