Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wolfgang Halbig's Libel Per Se Campaign - Wolfgang is liar

"That is why Halbig is called a hoaxer. He hoaxes. He lies. He raises money. He posts disgusting articles and claims about little children.   That's the game of the hoaxer."


For the record
Wolfgang Halbig's defamatory claim that I am stalking him, went to his house, contacted his family, etc. is categorically false; moreover, he knows this.

I have not emailed him or any of his family any threats or coercion whatsoever, including coercing him into closing his sites. Why would I do that? I could care less about his websites other than as a tool to expose, debunk him, and prove him the liar he is.   I have debunked him countless times. I have no issues with his failed websites.

I do believe he should take down his FALSE articles about the little Newtown girl. But that is just human decency; something evil hearted Halbig lacks.  What kind of nasty old man publishes false information to bully a little girl? We know that type. 

That is why he is a hoaxer. He hoaxes. He lies. He raises money. He posts disgusting articles and claims about little children.   That's the game of the hoaxer.

Wolfgang knows full well I am in California and not anywhere near him and he knows it's not me contacting any of those people.  His intentionally false claims serve two purposes:

1. An obvious fund raising ploy; like so many others he has pulled before.  While he is PRETENDING he is going away, he is not. He already published videos to his video site and articles to his websites since "going away". Halbig has pulled this same ploy many times. 

Wolfgang and Tony pull the ole "Quit and launch Fundraiser" gimmick once again

2.  Wolfgang Halbig has been a total failure in every aspect of his idiotic "Sandy Hook Justice investigation".

This is Halbig's latest attempt to chill my free speech because I have proven him bogus countless times.

Wolfgang Halbig has been an utter failure, and he needs his "CW Wade false flag" in desperation, to try to cover up has abject failure as a human and as an investigator.

The ONLY success Halbig has had is finding an audience to line his pockets with donor cash. 

Wolfgang Halbig tricks this lowest common denominator of person with his false flags to hide his failures and line his pockets.

Top 10 reasons Halbig's Investigation is proven a laughable failure

1. Black Balled
 Halbig's disgusting conspiracy theories have gotten himself black balled in any field having to do with schools or children.

As an example, Halbig was banned from the School Safety Conference this year in Florida. Literally BANNED.  This was verified by the conference President.  It appears that no one in any professional capacity wants anything to do with Halbig.   Wolfgang Halbig will likley never work in any school again, ever. When Halbig steps on the grounds of a school, he is considered the enemy.  Security catches Halbig in the parking lot while his minions cower in the back seat of cars, reportedly filming children.

No one can use him. Halbig is toxic, a plague.  His name will go down in disgrace as a radical wild eyed conspiracy theorist hack.  Any good work he did was crushed by his own hand.

According to Halbig, his own sheriff even considers him mentally ill! Just reward!

2. Kicked to the curb
His own business partners bailed on him. None of his former peer group want anything to do with him.

3. FOIA - Fail
 For all his money on FOIA, Halbig has done accomplished absolutely nothing. Sandy Hook Facts has released more FOIA material than he has, spending about  $30; compared to tens of thousands to watch Kay Wilson shuffle papers in a disorganized fashion.   A complete and total failure at successfully obtaining information. 

Will Halbig spend tens of thousands and get an ordered to get a Dash Cam he already has? He might.  Who cares!  If he does, that's funny.

Just a small sample of his ineptness is  the bio hazard clean up contract of Sandy Hook School.    Wolfgang Halbig has been after the bio-hazard clean up contract for Sandy Hook Elementary since the earliest days of his bumbling "investigation".

He has not been smart enough to figure out how to get a copy.  Sandy Hook Facts has a copy.   I choose not to release it, but I have it.  A sample of a the document Halbig is not smart enough to obtain: 

4. Halbig has NEVER filed a single Sandy Hook related lawsuit, despite all his promises.   He NEVER will.  His only lawsuit has been filed against several bloggers. A lawsuit he LOST.    He owes Sandy Hook Facts over $25,000 due to his inept attempt to stomp my free speech.

