Thursday, December 17, 2015

James Tracy Termination as Hoaxers Launch NEW attack on Sandy HookParent

Sandy Hook Hoax Wolfgang Halbig's  representative to Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner: "Halbig refuses to speak with you unless you dig up Noah's Body and prove to the world you lost your son". -As reported in Newsweek 12-17-15

Even as the news of James Tracy's termination proceedings at Florida Atlantic University hit the press ( Washington Post, Newsweek. Fox, CBS ), James Tracy's hoaxers are launching new waves of attacks on Sandy Hook Families.

Sandy Hook Victim Ben Wheelers father
attacked by James Tracy's
Sandy Hook Hoaxers
The press that is suggesting that James Tracy is being fired "for thinking Sandy Hook is a hoax" are doing a real disservice to the Sandy Hook victims.

 The pain caused by these hoaxers, in part led by James Tracy, is immeasurable. The attacks on victims, children, families by the Hoax leader followers are relentless. 

See my article: James Tracy - village monster

New attack Launched on Sandy Hook Parent

Tracy's  book partner and colleague, Wolfgang Halbi  launched a brand new attack on a Sandy Hook Parent, calling for the parents arrest.

This time, the target of hoaxer ire is David Wheeler, father of Ben Wheeler, a first grade student killed at Sandy Hook.

Follow the Hoaxer Rabbit

Halbig's crew alleges, essentially, that while the FBI perpetrated Sandy Hook (along with FEMA, Freemasons, the Illumanti, Men-in-Black, and other nefarious boogeymen),  they hired "Crisis Actors" to play various roles.  These roles include children, parents, of course, FBI Agents. FBI Agents being well known in the "crisis actor" field, in the foggy mind of a conspiracy theorist.

Apparently, to save an actor's fee, the same "crisis actor" that plays the father of a Sandy Hook victim also "plays" the role of an FBI Agent Sniper who responded to the shooting on 12-14-12.
Hoaxers claim this FBI SWAT member is a crisis
actor who plays the father of one of the 6 year old victims.

This is just a small taste of what these Sandy Hook families tolerate on a daily basis from Sandy Hook Hoaxers.    The followers of James Tracy and the various hoax groups are quite unstable and lash out viciously based on allegations such as this.

Max Resisistance is an off-shoot of
James Tracy's partners, Sandy Hook Hoax Group.

To top it off, Wolfgang Halbig is encouraging the Hoaxer followers to contact the "FBI" about the FBI using "crisis" actors to impersonate FBI.  Halbig is also calling for David Wheeler's arrest.  Other hoaxers have called for much more, including "hanging" for treason.

That is the problem. Unstable heavily armed nutjobs, fueled by Alex Jones, James Tracy, and Wolfgang Halbig believe this stuff.  Hoaxer drones believe "they are the resistance" and Sandy Hook families then become their enrny.

Hoaxers are led believe these parents are in on a plot to take their guns and put them in FEMA camps.

This was posted today, 12-17-15 by Halbig. Full text of Halbig's post is below.

Prediction: James Tracy's termination will succeed.

While we don't know exactly why Florida Atlantic University is terminating James Tracy, you can bet it was only done after a thorough evaluation of evidence, discussions with University leadership, and discussions with legal counsel.  It was certainly not knee jerk.

For me, the final straw was when Tracy went after a little Newtown girl named Lenie U via the blog he published.  There just is no excuse for that.  For that article alone, I have no mercy for James Tracy.   None.

And the article about the little girl or the certified letters to a parent "demanding proof" is not all there is; we all know Tracy has done so much more.   James Tracy's writings serves to encourage his readers to go after these victims.

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Anonymous said...

i can't believe this is actually happening. it is theater of the absurd at this point.

let me ask you something - do you think there is any way to craft a legal solution to this problem? I mean - couldn't Halbig be sued for harassment at this point? why hasn't it happened?

Is there any existing forum for like-minded people to share ideas and strategies and pool resources to handle this problem? Is anyone anywhere meeting to discuss this in Sandy Hook?