Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Alex Jones Megyn Kelly Interview - Alex Doubles Down on Hoaxer Lies and Debunked Memes

As part of Alex Jones basking in the Megyn Kelly controversy, Alex Jones doubles down on Hoaxer lies and debunked memes in order to grief troll and harm Sandy Hook families; even as he pretends he is not a hoaxer.

Here is my video proving Alex Jones is nothing more than a hoaxer and a grief troll:

Some References:

Alex Jones is in fact Hoaxer Zero:

Alex Jones and Zerohedge hoaxer lies pushed here:

Debunking -
1. Why does the Sandy Hook elementary school website have zero traffic for four years?
Long ago debunked meme - here is two specifically debunking Alex Jones lies:
Alex Jones Sandy Hook Hoax Wayback Machine DEBUNKED
Sandy Hook Hoax CNN Debunks Alex Jones!
Comprehensive Debunk:

2. Why were there several reports of other shooters dressed in camouflage who fled into the woods - one of whom police allegedly detained?

Addressed in several places in the final report - afternoon reporters questions in the woods including  Book 6 Doc 24911

3.Why were port-o-potties, sandwiches, fruit, drinks, and chips bought and set up for people at the crime scene to eat inside the school?
Total hoaxer lies, video and photos proves the hoaxers are lying.  They have no evidence to support their claim they were eating in the school.  Note times in my video above.

4. Sandy Hook father Robbie Parker 'getting into character'
Vicious attack on a parent, who is not an actor, as claimed by Alex Jones. Robbie Parker highly educated and trained Physicians Assistant to specializes in Pediatric Oncology - Child Cancer Patients. His Daughter, Emilie was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12-14-12.
Sandy Hook Death Index:

 An FBI crime stat which shows no murders occurred in Newton in 2012.
Alex Jones is intentionally misrepresenting the facts to intentionally harm parents and to spread fake memes.


Alex Jones Exposed as a Sandy Hook Hoaxer and Liar:

    Why didn't they let paramedics and EMTs into the building after 27 children were declared dead in 8 minutes?

So many lies here... Paramedics were let in, "27" children were not "declared dead" in "8 minutes" - all hoaxer meme and lies invented by Hoaxers and spread by by Alex Jones.
Debunked in 2014

MCI Proceedures explained:

    Why was Adam Lanza's home burned down by the bank?
Just a bold faced lie by hoaxer Jones and his hoaxer buddies... and irrelevant to the shooting. The house was not burned down.  SandyHookFacts scoop:

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