Monday, July 11, 2016

Behold: the Auto Hoaxer Gun Truther Conspiracy Theorist

Predictably, the Dallas shooting has been declared a hoax by so-called alternative media. Videos and blogs are being pumped out at a furious pace, attempting to mitigate the reality of the shooting.  Those claiming hoax push fabrications, disinformation, and bold faced lies, serving to muddy the waters on serious societal questions.

No Ambulances - Orlando
A quick example of hoaxer lies is the meme spread on numerous videos that there were "no ambulances" at Pulse Nightclub shooting.   Hoaxers accomplish this lie by simply making a video and leaving out any photo of an ambulance. 

Aside from the obvious fact that ambulances don't charge into active shooter areas, there were several ambulances involved; as any google image search reveals.

Who is behind it all?
I have begun to call them "auto hoaxers".   What is an auto hoaxer?

An auto hoaxer is a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist that declares just about every high profile mass killing (or event) a hoax perpetrated by the government to bring about gun control, new world order, FEMA Camps, martial law, etc.

If we put on our own tin foil hat, it's easy to speculate who really benefits from such nonsense.

These are the modern day "tin foil hat" wack jobs of society. The hoaxer is not the peaceful Bigfoot conspiracy theorist of days past; hoaxers can be dangerous, heavily armed, violent enemies of public and peace.

 In times past, society might have locked these people in an asylum.   Today, the mad stock pile weapons and form online groups to reinforce their belief system via social media.

Sandy Hook Hoax Groups hosts secret
 online forums on Facebook hatching their hoaxer plots and fabricatimg their narrative..

Within these secret groups, peer pressure radicalizes the hoaxer; a process hoax leaders refer to as "waking up".  There exists an organized power structure and hierarchy controlling the narrative, operating monthly donation schemes, organizing victim stalking, and preparing for events.  To maintain membership you must conform; strict lockstep thinking is demanded.

Anyone expressing independent thought outside acceptable "hoax" narrative is subject to everything from excommunication to ridicule, stalking, harassment, and harassment of their families.

After you are radicalized and in lockstep; the leaders demand donations.  Demand is made, even in the face of other members pleading that they are single mothers trying to raise children.

Whose nefarious purpose do the online hoaxer cults serve?   Who benefits by claiming a shooting is "fake" to promote gun control?  Is behind-the-scenes money driving the hoaxer leadership? 

Fear Porn
Hoaxers are fear porn mongers who  continually push predictions of social calamity that leads to a realization of the Red Dawn fantasy, new world order domination, and FEMA camps. When their prediction fails to materialize, do they apologize for being wrong?  Of course not. After all, their fail is further proof of a conspiracy.

One of the biggest conspiracy theory flops was the claim that the military exercise Jade Helm would lead to martial law.  Jade Helm is a big military exercise.

Hundreds of videos and blog posts spread the paranoia and panic.

Jade Helm quietly came and went without hitch or martial law.  The hoaxers who had lied in their videos offered no apologies for the hoax they pulled on their viewers.

As we speak, hoax leadership is doubling-down on similar fear porn; insisting  Donald Trump will be assassinated and Hillary Clinton will be indicted, leading to Martial Law by Obama! *Shiver* - an entree of doom and gloom with a side order of "Press the donate button", please.



Of course, the answer for the hoaxer cult member is to donate to Wolfgang so he can save them all by taking a field trip to Connecticut to get free duckies...or something like that.

The problem is not the fear porn mongering by Wolfgang Halbig or other hoaxer leaders per se; those guys are smart enough to look to cash in on "hoax".

The problem is the unstable radicalized rank and file followers who decide they are going to take action. These people believe Alex Jones' instigation to violence; they believe they are "The Resistance", they believe they are super heroes... just like on TV.

Jerad Miller
The perfect example is hoaxer Bundy Ranch followers, Jerad and Amanda Miller. Those two went on a rampage executing two police officers and a innocent civilian who made the mistake of confronting them.  They both died in a hail of police bullets in the automotive section of a Walmart.

