Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jonathan Reich Civil Rights Violated - DEBUNKED

"Basically, with good old fashioned police work, the Avon Police Detective  plucked Jonathan Reich right out of the internet and slapped on the cuffs." - Sandy Hook Facts summary of Jon Reich's arrest

It is well past time to debunk the hoaxers and their false narrative regarding the Jonathan Reich case, in the interest of truth and justice.

It would be entirely unfair to leave the narrative to the hoaxers and their propaganda and fundraising machine.

The force that drives the hoaxer leaders is cash and one of the biggest cash cows for hoaxer propaganda has turned out to be the criminal prosecution of hoaxer Jonathan Reich.
 "State of Connecticut vs. Jonathan Reich".

The primary leaders driving the cash cow are Wolfgang Halbig's Sandy Hook Justice combined with their sister organization, Tony Mead's Sandy Hook Hoax Group.

Even as I put the final touches on this article, Tony Mead of the Sandy Hook Hoax Group published this false claim about the Reich case, claiming that the call to Carver's Office, widely available on on Youtube,  "got Jon Reich arrested".

Tony Mead knows full well that it was calls to Carver's home that led to the arrest. Sandy Hook Justice are the ones who released the Avon Police Report supporting that information.  Mead's post is blatantly false, misleading information. 

And that is the focus of this article, to expose blatant disinformation by those who specialize in hoaxing people out of money. 

Wolfgang Halbig has raised tens of thousands of dollars for himself since he started pushing the ever evolving narrative of Jonathan Reich's case.  Wolfgang's narrative goes something like:
"Solve Jonathan Reich and it will expose Sandy Hook.  Send a donation today to help Jonathan Reich. Mail the check to ME at.."

Thus far, despite the promise to "help Jonathan Reich", public disclosures of Sandy Hook Justice records have not revealed even  a single dollar of donation from Wolfgang towards the payment of Jonathan Reich's legal expenses. Expenditures were revealed here:

In addition to the money raised by Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead, Jonathan Reich hosts his own fund raisers. This fundraiser is on the laughable premise of suing Patch Media for reporting the news about a high profile public interest case.

Jonathan does aptly name the fund.
"Fraud lawsuit v. CEO of Patch Media".

And yet another fund raiser by Jonathan Reich...


Obviously, the hoaxers never quite seem to raise "enough money" for their lawsuit.  They just can't seem find an "attorney with the balls" to file their lame brained legal strategy.  Drats!  I guess they get to keep the money for themselves.

Public Defender Available
If money is the issue, Reich could just show up and the judge would appoint Reich a public defender to help him resolve the case.  Reich doesn't actually need a dime to resolve the case and more than enough money has already been donated to cover gas money or bus fare to his PD.

Sandy Hook Justice; two primary false fundraising narratives
Wolfgang's organization is  famous for pushing two blatantly false narratives for fundraising.

#1 - Gag Order on Sandy Hook Choir  -
Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-eWKsZSVuA  at 17 m

Wolfgang constantly raises money claiming that a "Gag order" was placed on the Sandy Hook Super Bowl choir by the NFL.  Halbig has gone so far as to pay Connecticut attorney L. Kay Wilson to seek the school records of these children, despite the obvious, plainly worded FOIA exemption regarding minors and their school records.

 There is NO GAG ORDER on the Sandy Hook Choir; despite Wolfgang's false claims.

Wolfgang has been challenged to produce any evidence to support his "Gag Order" claim; he has been unable to do so.

Wolfgang has been offered money to produce the gag order.  He has never produced the gag order.

Wolfgang's gag order claim is a hoax, a fiction, a story, a lie, to get you to give him money. You can find that Gag order right next to Wolfgang's proof he was at Columbine, proof FEMA trained him to be "Active Shooter Trainer", proof he was a Certified Fire Inspector, or proof he drove Martin Luther King, Jr... in Halbig's fairy tale producing mind!

If Halbig produces a legally adequate Gag Order, Sandy Hook Facts will publish a retraction and give $5,000 off of the $25,000 judgment Wolfgang Halbig owes Sandy Hook Facts.

FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS for a document Wolfgang claims he has; how hard is that?  Yet, Wolfgang continues to obfuscate on that issue.

This has got to be the first time Wolfgang has ever been quiet when someone offered him money.

