Monday, October 12, 2015

A few recent must see videos - Sandy Hook

I would like to feature a few must-see videos because there have been a few real good ones of late.

Of and concerning Sandy Hook Hoaxers and the Illuminati...

Research videos by Keith Johnson

Magulater has been posting several great videos that includes exposing hoaxers, a few "call-outs", and some epic rants.  Her perspective is on target and she really stands up for those victimized by Hoaxers.

Dutchoven and other hoaxers, You Mad Bro?

Hoaxers, once again, calling for children to be dug up.

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Duckgate swept through the Sandy Hook Hoax community as Professor Doom invented an entire "Oregon shooting, Sandy Hook shooting, and the all knowing CW Wade conspiracy" based on little rubber ducks.  Yes, the hoaxers were serious.  Jerome Lamb and Magulater present it best...

Wolfgang went so far as to call the Ducks an Assassination squad.  Very strange, those hoaxers.

Enjoy these videos!

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