Friday, September 25, 2015

Kay Wilson Proves Halbig knew months in advance of pilot's absence

*EXCLUSIVE* Sandy Hook Facts reveals a letter that was written by the the legal department for the State of Connecticut Department Department of Emergency Services (CSP) to Halbig's Attorney, L.  Wilson that proves Halbig knew months  in advance the dates the Chopper Pilot was unavailable to testify at his FOIA hearing.  

Wolfgang Halbig is on fund raising tour; this time he is raising money with his side kick, Jonathan Reich.  Halbig's sales pitch involves claiming that "Monte Frank released his witnesses" from appearing at the June 3 FOIA hearing.  Halbig claims this is the reason he was unable to prove his case.  Most of us who watched the hearing know Halbig lost his case because his attorney was not only  horrible with evidence, weak on procedure; the Halbig side did not have a single piece of evidence that Newtown withheld documents from Halbigs FOI requests.

During a recent interview on Caravan to Midnight, Halbig made it a point to single out Connecticut Chopper 1 pilot, Sergeant McLain:

"Monte Frank calls up the witnesses we selected and directs them "Don't you show up".  It's unethical, it's interfering, almost witness tampering.  How do you call up? And you know I wanted the pilot from Chopper 1. I issued him a subpoena and he didn't show up."  -- Wolfgang Halbig
Halbig has made similar claims about this pilot in other interviews.

Halbig claims he needed the pilot to testify concerning the communications between the helicopter and troopers on the ground at the Sandy Hook Elementary school.  It has never been clear as to how this would help Halbig in his requests for documents in possession of Newtown.  Im

*Sandy Hook Facts is releasing the notification made to Kay Wilson by Connecticut State Police, DATED APRIL 20, 2015!

The notice clearly states Sgt McLain was away through June 11, 2015, serving our nation on military duty!

The most shocking element of this document - the document is labeled "Claimant's Exhibit O". That means Kay Wilson is the one who submitted it to the Commission.

Official FOIA Exhibit from Halbig's FOI Case:

Since the notice clearly states "Per our phone conversation.." it is obvious Wilson even had earlier verbal notice, as well.  

Why has Halbig never mentioned he had advanced notice?

Legal proceedings are routinely continued based on a Peace Officers unavailability.   There is no doubt in this writers mind that had Halbig requested a continuance in a timely fashion based on witness unavailability due to military duty, the continuance would have been granted. It's a no brainer for an attorney to file a request to continue.

  In fact, at the first hearing, Halbig's attorney didn't have to make that much effort on behalf of her client; she could  have verbally requested a second hearing date after June 11!

Maybe she was too worried about making sur she made it onto camera with Dan Bidondi and info wars that to make that requeat.  Obviously the Commission would have granted that very reasonable request. At a minimum, getting these motions on the record are crucial to preserve arguments on appeal.

Kay Wilson did not make any such request, according to any record presented. Further, she filed no written objections or requests at all related to any subpoenas or any other matter.  Not one. She did not even file a brief objecting to Commission Streeter's preliminary ruling, despite the fact she was invited to do so.

Instead, Wilson and Halbig agreed to the hearing dates with full knowledge that the pilot was unavailable and would not be there.

If the pilot was truly a material witness to Halbig's case, were Wilson's actions (or lack thereof) malpractice?  As a self-proclaimed expert, was Halbig's inaction negligent?  Personally, knowing Halbig as I do, I don't think the witness mattered one way or the other because for Halbig, it's all a fund raising gimmick.  Whether the pilot can be at the hearing or not doesn't matter to the bottom line, separating gullible hoaxers from their money after radio appearances.

In any case, this document proves Halbig knew well advance of the hearing. It also proves Attorney Monte Frank had nothing to do with the pilot's absence, despite Halbig's claims during  interviews.

Will Kay Wilson maintain the claim in court despie her client's public admission?

*Bonus Halbig Debunking*

At 2:20 of the same interview, Halbig finally admits his DVD's contain the time stamps labeled exactly as Sandy Hook Facts has claimed.

Halbig's current administrative appeal is absolutely destined to fail.  Like with the pilot's appearing, that doesn't likely matter; Halbig will be raising money with any result.

This photo was published by Sandy Hook Facts on May 23, 2015.


Anonymous said...

Halbig does not admit timestamps are on his dvd's in the video at 2.20 as you've mentioned. He states that a guy from the dashcam manufacturer tells him the timestamps are on his dvd's, but then refuses to show halbig the timestamps. You should correct this fault in your post. said...

you have to give more than a moments.. that whole two minutes of his admissions is important.. no correction needed

Anonymous said...

Lumpy Failbig is circling the bowl, like the piece of crap he is. Only a matter of time before he gets sucked down with the rest of the crap.