All you hear are crickets from Sandy Hook Justice when you ask them to support their claim.

#2 -  Jonathan Reich is being denied due process.
The purpose of this blog post is to address the false narrative that  Jonathan is not being brought to trial and is, therefore, being denied his due process.

Facts -
Quick reference Time Line of Jonathan Reich's Case

5-20-13: Arrested by Avon Police Dept. and released on $50,000 surety bond
6-5-13:  Arraigned at Hartford Community Court
Several continuances as part of the common defense strategy of waiving time and negotiating. Not one time did the defense revoke their time waiver and insist on a speedy trial, for obvious reasons. The defense agreed to delay.
6-13-14: (approx)  Fails to Appear in Court-  Bail Commissioner Letter Sent
7-22-14: Appears and agrees to be placed on Supervised Diversion; waives speedy trial rights
10-8-15: Files discovery motion requesting Sandy Hook Final Report, among other items
10-15-15: Supervised Diversion Terminated. Case transferred to Superior Court- Pretrial Hearing set
11-25-15:  Fails to appear in court; $100,000 Warrant issued; proceedings suspended.

Fugitive From Justice
Before we get into the case itself, it is important to understand that Jonathan Reich is currently a fugitive from justice. He has a $100,000 warrant for his arrest out of Connecticut and is refusing to turn himself in or address the case with the court.

Connecticut is not delaying the trial. Jonathan needs to  go to Connecticut and face his charges and his accusers.  The state must prove the charges. What is he afraid of?

The court issued a Failure to Appear warrant eight months ago, as of this posting.

As with all Failure To Appear (FTA) warrants, court proceedings are suspended. Reich is an "out of state" fugitive from justice.  Speedy trial "time" is, in effect, tolled and there are no ongoing court proceedings.  More on this later.

Let's look at the case.

The arrest of Jonathan Reich aka Youtuber "Scotty Walker"

Avon Police Application for Arrest Warrant for Jonathan Reich
Jonathan Reich was arrested on or about May 20, 2013 for making harassing calls.

Reich was charged with violating Connecticut harassment law:
Sec. 53a-183. Harassment in the second degree: Class C misdemeanor. (a) A person is guilty of harassment in the second degree when... with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person, he communicates with a person by telegraph or mail, by electronically transmitting a facsimile through connection with a telephone network, by computer network... in a manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm; or (3) with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person, he makes a telephone call, whether or not a conversation ensues, in a manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm.
(b) For purposes of this section such offense may be deemed to have been committed either at the place where the telephone call was made, or at the place where it was received.
(c) The court may order any person convicted under this section to be examined by one or more psychiatrists.

Hoaxer False Claim: Hoaxers claim the maximum penalty for Reich's charge is "Community Service", "picking up trash" or a "fine". All of those claims are intentionally false.   Statutory maximum penalty for the charge is:
The Connecticut crime of Harassment in the Second Degree is spelled out in C.G.S. § 53a-183. This charge is a Class C misdemeanor that carries up to 90 days of jail, probation, and a $500 fine.

Possible Evidence
Since the case in ongoing, exact details are difficult to ascertain and the Police will not release the reports via FOIA; however, we do have a glimpse of the possible evidence that could come into play through the press or the trickled, piece meal release of information through Sandy Hook Justice.


  1. According to Avon Police, calls were to the home of Connecticut's Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. H Wayne Carver. The calls were recorded, but thus far are not released.  Dr. Carver is highly respected in the legal field, high ranking, department chief with over thirty years of experience in the legal system.
  2. A source who spoke with Dr. Carver said the calls were so terrifying, Dr. Carver temporarily moved from his home.
  3. Calls were purportedly made to a charity of a Sandy Hook victim.  Sandy Hook Justice has released a couple of these disturbing calls:
    Call 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7v9mTNPg43wQUkzb09XLTZ6djQ
    Call 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7v9mTNPg43wR1NjSXI1TDZBZmM 

    Would a reasonable person considering those calls harassing?  Of course they would.  The person making the calls is obviously extremely mentally ill and dangerous.
  4. Possible prior conduct?
    Main stream press also reported that Reich was accused of making harassing calls prior to this incident:

    No reports have been released on this alleged incident and it is not clear if this could come into play, If accurate, a clear disturbing pattern of stalkerish behavior is present at a young age.
  5. Police Report 
    The following Avon Police report purports to show how Reich came to be a suspect in the case.  Sandy Hook Justice released this incriminating document.  

