Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sheriff John Hanlin The Lying Hoaxer Must Resign

Resign John Hanlin
Hoaxers like you are sick.
Sheriff John Hanlin had an opportunity to apologize for his vile Hoaxer views.  Instead, he choose to prove he is nothing but a liar when he denied making the comments. Those of us who watch hoaxers know you are liars, so guess what Sheriff Hanlin? You did what we expect of hoaxers.

Meanwhile, all of your families will experience gang stalking hoaxer videos and intrusions into their lives.  This is the behavior you encourage.  When these type of videos are made about little children being killed,  such as Sandy Hook you beg people to watch them with an open mind.

Some dope head in his mom's basement makes a video about "Sandy Hook is a hoax" and uses debunked crap and looped video, and you fall for it and recommend it. What kind of sick bastard are you?

Now, your county hurts from yet another mass shooting; a hurt no one deserves.

Will you beg your followers to watch the "Oregon Umpqua Community College" hoax videos with an open mind?  

Do you know your fellow officers and first responders still have not recovered from December 14, 2012 let alone anyone affected by losing a family member or child.  But do you care that you hurt them? No you do not.  

Sheriff John Hanlins lie:

Sandy Hook Facts believes people like you are unfit for office.  In fact, you are likely mentally ill and should be stripped of your badge and all of YOUR access to weapons. That's right sheriff, mentally deranged hoaxers should not have guns, you are dangerous.  You are a disgrace to your department, good Americans, and your state. You are a disgrace to good law enforcement officers everywhere.  


Anonymous said...

Well really I think Halbig needs to look into all the oddities. At the least he can help the Sheriff with the investigation since he's a world renounced safety expert.

I mean with Hanlin being a fellow Truther I'm sure he would appreciate the help from Sherlock Halbig. Then they could get to the bottom of all these false flags once and for all, hell Hanlin is a constitutional sheriff so he can go around arresting all them lying Federal Officials.

Not that I advocate turning the truthers on the families of this tragedy, but I don't see the evil of sending a truther to deal with a truther. :)

Annoymous said...


Anonymous said...

how can the citizens of Roseburg have any faith in Hanlin's ability to investigate the Umpqua shooting? He falls for obvious, intentional misinformation and fabrications, neglects to even a single fact check, and thus reached the completely wrong conclusion when reviewing the evidence of the Sandy Hook shooting. Uncritical, lazy, incompetent, and immoral. He should resign immediately and apologize

Anonymous said...

So freedom of opinion & having his own views, even if misinformed & incorrect, is something to slander him for? This is still America & everybody has the right to an open mind. Sandy Hook was a tragedy, but it gives no one the right to tell others how they should feel, think or perceive the truths which they choose to believe. I feel for the victims, but the town has been very cold to anyone asking to see the findings of the investigation. I will also say I am offended at constant use, by the media, of this tragedy to gain attention & achieve their agendas, no matter what they are. it is disrespectful to those that have passed.

1776blues said...

I believe Hanlin has denied posting that. Its very easy for the government to hack and plant that post after all he has told the Feds he will not enforce gun control laws. He wrote Biden this year and told him so. He is actually one of the good sheriffs in the country.

I narrowed a keyword search for the Sheriff and this alleged post to December 1 2012 through January 31 2013 and only found current articles with the date he allegedly posted it.

Maybe you could give Sheriff Hanlin the benefit of the doubt and take his word or search yourself that he didn't post that. I smell something rotten in DC's cyber warfare. Let me know what you find, meanwhile I'll expand the date of my search. Notice he's just being asked about this now.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that these viral conspiracy theories are threatening the safety of entire communities - including children. This blog alone has documented multiple cases of death threats and gang-stalking of CHILDREN!! adding insult to injury - it is aimed at people who have already suffered unimaginable pain and suffering.

This sheriff is responsible for supporting/contributing-to the ongoing endangerment of our community and children - and should be legally held accountable. as a 'peace officer' it is absolutely an offense worthy of being removed from his position of power. It is a STAGGERING example of poor judgement and irresponsible behavior.

How long is this nonsense going to go on - before our elected official and law enforcement take it seriously - and take action?

i am tired of hearing people unaffected by this advising us to 'just ignore it' when bomb scares are being called in to our elementary schools.

what will it take?

1776blues said...

Plus, I think you are being a little hard on him by demanding he resign. And frankly speaking, that post is kind of weak as it doesn't say much. And since its a screen shot where is the original and who found it. said...

He deleted it i saw it with my own eyea and my friend web archived it.. hes a liar ... plain and simple

Anonymous said...

Yes. Let's give this gun fanatic the benefit of the doubt. Let's worry if we are being too hard on him -as opposed to the parents of 20 slain babies who are being victimized by online gang stalking and an organized harassment campaign.

That's YOUR priority?

I stand with Sandy Hook. Go F yourself