Thursday, May 14, 2015

More stalking and death threats towards Lenny Pozner

Sandy Hook Hoax clan was very active today.  "Who cares about Noah, he's just another dead jew." was the first hate comment that I heard was leveled towards the parent of a slain six year old boy. 

As if that comment was not sickening enough,  this video was shown to me.

  New lows as the Sandy Hook Hoaxers continue their conspiratorial planned and executed crime spree of stalking, harassing, identity theft, and other crimes towards anyone associated with the Sandy Hook shooting that falls into their radar.

When will the authorities intervene?  Hopefully before the leadership of Sandy Hook hoax drives their followers to the logical next step of their terrorism.   At some point, it will be time to recognize Sandy Hook hoax as a rank and structured hate group.

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Anonymous said...

Again, the CSP have been made aware of the Sandy Hook Hoax group and their threats.