Pete "The Shill" Santilli - Hoaxer
Jerad and Amanda Miller draw a path directly to one of the darkest elements of the hoaxer hoard; the hoaxers who also participate in the "freeman-patriot-Bundy" movements.  The FBI considers these people to be potential domestic terrorists.

Hoaxer Pete Santilli is incarcerated facing numerous violent felonies related to his participation in the armed standoffs by the Bundy family in Nevada and at Malheur Wildlife Preserve in Oregon.  Santilli was formally declared a "shill" of the Bundy family by the United States Government in court filings.

Hoax Claims are Immediate
Typically, the auto hoaxer gun truther conspiracy theorists claim "HOAX" within the first moments of MSM reporting a mass shooting.    Hoaxer MattyD is perfect example of such a auto hoaxer.

From his attic (as opposed to the basement),  MattyD rushes a video the moment he hears about a mass killing committed by firearms. 

For example, the news was still breaking in Orlando and MattyD was already pumping out video after video declaring the Pulse Night Club shooting an hoax. No facts, no investigation; no diligent research; the mere knowledge that people were reported as dying by gunfire is enough to trigger MattyD to get to work declaring the shooting hoax. He breathlessly scours main stream media for anything he can weave, twist, and speculate into his own intentionally false reality. 

MattyD is very much the stereotypical hoaxer.   Aside from the aforementioned attic living, Matt is rabid racist combined with raging gun-nut paranoia.  We have all seen where that leads.

[I]n January 1999, 27-year-old Ryan Ehlis of Grand Forks, ND, took a shotgun and killed his 5-week-old daughter."  - CBS News

Ryan Ehlis
Ryan Ehlis is a hard core radical Sandy Hook Hoax group member; exactly the type of person society needs to worry about.  Ryan posts publicly on his beliefs of world wide conspiracy and he does so often. He is therefore fair game for return comment.

To Ryan, nearly all mass shootings are Government hoaxes.

Ryan Ehlis killed his infant daughter with a shotgun when she was a few weeks old, as she slept in her crib, after he had an alleged reaction to overdosing on psychiatric medication.  

Today he spends his days posting about the guns he owns, drugs he takes (like marijuana), and about  hoaxes and radical conspiracy.

If you think murdering a baby with a shotgun while claiming the killing was part of a psychiatric condition and continuing to publicly espouse craziness disqualifies you for gun ownership in the USA, you would be wrong!  Exhibit A: Ryan Ehlis

Ryan Ehlis is openly preparing for citizen war and amassing an arsenal.


Meanwhile, society sits back and waits for this time bomb to explode, again.

Logic is not at issue
The cycle has become routine.  Some deranged manic walks into a public place and shoots a bunch of people.  The news reports it. Families are destroyed. Citizen groups cry for gun control. NRA calls for more guns. Hoaxer leaders immediately declare the shooting fake. The so called "gun truthers" begin to  pump out propaganda via Paypal linked blogs and monetized videos on Youtube.

Their stoned, paranoid, irrational followers flock to the videos convinced the shooting is not real.

Logic plays no role in it. If one looked at the issue logically, entire cities; hundreds of thousands of people would need to be "in on the hoax" - Aurora, Newtown, Orlando, San Bernardino, New York, Roseburg; the list goes on. Yet no whistle-blower. No witness. Not a single piece of real evidence of hoax. 

In fact there has never been a single piece of evidence of a mass shooting hoax, anywhere, ever.  The lack of real evidence does not dissuade the hoaxer; in fact, it is further proof the shootings are staged!

The hoaxers seem to work fastest if Islamic terrorists are involved in the shooting; working hard to cover that shooting up as quickly as possible.  You can count on James Tracy's memory hole blog lead the way in these instances.
James Tracy is a main source of hoaxer propaganda.  

After the shooting and fueled by gun truther  propaganda, hoaxers get to work harassing victims.

At the top of the hoaxer food chain, it's really not about hoax, questions, or investigations; it's all about making that money off of the low life's that hoax troll online. 