Basically, with good old fashioned police work, the Avon Police Detective plucked Jonathan Reich right out of the internet and slapped on the cuffs.

According to the above report, the perpetrator's iPhone number, Paypal address, and call recordings were obtained through the call spoofing company.  Presuming those numbers trace back to Reich, and thus, his arrest, that would be very damning evidence.

Hoaxer false claim: The police were illegally obtaining information from Spoofcard.com without a warrant.

Reality: The police can call and ask a company a question at as part of an investigation and may do so without warrant.  Likewise, that private company has the right to cooperate with a police investigation as much as they choose to.  Reich cannot claim Spoofcard.com's rights for himself; moreover, the calls at issue were made in clear violation of their Terms of Use, and Spoofcard was likely not amused by such vile use of their servers and zealously cooperated.

According to the report, the police obtained a "ex parte [application for search warrant] to get the desired information, all in accordance with law.

Ultimately, to challenge search and seizure issue in a court room requires court appearance.  Since Reich  is a fugitive, he cannot challenge any evidence, obtain discovery, or assert his rights.

Based upon the evidence gathered by Avon Police, a warrant was issued for Jonathan Reich's arrest. Reich's father is a wealthy, powerful New York Business attorney who apparently sprang into action to assist his troubled son by retaining the high powered Connecticut firm Pullman and Comley.

Sandy Hook Justice claims the cost for the firm was over $40,000; however, this number has not been verified.

Reich's Arrest
Reich surrendered to the Avon Police Department and posted a $50,000 surety bond.  Like most states, surety bond fees are mandated by state law; therefore the bond would have cost  Reich's family $5,000.

Reich claims the police threatened him with a $250,000 bail, intimidating him to turning himself in.  So? Welcome to earth and police work.  At least he was not at gun point.  

The bond listed Reich's court date of 6-5-13.

Hoaxer claim:  Judge Norco's Two Day Rule Violated

There is a fake Connecticut legal blog operated by Sandy Hook Justice employees/volunteers called HartfordCommunityCourt.com.

Side irony: The domain name is useless since Reich worked his way up to Hartford Superior Court after failing to complete his program in community court.

Wolfgang advertising his websites:
SandyHookJusticeReport.com and HartfordCommunityCourt.com

The blog repeatedly makes ridiculous claims; one of them being that "Judge Norco violated his Two Day Rule" in regards to Reich, and under the headline of "Corruption [in] Hartford Community Court".

Reality: Reich bailed out of jail and was given a date to appear as part of the bond.

 Judge Norco requires appearance within two days in most cases when people are in custody or released from Custody, usually by the Hartford Police.

It made sense the judge would not require Reich to appear within the two day period considering Reich is out of state and on surety backed bail bond.

Giving Reich that special treatment was to Reich's benefit.

Is it unusual to "violate" Norco's two-day rule?

I reviewed the upcoming docket for Judge Norco's court for Monday, Aug. 8 and found a few cases with an appearance 7 days past their arrest.  One case is set for 11 days. Therefore it would appear not as unusual as Sandy Hook Justice fundraising pitches would have you believe.

This case was

Harassment is usually dealt with in Superior Court

Further indication of the special treatment afforded Reich and his high priced law firm, Pullman and Comley, was the location of the case.

 Reich's charge is in the "stalking" category of  Connecticut law, normally carries jail time, and is not normally handled at the Community Court level.

No other instance of a harassment case being granted the privilege of appearing at Hartford Community Court was found, despite an exhaustive search.

SandyHookFacts.com covered this here:

Hoaxer false claim: "It's a misdemeanor, like a parking ticket"
"This charge is a class C Misdemeanor equivalent to a parking violation with  carrying a maximum fine of $500 with a conviction" - Jonathan Reich's false claim at
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEobv2jRcyQ  at 1:47:20
Parking tickets are infractions or even administrative assessments. They are not a criminal charge.  Harassment is a serious criminal charge.

Claims that the charge is not serious indicates a problem in and of itself.  Society needs to look out for people who think a criminal charge of harassment is "nothing" or "like a parking ticket". That is probably even a sociopathic outlook; admittedly, I'm no doctor.

