Friday, May 15, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig will never get the Children’s Names


Presently, Wolfgang Halbig has spent $20,000 on a FOI venture to obtain the same documents has obtained or is obtaining from Newtown for under $100. At primary issue is Halbig's desperate 18 month attempt to obtain the names of the Sandy Hook Choir; the children who sang at the Super Bowl.


Wolfgang attempted an “end around” to get the children’s personal information; randomly  choosing  a School Board meeting (Jan 23, 2013) to request the consent agenda and attachments; blindly hoping to get the children's names were somehow attached.  When Halbig was provided those documents and the documents failed to disclose the names of the children who sang at the Super Bowl, he filed an appeal.  


Wolfgang will lose before the commission on this request quite simply because he asked for a set of documents and was provided those documents.  Game over, go home Halbig. The lawyers thank you for your follower's money.  The commissioner already tried to explain this to Halbig.


But let’s move beyond Wolfgang’s wasteful flailing about with other people’s money and let’s pretend for a brief moment Halbig figured out how to properly word a FOI request.  It could happen. Doubtful, but it could.


The names of those children are exempt from FOI disclosure. Period. That is the law and the Town will never disclose them to the likes of this hoaxer or anyone else. Intuitively, I thought that would be the case. Imagine if any predator could march into your child’s school and demand to see your child’s permission slip for a field trip.  It is literally unheard of. 


Here, hoaxers are trying to get these names and we know what hoaxers do with names of children when they get them. Well thankfully, they wont. At least, not through Newtown.


So if Halbig ever figures out how to word the request to get an actual response as to documents containing children's names, the law exempt’s Newtown from giving the records and would prohibit the FOI Commission from ruling in Halbig’s favor as to those documents:


Connecticut General Statute 1-210 – Freedom of Information Act - Exempt Records


(11) Names or addresses of students enrolled in any public school or college without the consent of each student whose name or address is to be disclosed who is eighteen years of age or older and a parent or guardian of each such student who is younger than eighteen years of age, provided this subdivision shall not be construed as prohibiting the disclosure of the names or addresses of students enrolled in any public school in a regional school district to the board of selectmen or town board of finance, as the case may be, of the town wherein the student resides for the purpose of verifying tuition payments made to such school;



Taking a few seconds to read the law could have saved Wolfgang Halbig’s followers $20,000; because he has literally flushed that money down the porta-potty.  You can bet Monte Frank knows the law and will play that trump card if Halbig ever gets his act together enough  to even play the game. Kay Wilson likely knows the law or could grasp it if she read it, but, hey, she gets paid either way so does the law matter?  Why tell her client and risk losing a check. Based on her woefully inept legal performance, I would say this is not her primary work or concern.  If she pleases Halbig, her job is done. 


Halbig cannot win as to to the names; the children remain safe from disclosure to hoaxers.  Monte has four aces and Wolfgang is all in with hoaxer money and pocket ducks.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering when anyone would get around to making that available to Lumpy Halbig.

Well played.

Peter said...

Thanks again for your fine work, thought it's Halbig and his subscribers who should really be thanking you because this succinct statement of the obvious will, if it ever sinks in, save them a lot of time and money.