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Wolfgang Halbig and James Tracy rebuff Sandy Hook Parent's offer of evidence

Reprinted with permission of SandyHookStalkers. Original Piece:
Report by Keith Johnson

They say he’s on a “quest for truth,” but when the truth finds him,  Wolfgang Halbig runs and hides.

On May 31, followers of the “Sandy Hook Justice” Facebook page were buzzing when their dubious leader posted the following message:

“You would not believe who is at my front gate of a gated community in Sorento, Florida trying to get in to see me?

LEENY POZNER. A parent who supposedly died on Dec 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook.
Why would he travel from sandy hook to Florida and then to my gated community?
If I called him or his wife Veronica I would be arrested for Harassment by the CT State Police.”

Once again, Wolfgang demonstrates his absolute contempt for the truth.  I recently spoke with Lenny Pozner and got the straight scoop.

“I was never at his gate,” Mr. Pozner told me on Saturday. “Mr. Halbig is frankly not a good source of accurate information.”

More details about what really happened will be revealed later in this article. First, a little background:

For those unaware, Lenny Pozner’s precious son, Noah, was among those murdered by Adam Lanza on December 14, 2012. His daughters, Arielle and Sofia, were also in attendance that day and might have met the same fate as their brother had it not been for the quick and courageous efforts of first-responders and school staff, namely first-grade teacher Kaitlin Roig.

Since that tragic day, Mr. Pozner has been one of the few surviving parents willing to discuss the tragedy openly and even maintains a website where he shares family photos and personal insights on Noah to help keep the memory of his son alive.

Just recently, Mr. Pozner took his transparency one step further by publicly releasing Noah’s birth certificate, his two-page kindergarten report card from Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES), his death certificate and the first page of an investigative report by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME).

Although these documents are exempt from disclosure under Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Act, Mr. Pozner hoped their release would help satisfy some conspiracy theorists who were demanding, among other things, evidence of Noah’s existence, proof of his death and details about the emergency response.

Unfortunately, Mr. Pozner’s measure of good faith wasn’t enough to satisfy the irrational Sandy Hook hoaxers who immediately dismissed the postings as fake digital images of fictitious physical documents.
Of course, just like all hoaxer “research,” these purely speculative assertions came from unqualified armchair detectives unable to support their claims with even a shred of factual evidence.
This brings us now to Wolfgang Halbig. I recently spoke with Lenny Pozner and confirmed that, yes, he was in Florida. Though he was there on unrelated personal business, Lenny was hoping to work in a visit with Halbig to answer any questions he might have about the SHES tragedy and to address the many falsehoods being propagated by the hoaxer community. Lenny also wanted to show Noah’s physical death certificate and other documents to Halbig in hopes that he would vouch for their authenticity.

“I called him a few days before I drove there and his voice mail was full,” Lenny told me in a recent email.

Since Lenny was unsuccessful in reaching him by phone, he contacted one of Halbig’s associates and asked if they could relay the message that he would like to arrange a meeting. Shortly thereafter, the associate emailed Lenny to say that Wolfgang didn’t want to speak with him.
“The same attempt was made to tenured Florida Professor James Tracy,” Lenny told me. “He holds the same beliefs as Halbig and that communication had the same outcome.”

Remember, this is the same Wolfgang Halbig who has been demanding that parents, first responders and anyone else connected to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre be dragged into court to face grueling depositions.

One would think that those leading the investigation of this alleged hoax would jump at an opportunity to pick the brain of a Sandy Hook parent who is not only volunteering to answer your questions but is also willing to do so in person and on your own turf.

But, of course, Wolfgang Halbig is not an investigator—he’s a con man. Each day, this fraudster BRINGS nothing new to the table but TAKES in large sums of cash. As of this writing, Halbig has raised more than $23,000 on his GoFundMe account and god knows how many thousands from other sources like PayPal, mail orders, cash, checks, etc. etc.

By now, it should be glaringly obvious to any rational person that there is no “fact-finding mission” and certainly no “quest for truth” on the Wolfgang Halbig agenda. This isn’t about getting answers—it’s about getting money.

Hopefully, this game will end soon, and devastated parents like Lenny Pozner will have an opportunity to continue healing without the vultures constantly circling over their heads.

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