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William Shanley's Trillion Dollar Lawsuit

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As a follow up post to my first post:

I am now in receipt of copies of the original court documents filed by William Shanley in his trillion dollar lawsuit alleging media fraud in regards to what conspiracy theorists refer to as "Sandy Hook Hoax".

William Shanley has filed a lawsuit asking for about one TRILLION dollars (que Dr Evil laugh). Further, Shanley has the gal to file his suit and to ask the court to waive few hundred dollars in court fees! We the tax payer will be footing the bill for this hoaxer gimmick.

These documents represent a shining example of a frivolous non-suit. The  average high school government student playing "mock court" could have put together a better case.

 William Shanley has the endorsement of professors, Dr. James Fetzer and Dr. James Tracey, and is an ally of Dr. Doom (who in-between prison sentences took an online paralegal course and also fought a traffic ticket).  Shanley represents the work product of the best legal minds the hoaxers have to offer; combining resources and two years of research and bringing these to bear as their best evidence.  In other words, for all the lawsuit hype for the past several months, this is the best they could do.

These documents show you how paranoid internet conspiracy theorists prepare for Federal Court.

314 CV 01881 JAM Complaint (vs Newtown Bee et al) - Two pages of seven pages comprise the "meat" of his allegation and the sum total of his actual effort to obtain a FIVE BILLION dollar judgement. Frankly, this is just plain lazy and is not even a good faith effort.

His allegations are supported by his "best evidence", a few links to a conspiracy blogs written by James Fetzer of "Veteran's Today".

These links are not even considered by rational people on the street, let slone a court. Veteran's Today even admits most of their material is false; they don't wven believe what they write! The court will not consider the idiotic references because they do not represent first hand knowledge of the shooting by the plaintiff.

It also appears Shanley forgot to mention actual damages and he jumps straight to wanting billions in punitive damages.

Prediction: This case will be summarily dismissed without leave to amend and with prejudice.

314 CV 01929 JAM Complaint versus Time Warner, Bloomberg, Comcast, Disney, CNN, and just about every big name in media one can imagine; asking for nearly 1 trillion dollars in punitive damages without any claim of actual damages.

It is obvious the filing is hoping to rely on the court providing the plaintiff's case because the plaintiff does not present a semblance of a case; in fact his case does not address the easily searched elements of fraud.

Of the 15 pages of this complaint, most of the pages are names and addresses of defendants. Three pages comprise the heart of his case and hoaxers endeavor to obtain hundreds of billions of dollars.  Again, allegations are supported by a couple of weblinks, mostly to Veteran's Today and again not admissible. The average street corner beggar works harder to get a dollar than the Hoaxers worked to put this complaint together; and hoaxers want billions as their award.

More amazing, Stanley attached the fake "FEMA Drill" pamphlet the Sandy Hook Hoaxer group fabricated and posted to media fire. A hoaxer group fabricated the document using an available online template.  While this is obviously an attempt at fraud on the court, the document has zero relevance to the allegations of fraud, even if it were authentic.  Therefore the fake pamphlet wont be considered long enough by the court for the court to figure out some hoaxer made the document while sitting on their mom's computer.

 This is a lazy complaint and does not represent a good faith suit.   These are the types of frivolous actions clogging our courts.  Stanley failed to state a claim and as with the first it action, the claim is without merit.  And, once again Stanley claimed pauper status to get out of nominal court fees.

Prediction: This case will be summarily dismissed pretrial after no more than one hearing and dismissed without leave to amend and with prejudice.

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Pauper declaration:

Pro Se Litigant Electronic Service declaration

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Update 1-29-15:
1881 is dismissed

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