Follow the money
At the very top is, of course, Alex Jones.  Alex Jones makes millions lying about the misery of other people while pushing his "hoaxer" agenda. His agenda includes vitamin supplements, T Shirts, and male vitality gimmicks.  

Here are more top wage earners among the hoaxers; each working hard pushing the hoax agenda.

RedSilverJ - TeamWakeEmUp
With 150,000 subscribers on two different monetized channels, RedSilverJ earns quite a bit of scratch declaring other people's misery a "hoax".  

Professor Doom
With about 70,000 subscribers (that seemed to materialize out of nowhere in a few short years) Doom has catapulted himself to the top level of professional auto hoaxer.   Unemployed and perhaps unemployable,  Doom presents the world as a hoax on a for profit basis. Doom has directly targeted  SandyHookFacts with such claims when he used mysterious rubber duckies to accuse CW Wade of having foreknowledge of Oregon's Umpqua College mass shooting.

Obviously, if Doom can put put a penny in his pocket by saying it, he will. Not a bad living for an admitted violent felon who somehow got out of serving his life sentence in prison after only serving ten years.

Did I mention that Doom heavily shills for Pete Santilli and Bundy Ranch? Of course he does.

In addition to shilling for Bundy and Santilli, Doom's monetized videos preach doom and gloom making fatalistic predictions (none of which have come true) while selling bug-out bags, freeze dried food, and T-shirts .

Hoaxer profiteering at it's finest.

Wolfgang Halbig 
By Wolfgang's own admission, he has raised nearly $100,000. Claiming mass shootings are "illusions by FEMA" while relentlessly begging for donations has proved profitable for the slickster. This brings Wolfgang into the top wage earner echelon of those hoaxing people out of their hard earned cash.

 Obviously Wolfgang's main fundraising platform is Sandy Hook; however, he has jumped right on board Orlando and Dallas.   At the moment, he is trying to raise another $100,000.  Will he ever account for his income and expenditures?  Perhaps, after subpoena, he might.

Halbig immediately went on the radio to raise money using "Orlando Hoax" as his platform and backdrop:

Wolfgang's old tin foil hat
Ironically, Wolfgang's claims  he is not even a conspiracy theorist and the he is just a "school safety consultant interested in Sandy Hook as part of his business".   If you follow him on Facebook or Youtube, you know the reality is quite different. Wolfgang, right along with the other auto hoaxer money makers posts claim after claim of hoax, false flag, and government conspiracy: 

 I doubt Wolfgang ever met a conspiracy theory he didn't believe. His tin foil hat goes way back!  

His own home  town blog, in  2010, noted this very thing declaring that Wolfgang's nutty ideas make him look like a "tin foil hat wearer"!  How embarrassing is that?

Main Stream Media finally catching on

Finally, Main Stream Media is catching on; although MSM is still treating hoaxers as almost random.  They have yet to grasp that the "hoax" narrative is a tightly controlled, professional operation.

A few headlines include:

Violence and Stalking
From the leaders and money makers it trickles down to followers; many of whim are psychotic and mentally ill. The groups promulgate a web of lies, deceit, and unspeakable madness well beyond the scope of the blog post.  People are hacked and impersonated; stalking is coordinated, rampant, and planned. The groups form entire organizations dedicated to harm innocent people and ultimately, society itself.

Mass shootings by legally armed mentally ill people, take overs of public land, and child stalking is not enough; where then, is our line in the sand?


Anonymous said...

Still, the majority of major news outlets, law enforcement and Americans are unaware of the this group, their disgusting claims and their danger. Something needs to be done to shine a light on these cockroaches.

Anonymous said...

The onion tried to make fun of those hoaxer, but this is impossible, since it is hard to distinguish hoaxers from satire.

Anonymous said...

thank you for continuing to document this phenomenon. what's funny is that if the US government was really guilty of all the things these clowns accuse them of - all of these hoaxers would be face down in a mass grave by now.

my biggest complaint about the government is that they ALLOW this gang stalking and fraud to continue unchallenged. Jesus H. Christ - these idiots should be arrested on wire fraud at the very least!! and inciting violence!! and violating stalking laws!!