Connecticut Defense Attorneys do not agree with Reich's assessment of the crime and discuss this type of case in terms of Stalking and Harassment, indicating jail time is likely, upon conviction.  Per CTDefenseLawyer.com:

Harassment and stalking are both very serious offenses in the state of Connecticut. If you are charged with either you may be facing serious jail time and fines. I know you are very concerned about what may happen.
This kind of case can be emotionally difficult in addition to the serious legal consequences. Please contact me for a consultation on what I can do to help fix this problem and put your mind at ease.

Typical adjudication of Reich's harassment charge can be easily researched in Superior Court records. Let's look at some examples of similar cases.

Harassment Class C Misdemeanor - 90 days jail; execution suspended after 15 days; Probation 1 year.

Or Hoaxer Timothy Rogalski - Harassment Class C Misdemeanor - 90 days jail and probation

 Or James Harbon, Harassment Class C Misdemeanor - 90 days jail and probation.

You can bet Jonathan Reich's attorney's explained to him he was getting a very sweet deal because otherwise, if convicted, Reich was (is) going to jail. That's obviously why Reich is on the run with a warrant!  Reich refuses to face the music.

Reich's charge, in particular, is very, very serious. Would you hire a person to a position of trust that had a history of harassing victims of crime?  Would you want that type of person around your children or handling your money or personal affairs? The stakes are high; you would think Wolfgang would be more supportive of a friend and less focussed on filling his wallet.

Wolfgang's incessant bellowing of "It's only a misdemeanor" begs the question, well then why don't Reich stand tall and face his accusers like a man, if it's "nothing"?

Reich's FIRST Failure to Appear
Reich's first known Failure to Appear was on or about June 13, 2014.  In accordance with Connecticut's policy on bail, for the first failure to appear, defendants are sent a "Bail Commissioner's Letter" and given a chance to resolve the case without rearrest.

Reich did not appear to take care of the case until July 22, 2014.

Reich got a free pass for his first Failure To Appear; the next time, he would not be so lucky.

Hoaxer False Claim - "No Trial in Three Years"
One of the biggest pieces of misinformation spread by hoaxers is that Reich's speedy trial rights have been violated because he has not been tried for three years.

To exemplify the hoaxer misinformation on this matter, Bidondi went around interviewing Connecticut residents falsely claiming Connecticut "keeps pushing Jonathan's case back". In addition to that lie, Bidondi misrepresents the facts of the case repeatedly throughout the video.

Bidondi proceeds to ask people if "three years" is a "speedy".   Bidondi fails to disclose that Reich is a fugitive with a $100,000 warrant for his arrest.  This proves the inherent dishonesty of Dan Bidondi, because if Bidondi had fairly disclosed facts, he would have received different answers.

Connecticut Speedy Trial Rights
Speedy trial in Connecticut must be asserted. Once asserted, trial must be brought within 30 days.   If the defense had not waived their speedy trial rights, Reich's lawyers could have filed a motion to dismiss his case.  The defense in Riech's case waived time, never motioned for speedy trial, and were granted several continuances.
This, of course, is common practice for out of custody defendants.

Speedy trial law in Connecticut:

Things to note on Connecticut law:
30 days  for trial -  [If] "trial is not commenced within thirty days of a motion for a speedy trial made by the defendant ....the indictment shall be dismissed. "  

The ball is in Reich's Court to show up to court, clear his FTA, file a speedy trial motion, and get it on public record.

Sending emails, making websites, and writing blogs wont cut it for a court of law proceeding.  Everyone knows you must show up for court; except those mesmerized by Hoaxer propaganda.

In Connecticut, time is not counted when the Defendant causes the delay, such as by FTA, as indicated in the law:
Such rules shall include provisions to identify periods of delay caused by the action of the defendant, or the defendant's inability to stand trial, to be excluded in computing the time limits set forth in subdivision (1) of this section.

Speedy Trial Remained Waived
After several continuances by or allowed by the Defense, a sweet heart deal was secured on behalf of Reich on July 22, 2014.  Hoaxer conspiracy theorist leaders Tony Mead and Wolfgang Halbig were  present for the sentencing deal.   This is how Tony Mead described it:

"Jon [made] a back room deal.  Jon is prohibited from making public statements, has to remove his fundraising sight, and has to continue his psychiatric therapy for two months" -- Tony Mead

Supervised Diversion
Jonathan Reich's "back room deal" was Supervised Diversion.

