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Florida Atlantic U Prof. James Tracy - A Village Monster

If the internet is our new village, then at times, the village needs to root out the village monsters.

One such monster is Florida Atlantic University James Tracy.

The Sun-Sentinel and the Harford Courant published the piece by Lenny and Veronique Pozner exposing just some of the stalking and the harassment they have endured as a result of the actions by James Tracy and his conspiracy theorists followers.  Tracy's followers are Alex Jones bot "We are the resistance" "You're not dragging me away to a FEMA Camp"  "Not taking my assault weapons"  flavor of conspiracy theorist.


The article states in part:

Tracy even sent us a certified letter demanding proof that Noah once lived, that we were his parents, and that we were the rightful owner of his photographic image. We found this so outrageous and unsettling that we filed a police report for harassment. Once Tracy realized we would not respond, he subjected us to ridicule and contempt on his blog, boasting to his readers that the “unfulfilled request” was “noteworthy” because we had used copyright claims to “thwart continued research of the Sandy Hook massacre event.”

What kind of person says that to the parents of a deceased child?  That is an inhuman thinh to say.  Then to pyblish it to his rabid readers?

While this article has gone viral those of us involved know that barely scratches the surface of the vileness that is the Sandy Hook Hoaxer.  

James Tracy Publishes an attack on a little girl

For two years, I have researched  Sandy Hook and Sandy Hook conspiracy theories.  I soon came to realize hoaxers did not "just ask questions"; these people have organized into groups that planned and undertook organized harassment while preaching hate and vilifying the innocent.  James Tracys "right hand" Sandy Hook Hoax group is one of the worst. 

Example:This video is a online chat where they actually plan the cyber stalking of an innocent Newtown family.

Yet, as bad as Hoaxers are, recently, there was a turning point for me.  An article that shocked even me.  A point when I realized that we are really dealing with something very dangerous and very evil and we cannot sit back and do nothing; society needs to address it.

The article was published by FAU Professor James Tracy on his MemoryHoleBlog.  Tracy's target?  A young girl named "Lenie" who presently attends elementary school in Newtown, CT.

That's right, a tenures Florida AtlanticProfessor made a little girl his target.  This is cyber-bullying at an extreme level and this is all done attached to Florida Atlantic University. 

The stage was first set by Wolfgang Halbig after an FOI Hearing.  I documented Halbig odd statements; however, admittedly, my video was not framed in the best manner.  I also didn't know then what I know now and  I was not entirely sure what Halbig and the Hoaxers were up to.

Next came disinformation by Tony Mead
Tony Mead next began spreading a false meme that Avielle Richman, a six year-old girl killed at Sandy Hook, had her photo "flipped" Avielle wand as really  Jane Roe {Name Redacted*}. This was a blatant lie;  Jane Roe {Name Redacted*} had never been in a newspaper as Avielle Richman with photo flipped.

Tony Mead is well known for inventing and spreading blatant misinformation.

The source of this Tony's disinformation is ultimately traced back to the Sandy Hook Chorus Superbowl conspiracy theories.  Sandy Hook Hoaxers, through Sandy Hook Justice have spent tens of thousands of dollars chasing that chorus.

This photo shows Connecticut based attorney for Halbig, L. Kay Wilson folding a piece of paper with a photo of these children attempting to enter it to evidence at Halbig vs Newtown FOIA Hearing:

Enter Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy

James Tracy published a blog post publicly attacking young Lenie Urbina forging a conspiracy theory around the girl and presenting her to his wild fanatics. The idea is that this child was some agent of the government design; an actress who played the deceased Sandy Hook Victim.

Understand, Lenie is very much alive; a young girl in school; a real person. She has a family and friends. And now she will grow up forever a target of James Tracy's countless followers. Tens of thousands of people.  Your daughter could be James Tracy next target, if he thinks your daughter looks like someone he thinks is involved in some wild-eyed conspiracy. 

James Tracy's article uses absurd photo comparisons and cyberstalks the families social media accounts, and as such, encourages his readers to act likewise:

What the article does not do is provide any real evidence to substantiate wild and cruel theories. In fact, the article can not explain why an acclaimed neuorscientist, Dr. Jeremy Richman, father of Sandy Hook victim Avielle Richman and all of Dr. Richman's friends and family would forever try to "fake" the death of a "non-existent daughter" using Lenie U.  The article therefore lacks factual and logical basis.  Lacking logic is typical of Hoaxer articles; since the article cyberstalks a young school girl, Lenie, I take great exception to it.

James Tracy makes several unsubstantiated assertions in the published blog post and directly accuses the innocent family of several crimes.

James Tracy directly accuses the Newtown school girl of being Sandy Hook Victim Avielle Richman:

Ask yourself, what type of person directly attacks a little girl? Is society going to allow these baseless attacks on a small child?

Jonathan Reich, Co-author
We learned that one of the co-authors was Jonathan Reich from Tony Mead himself during a published Sandy Hook Hoax Group round table as documented here:
Tony Mead stated: "As many people know, Jonathan Reich, and uh, a couple of other guys worked to put together a piece on the facial similarities of one  Jane Roe {Name Redacted*} and Avielle Richman... they did a little presentation of that and I put that up on the Sandy Hook Hoax page".
It should be noted that James Tracy's colleague, Jonathan Reich, presently has a warrant for his arrest for a case involving the harassment of Newtown families:

James Tracy certainly keeps good company.  There is no reason the village should stand idly by while innocents are targeted by people of this ilk.

Google cache of James Tracy's article is here (visit his actual blog at your own risk):

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*9/15/16 Updated to remove photos and name of minor child currently being stalked by hoaxers, by request of Honr.com.

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Unknown said...

i am sure that FAU is starting to feel the heat.

at some point a national dialogue needs to take place. Tracy is just one sick asshole. even if he loses his job - what does it really do to stop the overarching problem? your blog is excellent in demonstrating that this is a REAL problem - and poses a REAL threat to the community. not just Sandy Hook. a meaningful strategy needs to be developed for solving this problem. this is mob-rule and it cannot be allowed to just grow, unchallenged, like a cancer, until something tragic happens. the 'just ignore them' strategy has been PROVEN to be a failed strategy. It's getting worse. It's not going away.