Sunday, May 11, 2014

Organized Cyber Stalking of Sandy Hook Hoax Victims

A major concern of mine is the increased Cyber Stalking of Newtown families by Sandy Hoaxers.

The hoaxers are become more organized and brazen in their efforts as they organize behind Wolfgang Halbig.

I reviewed a copy of the now "Secret" meeting held by Sandy Hook Hoax and Sandy Hook Justice. This "post-Newtown meeting" contained the audio I posted before where it appears Thomas Lapp discusses his company support, including "CEO Chris", for Sandy Hook Justice's activities.  More on this soon as that is a rapidly developing investigation.

I further discovered that Tony Mead and Thomas Lapp are actively engaged in the Cyber Stalking of a mother of a child survivor of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.

The leaders discussed her private information in an open online forum and they verbally or their followers to "Dig Dig Dig" into her further.

This collateral victim apparently made the mistake of being decent enough to be willing to talk to Sandy Hook Hoaxers Tony Mead and answer his questions.  This is how they pay her for that courtesy. 

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