How do we know it is Reich was placed in the Supervised Diversion program?  Because when Reich failed to comply with the terms, his Supervised Diversion was terminated. A snippet of the document proving this was released by Sandy Hook Justice.

Note: Sandy Hook Justice refuses to release the entire document, likely due to the damage it would cause fundraising.

The document reads "Transfer to FA 14.  Super diver prog terminated".  This means the case was transferred from Community Court to Superior Court, in Hartford and the Super[vised] Diver[sion] Program Terminated.

So what is Supervised Diversion?  Sandy Hook Justice refuses to release documents proving Reich's specific Supervised  Diversion terms.  We can view publicly available information on Supervised Diversion in Connecticut.  The program seems to line up perfectly with Mead's statement that Reich must "continued his psychiatric therapy" as a term.

Connecticut Supervised Diversion Program:

Connecticut Criminal Procedure:
"Pretrial supervised diversionary program for persons with psychiatric disabilities".

Another document:

What are the general terms of the psychiatric Supervised Diversion program?

The person must agree to "toll the statute of limitations" and "waive speedy trial" and participate in the program as directed by Court Support Services.  Reich obviously agreed to those terms because Supervised Diversion terms are clear:

Numerous guides and websites on Connecticut's Supervised Diversion Program can be found with a simple google search:

All links describe essentially  the same program for people with psychiatric issues.

On July 22, 2014 Jonathan Reich entered a court program that, if completed successfully, would result in a full dismissal of the charges. A sweet heart deal for Reich! 

Mental Health Treatment
Did Reich comply with the terms of his Supervised Diversion? Mental Health Records are confidential but we do have comments by Sandy Hook Justice representatives who are close to Reich and Wolfgang.

SOS claims Reich agreed to a program by a court and then told them to "F off"? Not a smart move at all.

SOS suffered from some delusion that the state moved for dismissal; obviously, that's not true.

No jail from Hartford Community Court
Hoaxer False Claim: While we are at it, Sandy Hook Justice personnel, including Tony Mead and Wolfgang Halbig, often spread the FALSE claim there is "no jail from Community Courts" .  You can find Wolfgang repeating this claim over and over in any number of videos.

Tony Mead parroted the SHJ narrative here:

As usual, Tony Mead is willing to double down on his lie:

Reality exposing hoaxer lies: You can get jail time in Community Court. It takes only a few moments of research to find a Hartford Community Court sentencing that includes jail time.  I found this case in a a few minutes by randomly checking the name "Robert Smith".

Downward Spiral Out of Supervised Diversion
Let's look at what we know about Reich's fall from a dismissal as part of diversion program to Reich being a wanted fugitive with a  $100,000 warrant for his arrest.

As a side note, throughout Supervised Diversion, in accordance with law, Reich's case information was sealed on Connecticut's website and so the public did not have access to the case; therefore, information was very limited.

Hoaxer Reich propaganda Zeeroe3 and Slight of Sin

"Sleight  of Sin" (SOS) is a wild-eyed hoaxer from the state of Connecticut and one of the agents of Sandy Hook Justice. He faithfully serves Halbig as Halbig's personal driver when Halbig is in Connecticut and, in fact, was acting in that capacity during the shocking St. Rose of Lima school incident.  

Sandy Hook Justice agents using the usernames of  ZeeRoe3's  and Sleight of Sin serve as Reich propaganda mouth pieces in numerous videos and broadcasts.

Further, "Zeeroe3" is either Jonathan Reich himslef or often impersonates Jonathan Reich, according to admission by Sandy Hook Justice personnel.  The shocking Sandy Hook Justice confession can be heard here: 

This is the type of shady business we have come to expect from Sandy Hook Justice.  Zeeroe3 is Sandy Hook Justice's main host for the Sandy Hook Justice Report.  More here:

Let's take a look at a couple of comments SOS has made about Reich's diversion program compliance.  

In early November, SOS, on behalf of Sandy Hook Justice, began mouthing off about Reich's diversion.
"What diversion??? He told the state to F off."

