Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sandy Hook David Wheeler plays FBI Agent DEBUNKED

**See Update below - Professor James Tracy has removed this slanderous attack from his blog.

Hoaxers move from fraudulent meme to fraudulent meme as their "evidence" Sandy Hook was a "hoax".

The latest meme claims: "Sandy Hook parent has been caught playing the part of a FBI Agent" at Sandy Hook.  The claim has been not only debunked, but exposed as a fraud. The hoaxers, yet again, deliberately withheld information by snipping the complete footage that would have proven the meme false.

The claim itself is absurd on it's face.  David Wheeler, father of Benjamin Wheeler, a first grader who was killed during the Sandy Hook Shooting, is purpotedly not really a parent, but actually an actor who plays both "David Wheeler" and an FBI SWAT Sniper.   Why the FBI would use an actor to portray a FBI agent is never quite explained by the insane, abusive conspiracy theorists:

The fraud was exposed when the SWAT/Sniper was identified as Special Agent William Aldenberg of the New Haven Division of the FBI.

Wolfgang Halbig, who fancies himself an "investigator" and an "expert" that people should "trust" who has reportedly raised over $80,000 this year, is one of the biggest pushers of the false "Wheeler- FBI" claim. Wolfgang Halbig posts the meme nearly every day as part of his fundraising scheme. For example, in this post Halbig calls Oath Keepers, NRA, and gun owners cowards for not "helping" (read that: give him money) while Halbig is using the false, slanderous meme.  The meme is his current center piece to lining his pockets with hoaxer cash:   

Lenny Pozner is not the only Sandy Hook parent Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy actively targets; David Wheeler is also viciously attacked on Tracy's blog with this slanderous claim. Tracy's blog features the video of the "Wheeler-FBI Agent" claim prominently on all of his Sandy Hook pages:

The first person to debunk the claim and actually name the agent came was Caliber Hitter.    Keith Johnson put together a compilation of that research in this video:



The fact the hoaxers hid from their viewers is that there is footage of this FBI agent getting geared up upon his arrival to Sandy Hook, and he is quite obviously not David Wheeler:

Screen looCapture of the agent, on the right, getting dressed

Sandy Hook parent David Wheeler
Agent Aldenberg getting dressed is bald and obviously not David Wheeler.

The original footage: 

The agent is bald as shown here (the space between his strap and his helmet):

The agents name can be seen printed on the back of his vest here and this photo is further evidence the agent is bald:

Confirmed from image here:

The FBI agent is William "Bill" Aldenberg, a well known Connecticut Special Agent who has been responsible for pursuing several high profile cases.

Special Agent Aldenberg can be seen in a video interview here:

Special Agent William Aldenberg was recognized for his Sandy Hook Response  at the award Ceremony by Connecticut State Police:

William Aldenberg is also mentioned in the Sandy Hook Final Report: document 00251204.pdf

That report most likely describes the scene published in several news photos and videos:

Special Agent Aldenberg is rear - center

After the identity of the agent was released, Mick West, of Metabunk published this comparison:

David Wheeler can be seen speaking at Connecticut's Gun Safety Task Force in January 2013 here
David Wheeler is obviously not a bald FBI Agent:

Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler did bury their son. And for that, they remain continuous targets of vicious, false claims by James Tracy and Wolfgang Halbig's Sandy Hook Hoaxers".  Worse, both Halbig and Tracy actively seek donations on pages where this meme is their "evidence of hoax".

Professor James Tracy has removed the video that attacks Sandy Hook Parent David Wheeler with this false, slanderous claim.  Considering that video has been featured on his site for quite some time, this is a victory for truth.

How Professor Tracy can consider himself an academic while falling for every youtube meme that floats down the tinfoil hat pike is beyond comprehension.

New screenshot of James Tracy's blog:


Anonymous said...

The mere absurdity of their claims seems to motivate and bolster those deep in the rabbit hole. A kind of doubling-down on the tard. Lowering the standards of what is considered evidence to almost nothing but an assertion.

Anonymous said...

I think the paucity of new material is just leading them down blind alleys.

RickK said...

Halbig has to post SOMETHING, no matter how insane, to ensure the deluded sheep that follow him will keep sending him money.

Anonymous said...

Tracy is scum-bag who tried to elevate his status by jumping on the Hoaxers bandwagon. He's getting what he deserved. I hope he gets a bit more...I hope one of the families takes legal action for the slander.

Halbig's next.

RoadScholar said...

If hell exists, it must have a special place for anyone who would torture grieving parents with this garbage.