Monday, April 13, 2015

Sandy Hook Hoaxers finally getting the exposure they deserve

In the wake of the arrest of one of the Sandy Hook Hoaxer group members, Timothy Rogalski, come two good blog posts on the hoaxers; the word on these sinister conspiracy theorists is finally getting out.  This coincides with numerous news articles on the arrest.

  All one has to do is realize the leader of the Hoaxer movement, Wolfgang Halbig, has used three attorneys and $15,000-20,000 to get the little children's names to "investigate", just to realize exactly the type of people we are dealing with.

One thing is for sure, this arrest is only the tip of the iceberg of attacks these hoaxers will continue launch on these Newtown residents.

Conspiracy kooks are infuriating. Their insane method of reasoning has become a viral phenomenon, especially after the rise of the Internet. But none have been more despicable and brazen than the Sandy Hook truthers: folks who are convinced the tragic killing of 20 children and 6 staff at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut was all an elaborate hoax.

Sandy Hook truthers have embarked on a bizarre campaign of harassment, which includes calling the parents of the deceased, accusing them of being participants in the hoax. But now, one of these intellectual troglodytes is getting held accountable for his actions, and he’s 30 year-old Timothy Rogalski.

When police came to Rogalski’s home in Wallingford, the very super-sharp analytical skills that allowed him to see Sandy Hook for the monstrous hoax that it is sprang to work once again, as he exclaimed to the arresting officers, “This is because I called the school!” Always on the ball, these conspiracy guys. And once caught, he apparently kept up a stream of commentary after that, because the world must know the truth:
Rogalski rambled on to officers the entire way to the Monroe Police Department, police said, about how he believed the Sandy Hook tragedy was a conspiracy, as were the Aurora, Colo., mass shootings, the Boston Marathon bombing and the moon landing.
Police said Rogalski accused the officers in the car of being with a secretive government agency and that, “We were going to take him to a field and shoot him,” police reported.
In court on Wednesday, Rogalski told Judge Robin Pavia that there was no reason to get all het up over a few phone calls. “I don’t think what I did was so horrible … I spent a night in jail and I thought it would be dropped.” The judge didn’t agree with his sense of humor, and ordered him held on $50,000 bond and to undergo a psychological evaluation. Rogalski also explained to her that it was no big, really: “I know I may have offended people, but they were words, and I made no threats. I wasn’t going to do anything,” he said.
And now he gets to be a martyr and hero for the absolute worst conspiracy theory wingnuts around, Sandy Hook Truthers. These people are so scummy that 9/11 Truthers consider them just a little too disreputable.


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