"That diversion program hasn't been complied with for several months?"

Taking the posts at face value, Sandy Hook Justice personnel are telling us that Reich never complied with his diversion program "for months" and now they believe that they have their big strategic chess move to obtain a magic dismissal of the case!

"Bad News"
Proving SOS's first hand knowledge are comments he was making on the Sandy Hook Facts channel.

On 10-15-15, SOS popped in my feed chirping "U Ready? I'm sure you heard the bad news??"

Soon thereafter, Sandy Hook Justice released the tiny snippet of the court docket:

On the exact day SOS asked if I "heard the bad news", presumably concerning Reich, since that man is about all SOS ever discusses, Hartford Community Court responded to Reich's Diversion failure by transferring the case for trial to Superior Court (FA14) and  terminating his Super[vised] Diver[sion] program.

"Bad news" indeed.  For the record, I had not heard the "bad news" about Reich's case at the time SOS was announcing it.

Obviously, SOS is privy to first hand case information before it is released into the public domain.

On 11/25/15 SOS made this post (incidentally, he falsely accuses me of being the well known Youtuber named "Blue", but that is another issue. ):

In addition to his rambling on about "CT admin", whoever that is, the post demonstrates SOS knew the exact date of the filing of Reich's discovery motion.  SOS reference was to his false belief (or false assertion) that Reich's discovery motion would result in dismissal by the state.  Of course, there was no dismissal.  This was more rantings of a mad man.

We can presume that when SOS states Jonathan Reich did not complete his court ordered program, he is speaking with first hand knowledge of such fact. The warrant for Reich's arrest, as opposed to case dismissal, also supports that conclusion.

Around this time,  Reich's case came back online via Connecticut's court website..  The statutory sealing during diversion was off, Diversion was cancelled, and the case was proceeding to trial at Hartford Superior Court - Hartford GA14.

Reich's Discovery Motion
Sandy Hook Justice later released the discovery motion as covered by Sandy Hook Facts here.

The highlight of Reich's discovery motion was a request for a full underacted copy of the final Sandy Hook Report.

The court set another hearing for November 25, 2015, concerning Reich's motion and other pretrial issues.  Reich was being given a chance to make his argument to the judge!

Reich made the fateful decision to Fail to Appear in court, for at least the second time. The court stayed proceedings and ordered Reich's arrest.  This FTA also placed Reich's discovery motion on hold.   The state of Connecticut announced Reich's failure to appear, via email, on the same date:

SOS again demonstrated his lunacy when he claimed Connecticut would not have the balls to actually issue the warrant.

Connecticut did issue the warrant.  The warrant remains active to this day.  Reich cannot even attend Wolfgang's FOIA hearings, as he once did, without fear of arrest.

As to the merits of the discovery motion itself, obviously Reich would need to show up in court and prevail on a motion to compel whatever records he thinks he is entitled to. He cannot rest on his heels and hope the state hands over the final report.  At this time, proceedings are suspended.

Reich's appearance at proceedings is therefore essential to his motion.

The Hunt for Jonathan Reich
Wolfgang Halbig tells the story often. At the last FOIA hearing, the Connecticut State Police came looking to arrest Jonathan Reich on his warrant. 

Prior to being a fugitive, Reich often attending the hearings with his leader, Wolfgang.

Connecticut is actively seeking to get this case back underway; Reich continues to run from the law.

Sandy Hook Justice wages war in the mock court of Social Media

It should be noted that a "Court of Social Media" was ongoing by Sandy Hook Justice, in the midst of the above court actions, even as Reich's lawyers attempted to work on Reich's behalf.

Sandy Hook Justice personnel deluge the courts and prosecutors with phone calls, letters, and emails.

 The following offensive email was sent to the prosecuting attorney by Wolfgang, with Wolfgang purporting himself to be a reporter with "veterans today". It is dated Oct. 10, 2014.  

This email (most email addresses redacted) was sent to the Prosecutor three months after the case had been resolved through Supervised Diversion

Read a slightly redacted version of the entire email:

Countless more emails have been sent since.

Attacking the Judge, Reich's attorney, and Prosecutors
While most people have the common sense not to create websites mocking, degrading, offending the dignity of the court, their own attorney, and judge while criminal proceedings are ongoing.  Sandy Hook Justice, and by extension, Jonathan Reich, apparently do not possess that particular common sense legal survival skills.

