Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sandy Hook Hoaxers spin out of control as they become confused on proceeding procedures, lose in Boston, and one of their own is arrested.

As anyone close to the hoaxer groups can attest, the volatile atmosphere of the radical conspiracy theorists is palpable.  Their stalking of innocent people, threats, and violent taunts reached a feverish pitch as Wolfgang Halbig and several of his minions stirred the groups into a frenzy over the the routine continuance granted Monte Frank; who has a long planned and announced vacation planned on the hearing date. 

 Halbig and his crew are prodding their members, convincing their believing flock that the Connecticut Freedom of Information  commission "broke a  law" when they granted a continuance to Monte Frank.  The laughable assertion the commission "broke a law" demonstrates their lack of even a rudimentary understanding of routine hearings, regulations, or the powers of these commissions; as was pointed out in this article.

Keith Johnson thoroughly debunks Halbig's assertions in this video: "Wolfgang Halbig's FOIA Myths busted":

adding to the hoaxer furor was the arrest of one of their own; Timothy Rogalski.  Rogalski was arrested and charged with making harassing calls to the current location of Sandy Hook Elementary School and other area schools and was reportedly babbling about Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, and other mass shootings as hoaxes as he was transported in the police car after arrest.  Most rational people will not fully comprehend that Hoaxers see nothing wrong with attacking and harassing an elementary school.

These conspiracy theories are so often heard, many of us become immune and forget how the real world reacts to such nonsense.   The Judge was not amused with the hoaxer and upped the bail to $50,000 and ordered a psychological evaluation. Rogalski was led away in shackles sobbing incoherently.

Sandy Hook Hoax Leadership announced they have formed  some sort of alliance with Connecticut based organization Ablechild, to make sure to the arrest of Rogalski  "bites them in the ass". Presumably those facing the impending hoaxer retribution for Rogalski's arrest could be the police or the staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School, depending upon how you read their ominous statement. Obviously, Connecticut might do well to be on guard and not take such threats idly.

In 15 days Wolfgang Halbig is going to sit before a commission and demand the identity's of young children to "investigate" if these children are the "murdered children of Sandy Hook" resurrected and aged and singing at the Super Bowl.     It is notable Ablechild also supports Wolfgang Halbig in that quest to obtain those names. The insanity of hoaxer belief boggles the rational mind; I doubt the commission will take such lightly.  I am comforted by the fact I know through very good source that Connecticut knows exactly who they are dealing with.

Add to all of this, Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev; a jihadist that hoax conspiracy theorists consider an innocent hero, was just convicted on all 30 counts.  Wolfgang Halbig has stated that "Boston Bombing is next" after he "solves the Sandy Hook puzzle".  Hoaxers world wide are outraged at the conviction.  It is unclear if Ablechild will join Halbig on Boston Bombing.

And finally, it is being revealed that Wolfgang Halbig's attorney, Kay Wilson is some sort of quack practitioner of discredited pseudoscience mysticism "Neuro-linguistic Programming". Commissioner Streeter might beware; the rumor is there is no defense to Kay Wilson's Crocodile Dundee Water Buffalo hypnotism mind trick.

There is little doubt their will be more violence from Hoaxers as the "bring down the government over the FEMA drill" anger and  hatred boils over; and especially as Halbig begins his inevitable series of real world failures.   


Anonymous said...

Wow! Am I really allowed to post here? I bet my post will be deleted though.
I'm not a 'hoaxer' or a 'shill', I'm just someone that has been reading up on this Sandy Hook thing lately.
My question is if it really is not a hoax, than why would so many people say it is and then other people get so upset about it? I mean, ok you can say people are 'crazy' or whatever label you like to describe 'hoaxers' but than why have their claims simply not been debunked? How hard could it be to simply answer a dozen or so questions about an event that actually happened?
Can someone please explain why it has taken so long for the people in Newtown who were involved in this event to have a public meeting and discuss what happened and openly answer questions if there is such a demand for it?
Thanks for the reply.

CaptainObvious said...

Did his new lawyer resign because she was threatened?

Anonymous said...

Why would the "people of Newtown" even have to justify the ignorant question of the Hoaxers?

Do people of New York have to justify the events of 9/11 with the Twoofers?

Oh, and ALL the claims of the Hoaxers have been debunked or shown to be irrelevant or nonsensical.

colgam01 said...


The questions asked by the hoaxers have been answered repeatedly, but they refuse to acknowledge facts.

To believe Sandy Hook was a hoax requires suspending critical thinking faculties and succumbing to irrationality and circular logic.

For hoaxers, it helps not to test their beliefs against empirical data; not to subject beliefs to the plausibility test (e.g. faking Sandy Hook would require how widespread a conspiracy?), and to be guided by emotion (e.g. the harrassment of victims families in Newtown and online feels more justified if we do not like the looks of a grieving Robbie Parker, or because we find Gene Rosen annoying).

Just read the Sandy Hook shooting analysis (parts 1 through 3) on this website. It clearly explains what happened, using the official report (in other words, using DATA: pictures, diagrams, audio of 911 calls, witness reports) and other available material.