Monday, June 9, 2014

Jerad Miller a Sandy Hook Hoax Hoaxer

Sandy Hook Hoaxers are becoming rather infamous.The groups contain scammers, frauds, cretins, robbers,predators, and stalkers; but wait! There is more! Add  Mass Shooter Cop Killer to the list.

Jerad Miller is a Sandy Hook Hoaxer. Any surprise?  No. Jerad Miller is a card carrying Chem Trail worrying Alex Jones loving tin foil hat wearing paranoid conspiracy theorist.

Initial reports are Jerad Miller and his wife Amanda Miller shot and killed two police officers in Las Vegas and then went to walmart and wounded another before Amanda shot Jerad, killing him, then taking her own life.

A few news articles:
Law encorcement the oppressor:

Nazis put swastica on body of slain police officer.
Las Vegas Sun Article 1
Details his extensive criminal record including batter and felony drug possession.
Las Vegas Sun Article 2

 While they are sill up, their facebook and youtube accounts can be perused . These YouTube Special Alex Jones creations; you can smell a Sandy Hoaxer a half mile away up wind.

Jerad Miller Facebook
Jerad Miller Youtube 
Amanda Miller  Facebook
Jerad Miller Channel:  USA True Patriot 

FEMA Camps, Huh? Where Have I heard that before...

A brief perusing of the accounts is revealing. Such as  Jerad whining about Government Tyranny while in the Food Stamp Line:

Ohh the irony.

 Did his wife off him before they could do more damage?  Jerad obviously would not have had the courage.

 This is chilling...


A Sandy Hoaxer without Chem Trails is like a fish out of water.

Nose is looking a little, uhh, chapped there, meth head.

His facebook "group"

Some of his "Likes" on Facebook, apparently, he is "The Resistance" right Alex Jones?


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