Friday, June 2, 2017

Sandy Hook Hoax Room 10 Candle claims Debunked - Again - Video

It appears hoaxers are releasing "blurry photo" disinfo at a furious pace.  Here, Wolfgang and crew are pushing the ole "Candle shoot" meme and they get debunked by Sandy Hook Facts.

Fetzer's Sandy Hook Book Debunked - Deceptive Tactics Exposed

Wolfgang Halbig Accidentally debunked Sandy Hook Hoax

Wolfgang Halbig violates free speech, loses lawsuit
Sandy Hook and Orlando Pulse conspiracy theorist leader Wolfgang Halbig, through his Orlando attorney, Cynthia Conlin, sued Sandy Hook Facts to attempt to silence this blog from debunking Halbig.  The court found Halbig in violation of Free Speech and California SLAPP Statutes and Awarded Sandy Hook Facts $25,000. - He has not paid. It is collecting interest on appeal


Wolfgang's $1,000 Reward claimed
Wolfgang refuses to pay.

Side Thorn's $100,000 Reward Claimed by Sandy Hook Facts- Irrefutable Court Admissible proof of death provided
Side Thorn feebly claims the authentic death certificates are "photoshops" - Wrong. $100,000 owed. time to pay up.

In February 2014, Sandy Hook Facts released "Sandy Hook the Deadliest Minute" - a ground breaking work that finally explained exactly how the shooter killed twenty first graders and six teachers, and then himself, in under ten minutes.

Sandy Hook Hoaxers - Just asking questions or hate?

Two Sandy Hook Facts exclusive reports that 100% cannot be debunked and prove the evidence matches the report.
Sandy Hook Fallen Angel -
Sandy Hook 911 Call Shot Analysis -

Subscribe to Sandy Hook Facts - Not even the hoaxers will dispute I have more exclusives on the Sandy Hook shooting than all  the other channels out there combined.
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