Does Sandy Hook Justice really wonder why no lawyers in Connecticut will help them?

HartfordCommunityCourt.com was created on 8-20-15 according to WhoIS records.

At the exact time period above, Sandy Hook Justice brought online HartfordCommunityCourt.com.  The site presents itself as a legal blog "exposing Hartford Community Court" when it actually an obvious mouth piece for Reich case propaganda by the Sandy Hook Justice crew.

The very first Web Archive of the site is from 9-7-15 and falsely accuses the prosecutor of a "Class D" felony because they claim the attorney "tampered with documents" and accusing the Judge of breaking a "2 day rule".  Good going Sandy Hook Justice, I'm sure lawyers will come running to represent Jonathan Reich when you are doing this:

Court officials amending documents (in good faith and routine performance of their duties) is quite common. Sandy Hook Justice alleges that the attorney changed the wording from "victim" to "victims".

Sandy Hook Justice Claim
First, we have to get past the fact that Sandy Hook Justice could have fabricated the entire claim by photoshopping the posted documents.  We have no independent verification that it happened at all.  All we really have is a self serving claims during Sandy Hook Justice fundraising sales pitches.

Addressing the change at face value, the charged conduct is believed to include Dr Carver's home and a charity - "victims".  Correcting the record would not be tampering.

In a blog post predating their September creation date, they make other accusations.

This blog post "some how" predates their existence by nearly year -

Countless accusatory, rude, letters have been by Sandy Hook Justice people bearing the name "Jonathan Reich".

If the desired strategic affect of that "chess move" was to publish material that would offend the court and prosecuting, make sure that they all saw it, and to ward off any legal assistance they might otherwise get, it surely worked.

Remember, Jonathan Reich's case could have been dismissed long ago, had Reich simply complied with a couple of Diversion terms.

SOS's bluster about Connecticut fearing Jon Reich and dismissing the case is laughable nonsense.

While the results certainly appear to have been for Sandy Hook Justice fundraising, it was not so good for Jonathan Reich's case.

"Excessively High Bail"
One of the biggest "selling points" of Sandy Hook Justice fundraising has been the boisterous complaints about Jonathan Reich high bail.

Example can be heard here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-eWKsZSVuA at 28 min.

Reich's bail is very high, especially for a misdemeanor. That point must be conceded.  But why?

First, launching a continuous personal attack, for months, on the dignity and honor of the court and all of the court's officers and promptly emailing that attack to their inbox and all of their co-workers inbox is not likely going over well with staff.

I would not be surprised if  the video, blogsphere, website, letter, and email war Sandy Hook Justice has waged on the prosecutors, the courts, and the judge himself, over Reich's case, played a small role in Reich's extremely high bail, even if they would not admit it.

Attitude Factors
This type of behavior, followed by Reich's failure to complete Diversion, followed by a ridiculous discovery motion asking for the entire Sandy Hook Shooting Final Report, followed by a SECOND Failure to Appear would not likely instill confidence that Reich is going to willingly comply with court orders.

There other legal factors that affect bail, so let's continue.

Sources on setting bail protocols are numerous; however, you may refer to one source here:

The maximum bail for a Class C Misdemeanor in Connecticut is $250,000 and the median percentile is $1,500, according to 2006 data:

Appropriate pretrial decision making on bail is shown in this Connecticut graph:

In addition to the above, let's compare Reich to the Risk Assessment a judge might perform when setting Reich's bail.

For setting bail purposes, the court would presume the charges to be true.  
Reich believes in wild conspiracy theories related to horrific mass shootings. Presuming the charges to be true, for bail setting purposes, he is charged with harassing victims and state officials over those weird, wild, nutty beliefs.  His (and his associates) behavior since the trial began and since absconding is reprehensible and indicates an inability to control himself, honor his agreements, or comply with court orders.

This would be a in increased risk factor.

Offense and Charge:
Class C - misdemeanor - Harassment.
 While a misdemeanor, the charge is of the "stalking and harassment" class of charges in Connecticut, considered very serious, and often results in jail time.

This is an increased risk.

Prior FTA
Reich Failed to Appear in June 2014 when his bail was already very high, $50,000.