5.  I have been debunking Halbig and proving him a liar since the first day he opened his mouth about Sandy Hook. I debunked him first. I answered his 16 questions. Since then, Halbig has been owned by every debunker out there: Keith Johnson, Michael Flagg, Crisis Actors Guild, HONR Network, and so on.  Halbig has been proven a complete and total inept, bumbling, fake.

6. Under Halbig's tutelage, Jonathan Reich has gone from nearly getting his case dismissed and sealed, to being a wanted fugitive with a $100,000 warrant for his arrest.  Another great Halbig failure!  Halbig has done NOTHING to help Jonathan Reich except make it so that Reich cannot even enter Connecticut for years; something they no doubt enjoy very much.  A win for Connecticut, intent on keeping their children safe.  Completely ineffective.

7.  Wolfgang Halbig has been banned from a Catholic School and church in Newtown, a fire department, the United Way. Halbig, as a person, is not welcome at these places.  All normal people can go to these types of places; not Halbig.    Formally banned, in writing.  Paypal cancelled him. GoFundMe cancelled. Halbig is like a modern day leper. 

8. Wolfgang Halbig got caught red handed with "Exhibit O" at the FOIA hearings.  BUSTED!  

9. Sandy Hook Facts BUSTED Wolfgang Halbig lying to the NAACP, falsely claiming to have driven Martin Luther King, Jr.  That is sick!

And he got BUSTED falsely claiming to be a Certified Fire Inspector.


No wonder he hates Sandy Hook Facts and wants to falsely accuse  him of things. All of Halbig's lies - EXPOSED FOREVER.  A monument to his disgrace.

10. Fail fail fail
  • Wolfgang Halbig FAILED to produce proof there is a legal gag order on the Sandy Hook Choir, LOSING his chance at the offer of $5,000.  Halbig can not back up his claim.
  • Wolfgang Halbig FAILED to provide affidavits of the Connecticut Officers, as he promised.
  • Halbig Failed to  provide the pictures of officers eating near the bodies, as he promised.
  • Halbig lost his bet and refuses the pay the $1,000 he owes for the Sandy Hook School proof he asked for.
Where are the bill boards? Where are the class action suits?  Nothing. Zilch.  Fail. Fail.

In closing..

Wolfgang Halbig's claim I am stalking him is libel per se and completely unacceptable.  In fact, he knows it is not me, therefore, it is an intentionally false claim.  

You lost Halbig; nearly everything you say has been proven false and the entire professional world considers you joke.

All you have left is building a reputation on demonstrable lies. So keep on lying Halbig. It's all you have. And it's why you will go down in history as a total failure  conspiracy theorist wacko liar; a total joke. 


Anonymous said...

That guy enjoyed the attention he get's by making false claims, accusing people of having committed a crime and annoying people. He enjoys it so much, he doesn't care, what other people think of him, he seeks the confrontation, until the people decide to tell him to go to hell. Unless he runs out of money, he won't stop.

Anonymous said...

thank you for keeping up the fight to expose these sickos. i was informed last night by Dr. Joseph Erardi, Superintendent of Schools - Newtown Public Schools that there has been another threat:

"In partnership with the Newtown Police Department we continue to be vigilant with any type of threat to our schools and community. In advance of the new school year the district received a threatening phone call which was immediately investigated by our police department.

The perpetrator, who had additionally made numerous calls to other districts, has been identified, detained, and will be arrested. This information will most likely be in the news in the immediate future."

The only thing that Halbig and his minions are doing is putting children (grades k thru 4) in danger by stirring up people with mental illnesses and inspiring them to act out. Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead are a danger to community - putting innocent CHILDREN at risk.

the idea that Halbig describes himself as a child-safety expert makes me want to puke. His actions are DIRECTLY endangering the safety of children.

Thank you so much for maintaining this blog and continuing to shine light on this problem. said...

that is huge. I got a feeling it is able.. we. shall see. thank you for sharing!!!