Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pending Sandy Hook Hoaxer Qui Tam action possible.

Pending Sandy Hook Hoax
Hoaxer Qui Tam action possible.

As hoaxer Wolfgang Halbig continues to shill for money and spin his wheels, it appears one conspiracy theorist might be ready to actually move!

The word on the street is that a soverign citizen a "freeman common law legal scholar" of sorts appears to be threatening to file a "whistleblower" lawsuit known as a "Qui Tam" related to the Sandy Hook school shooting.  

Conceivably this type of "whistle blower" action could be brought against the contractors on behalf of the Tax Payer.

For example, if I put on my tin foil hat and widen my eyes, I could envision the lawsuit! In my vision, I could allege that the contractors who did the biohazard clean up in the school could not have actually cleaned up biohazards (since obviously the tens of thousands of illumanati freemason connected people involved in this vast evil conspiracy are keeping secrets!) and thus I could allege fraud!

I have no doubt that whatever is being alleged in this Qui Tam will likely be similarly patently absurd and I highly doubt the matter will be long entertained before any competent court.

A similar Qui Tam action was brought by Dr. Judy Wood related to 9-11 conspiracy theories and was summarily dismissed from beginning to end all the way up through the chain of appeals.  Therefore, historically, the chances don't very appear good for the "online scholar conspiracy theorists" Qui Tam action.

However, the Sandy Hook crew just might garner a few blogger headlines, my blog being first to grant him said favor.

In any event, I certainly believe in the right of citizens to bring such actions and no one can doubt they serve an important function in society and I wish the "freeman on the land" the best of luck and will watch with interest and sincerely can't wait to see what he put together.   More as the information becomes available.

However, that said. Allow me to introduce people to the terms Hoaxers will be receiving from the courts.

These quotes summarize the ruling crushing Judy Wood's conspiracy theorist Qui Tam, and this is the future of Hoaxer Qui Tam:

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