Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dallas Expert James Appleton Makes a Mockery of Himself

This blog was removed at the request of HONR Network after the expert involved issued an apology.  It may be rewritten and reposted at a later date.


Anonymous said...

one of the the things that bothers me the most about ALL of this is the utter heartlessness of the people involved. it's one thing for a few paranoid nuts to believe in crazy conspiracy theories - but - it is utterly disheartening how many people are showing such an utter disregard for the safety of the children involved here. My child goes to SHES and has endured lockdowns and bomb scares as a result of on going threats inspired by this nonsense. Even if you BELIEVE the utterly INSANE theory - what does that have to do with endangering the safety of the real children in the Sandy Hook community? My heart is breaking thinking of the family of this poor child who is being exploited by Appleton and Halbig and Tracy and Mead. Even if you BELIEVE she was a child actor (which is utterly ridiculous and without merit) - she's still just a child - right? or is the next theory going to be that she's a midget? she's a CHILD!!!

when the HELL is someone going to file a legal restraining order against these people??!!!

Unknown said...

I'm not an expert , but how hard was it to notice that LENIE has a mole over her lip and AVIELLE did not ,, LENIE has freckles in her photos and AVIELLE did not have any in her older photos

Anonymous said...

I doubt anyone will hire Jim Appleton as an expert witness - because a quick Google search will find this mockery. He presents himself as an expert in child facial recognition and comparison - but these two girls look remarkably different. It looks like his real expertise is technical, and not "human". He gives conspiracy theorists exactly what they want for money, and they continue to harass a little girl and her family with his support. What else will he do if paid? I wonder how effective he'll be for any D.A.'s office now. I can imagine how much the lawyers opposing him will love to describe to a jury how this man supports crazy conspiracy theories with minimal evidence. His expertise, and his judgement can't be trusted - but it apparently can be bought. In the end, he's hurting people, all for money, and let's hope karma comes his way.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe he had any idea how this report would be used. He was contacted by someone who claimed to be an attorney and given instructions to analyze the photos. Given his regular course of work, he wouldn't have had any reason to doubt a supposed member of the legal or law enforcement profession requesting his assistance. There is no evidence anywhere on the internet, Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or anywhere else to support any claim that Jim Appleton believes in or participates in any conspiracy theories of any kind now or in the past, much less the tragedy at Sandy Hook. He has supplied an apology letter to the families and while it may not be a full reversal as some would like, it very much demonstrates that he does not in any way support the egregious acts perpetrated upon this community. Only time will tell if his letter will see the light of day by those who asked him to apologize. The real culprit here is Wolfgang Halbig, who himself in numerous posts on Facebook and Twitter, fully admits that he did not in any way inform Appleton prior to or after analysis the nature of the subjects or what the analysis would be used for.

Anonymous said...

Can you please post his apology or a link to it? The family has NOT received it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Jim Appleton may have been duped - and is not caught between a rock and a hard place in that this incident basically exposes him as an 'expert for hire' who will lie for money.

there are quite a few of these 'paid experts' who make a living providing 'expert' testimony for money - based on the needs of the defense or prosecuting attorneys.

he was offered money to give his 'opinion' here. he gave the opinion he was paid to give.

and now he's stuck. if he publicly apologizes he will essentially be admitting he is a fraud. If he refuses to apologize he is linked to this repugnant conspiracy group.

pity Jim Appleton.

Praktik said...

The scary thing is that most of these True Believers feel themselves to be part of the Army of Light. While I agree their actions contribute to the impression they are heartless, we should recognize that inside their bizarre world there is some kind if internal consistency to their view, and if one were to share in their assumptions their actions would be seen as perhaps the minimum one should do if in fact the NWO *had* enacted such a stupendous hoax. In *their world* it's the hoax plotters who are heartless, and we are the useful idiots providing cover for their nefarious plans

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the list of Showcase Productions clients.

The Dallas Holocaust Museum.
7 Eleven

I wonder if the Holocaust Museum know who they are associated with when using this company.