Friday, April 24, 2015

First reflections on the FOI hearing

The hoaxers have no idea how poorly they are doing here.

Monte Frank was forced to object multiple times simply because the hoaxers cannot stay on point. Attorney Kay continuously attempts to steer the commission into "hoaxerville" instead of the point of the hearing; FOI requests.

In doing so, Attorney Kay wast a lot of   time on irrelevant nonsense. While Halbig and Attorney Kay whittled away at the hearing time to such an extend time expired, the commission still granted them a continuance. This demonstrates the commission's dedication to ensure citizens are entitled to due process; much to Connecticut's credit.

  Halbig's team is really floundering to make any point that Newtown has failed to respond  to any requests. The hoaxer team has failed to demonstrate even a single document has been unjustly withheld; a complete failure of Hoaxer Attorney Kay.

Much like William Shanleys' trillion dollar lawsuit where he attempted to use Halbig and Fetzer's articles as evidence; attorney Kay actually attempted to submit into evidence news articles!  Has anyone verified this lady is even an attorney? She demonstrated a complete lack of knowledge of evidence.  

A striking moment came when Halbig lied then was forced by Monte Frank to read the truth aloud for the class, like a little child! Word by word. "Do I have to read it?" Halbig whimpered.

More soon!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what your feelings are towards Halbig and lawyer Kay Wilson, what matters is the Truth and the Truth on the Sandy Hook FEMA Fabrication will be revealed one day whether you or your government compatriot shills want it to.

Monte Frank and team were shaking, scared, nervous, and all of the above twitching. It sickens me how these people decided to emotionally affect 300 million Americans just so they could pursue anti-gun legislation in not only the state of Connecticut but the rest of the continental United States.

There is zero evidence 400-600 students evacuated the school. There is even less evidence that Adam Lanza even existed. said...

They did not appear to be "shaking" or "twitching" to this writer; in fact, Monte is soundly owning Kay.

"FEMA Fabrication" is talk for talk for people who likely need a mental health evaluation.

So far, Kay has failed to show even a single document has been withheld; which is kind of what she needs to do to prevail... something she appears to be unable to pull off.

Interested Observer said...

Anon, you're kidding right? No proof Adam Lanza existed? I thought I heard it all, then someone proves me wrong.

As one of the 300 million Americans, I feel the need to comment. The denial of the Sandy Hook murders by Adam Lanza hurts every family who lost a loved one that day. The families who lost a family member will never get over it. My brother died because of gun violence 20 years ago, I will NEVER get over it and he was an adult. My heart hurts for the families who have to deal with "truthers". Why? Because denying it ever happened is an attempt to negate their loss. It deepens their pain. Losing a family member isn't a government front to take your guns, it's real, it's devastating and it's never ending.

Unknown said...

10 minutes was all I could take. Wilson is in *way* over her head and her clients are delusional. said...

No you gotta try more, lol, its gold.. Merts copy is much better