Monday, June 5, 2017

Sandy Hook Hoax False Claim - Room 10 Candles Debunked and Proven Fake

Sandy Hook Hoax False Claim - Room 10 Candles  Debunked

Photo of deceased Sandy Hook Shooter, Adam Lanza, debunks false Sandy Hook Hoax claims.

Sandy Hook Hoax leaders are intentionally pushing the false claim that the "Official Narrative" claims Animal shot out the three candles.

Here is an email Wolfgang sent to the Wilmerhale law firm and several others, attempting to sell that false narrative.  Isn't weird how Halbig doesn't realized how absurd his nonsense sounds?

Hoaxers are knowingly pushing a false meme.  Obviously, the Sandy Hook report or "Official Narrative", as hoaxers like to call it, does not make the claim that Animal shot out the windows. claim.

Hoaxers invented the maim by intentionally blurring photos.  John Santiago, demonstrating his talents at photoshopping evidence photos, is the creator of this fake photo meme:

The hoaxers modify the actual photos from the report. They take the report photos and blurr them.

After the shooting, from the parking lot, the damage to the window, second from the right, is clearly visible.
Smoke and mirrors:  The hoaxers grab crime scene photos taken before crime scene processing and lie, claiming they are photos taken before the shooting. Lame, right?

The hoaxers false claim was debunked by me last week in video.

Hoaxer false meme:
The hoaxer contention is that the shooter shot out the three candles from the Room 10 window. Therefore, any photos showing the candles in place are before the shooting. Thus, it's all staged!

The primary pushers of this claim are many of the usual suspects, Jim Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, Tony Mead, and Wolfgang's newest side kick, John Santiago (aka Able1212, ScratchingtheSurface).  It looks like Santiago is learning his "create fake evidence" lessons well.

Jim Fetzer - debunked as fiction here:

Obviously, the Hoaxer's claim is false.  The report does not the "candles were shot out". In fact, the damage caused can be plainly seen in videos of the crime scene as shown in these still frames.

Hoaxers combine a false narrative with blurry photos, photoshop, and tricky to create their newest fundraising meme.

The photos and still frames clearly demonstrate the candles were not "shot out" by the shooter.  The candles were removed as part of the trajectory tracing done by detectives.  Photos that show the candles are removed are photos after the trajectory investigation is completed.

The candles are clearly in place.
The shooter's knees and Glock pistol can also be seen in this photo.

The damage and candles

Candles are removed for trajectory

The candles have been removed for trajectory

Candle shot?

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