Reich Failed to Appear again after Supervised Diversion was terminated for noncompliance.

 These are major increased factors to the court.

Community and Family Ties
Reich has no ties or family ties to Connecticut.
Reich is a resident of New York.   Reich is not married and has no known job and certainly no job in Connecticut.

This is an increased risk.

Financial Resources
Reich comes from a wealthy family who has demonstrated a willingness to pay large sums of money for his defense.  Wealth means a low bail would not likely compel attendance.

Reich is young, appears impulsive, not established, with questionable education.

Reich failed to appear even though there was $50,000 bond in place.

These are increased risk factors.

Mental Condition
Reich was ordered to attend mental health sessions and according to Sandy Hook Justice personnel, dropped out of that program.

The crime charged, if convicted, combined with a totality of the circumstances, indicates a psychiatric issue that must be assessed by professionals according to Connecticut law.

This is an increased risk factor.

Criminal History
None known

This is a lower risk factor.

The Risk Factors associated with Reich appear extraordinarily high, with only his lack of criminal convictions weighing in his favor.

Looking at a totality of what is taking place, it is very easy to see why the court set bail at $100,000;  if not remanded without bail at all.

Hoaxer claim: "Reich has yet to be allowed to face his accusers".

Another claim made by Sandy Hook Justice is that Reich has been denied his right to see the evidence or face his accuser.  "Facing your accuser" happens at trial.  That is the purpose of a trial.     Reich needs to actually show up for court and clear his warrant before any "facing his accuser" can take place. 

Hoaxer False Claim: The Sandy Hook  final report "clears" Jonathan Reich

Another claim of Sandy Hook Justice is that the Sandy Hook Final Report "clears" Jonathan Reich.

The "Scotty Walker" call to Dr. Carver's Office was apparently investigated by the Connecticut State Police, March 2013 as documented in the final report Doc #54069. They found no criminal conduct.

That phone call has nothing to do with the case, as far as can be ascertained by an released documents.

The conduct charged, according to documents released by Sandy Hook Justice, are calls to Dr. Carver's home in Avon, Connecticut.  Those calls were investigated by the Avon Police Department and have nothing to do with the calls to Dr. Carver's office, the CSP investigation, or the Sandy Hook Shooting.

Therefore, the incident mentioned in the Final Report  and widely published on Youtube is not at issue in the trial.

Likewise, the Sandy Hook Shooting itself is not at issue in the trial.

The report from the final report:

This post is written to serves as reference to counter the disinformation published by agents of Sandy Hook Justice and their "Jonathan Reich" fundraising tour.


Anonymous said...

Dan "mumble-mouth" Bidondi and his caravan of idiots have made a video proclaiming Reich to be the victim of Constitutional infringement. What a fat, balding, ignorant sack of shit.

Anonymous said...

The extent he went to in order to conceal his identity in making the calls, shows that he was aware of the illegality of his actions and fleeing from accountability, like a spoiled little rich kid too frightened to face the consequences he knew could result, are sufficient reasons to describe him as an out and out, lowly coward. That he was probably encouraged to buck the system by his fellow hoaxers so they could capitalize on another fundraising opportunity, means he's hopelessly stupid as well. Let’s hope they catch him soon. Great article.

Anonymous said...

I am still wondering, why some bounty hunters haven't caught him and brought him back to Newtown.
I don't know how the bail system or the system works, but it seems like, Mr. Reich is waiting, until the judge is going to drop the charges, since he is unwilling to show up in court.

Anonymous said...

you gotta wonder who is supporting him. he is a fugitive from justice. he must be getting financial support and/or lodging from someone.

it's only a matter of time before this guy ends up behind bars and perhaps in a mental institution. what an embarrassment he must be to his family.

SandyHookFacts.com said...

Yes. Bidondi is as dishonest as they come. His brother was prosecutes for child porn so this is not good stock.

Anonymous said...

what does a warrant for $100,000 mean? is that a reward to anyone who turns him in?

Anonymous said...

I really want to know, what the 100000 dollars warrant means. Does it mean, if a bounty hunter catches him, he get reward with 100000 dollars? If that is true, he is a walking ATM.

SandyHookFacts.com said...

No, unfortunately it only means his bail, upon capture, to get released is $100k.