Friday, December 30, 2016

Wolfgang Halbig uses Discovery to Bully and Attack Sandy Hook Parent

Halbig doxes Lenny Pozner - Gets sued
The case is very simple - Wolfgang Halbig is accused of "doxing" Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner, in violation of Florida laws by posting unredacted correspondence containing Pozner's address, email, and phone number on Halbig's fundraising website. Case documents may be downloaded here.

Halbig apparently refused demand letters from Lenny's attorney to remove the personal information from Halbig's fundraising website.  Halbig ignored the demand.

According to the complaint, Lenny Pozner suffered harm as a result of Halbig's doxing.  Pozner filed suit seeking compensatory damages, an injunction,  and attorney fees.

That is the only thing at issue in this case - Pozner's private information (dox), posted in violation of Florida law.  Halbig has seemingly decided to use the case to further bully the beleaguered Sandy Hook parent by obtaining even more information about Pozner.

What kind of person would do such a thing? Why, a hoaxer, of course.

Bully and Fundraising - the Hoaxer credo
In addition to bullying Lenny for more Dox info, Halbig appears to be hoping to pad his fundraising scheme. Halbig admits he has raised over a $100,000 from his hoaxer followers.

 To raise money, Halbig is pretending the case is much more than it is. Recently, Halbig claimed he would depose Dr. Wayne Carver; Connecticut's former Chief Medical Examiner, for the Florida case.

What information could Dr Carver possibly offer about the doxing of Lenny Pozner's personal information by Halbig? Obviously nothing. But the sales pitch plays well with Halbig's hoaxer followers, thus helping Halbig line his pockets with more donor cash.  By the way, the donations are not  being used in the Pozner case because Halbig is not using an attorney. Where do Halbig's donations go? No one knows. Halbig refuses to disclose expenditures or account for the funds.

Halbig seeking more dox info
Halbig recently filed for discovery and is obviously abusing the discovery process to further attack, dox, bully, and intimidate Lenny Pozner.  After all, is there any other reason for asking for private items such as Lenny Pozner's birth certificate?

Since the items requested by Halbig have zero relevance to the case, they will obviously be quashed by the court. The point is that Halbig's attacks on Sandy Hook families, especially Lenny Pozner, continue unabated.

Let's look at some of Halbig's bullying requests:

Somehow Halbig believes he is entitled to birth information, including Lenny's birth certificate.

And, Halbig believes he is entitled to Lenny's Naturalization and Citizenship papers.  What do those papers have to do with anything related to the case? The answer is obvious: nothing.

Lenny's Birth Certificate and Naturalization papers are not enough Dox information for the wide-eyed conspiracy theorist leader; Halbig wants Driver's Licenses from three different states.  For what? Obviously all of this information would likely be spread to the hoaxer stalking and harassing group's, such as Tony Mead's predatory Sandy Hook Hoax group.

The predatory hoax group is breathlessly awaiting the dox information:

Doubtless this sought information would be used to further threaten and harass Lenny Pozner by the volatile hoaxer followers

And Halbig wants corporate filings; which of course, have nothing to do with whether or not Halbig doxed Pozner.

Hoping to score some hoaxer points, Halbig asks if Pozner has ever been an employee of any person or government agency.  Over broad and irrelevant much?  Much too much, Halbig.

It is obvious the case is being used to attempt to bully and further dox Lenny Pozner.
Let's hope the court does the right thing and sanctions Halbig to the fullest.


Anonymous said...

This certain court HAS shown some bias against Mr. Pozner...hopefully, they will see through this BULSH and make the proper and appropriate decisions.

Unknown said...

Can Pozner file discovery claims demanding to see what Halbig has received through FOIA?