Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sandy Hook Shooter YouTube Account Located

The Sandy Hook Lighthouse, a ground breaking work on Sandy Hook by Reed Coleman has broke another story.

Reed Colemen makes a very compelling case that he has located the Sandy Hook shooter's YouTube account.

Youtube deleted Account  "fuckcomments"

Online alias "Smiggles" from

The Shooter Among Us

The perpetrator of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting left an online footprint that has been well-publicized: as I’ve covered before, he edited wikipedia pages for mass shooters, posted on firearms forums looking for the most lethal weaponry he could legally acquire, and frequented a private forum dedicated to school shootings.

On that forum, he gave links to Youtube videos multiple times, so we know that he frequented the ubiquitous video content website, home to over one billion users according to Youtube press releases.

However there is one Youtube account that is special to the Sandy Hook shooting. The user’s comments touch upon nearly every moral, social, and political issue that we now associate with the event: school security, mental illness, bullying, psychiatric medication, firearms laws, and more. This account posted no video clips of their own, but is also noteworthy for the many threatening, graphic, and enraged comments it left on the videos posted by others, until the account suddenly ceased activity in 2012.

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Peter said...

Good analysis by Coleman. Thanks for presenting it.