Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hoaxer William Shanley fails to intervene in Sandy Hook Lawsuit

DANBURY, CT -  Estates of Lewis and Pozner vs Newtown (Sandy Hook Elementary School) Lawsuit

At issue was Sandy Hook Hoax group member William Shanley's absurd amicus curie brief alleging wild eyed fantasies of FEMA psyops and other tin foil hat notions swirling about the Youtubosphere concerning the Sandy Hook shooting. 

Sandy Hook Facts was not happy to see that Danbury Superior Court Judge Dan Shaban decided to give the hoaxers a chance to make their case as to why they should be allowed to intervene.

Frankly, Shanley's motion to file a brief never raised even a slight factual or legally cognizable issue and the judge should not have entertained it for a moment.

The hoaxers were graciously given their fair chance to make their case; however they failed. In the words of the judge: [Hoaxers did not cite] "any legal authority to support his request to appear as amicus curiae and file a brief."

Amateur hour in hoaxerville. 

Shanley's appearance was covered here:

The court has ruled and the hoaxers have failed!  The judge has removed the hoaxer from the case and denied their motion to intervene.

The judge's four page ruling concluded:
"[The Hoaxers] purpose appears to be more to intervene as a party and contest the evidence in an adversarial manner rather than act as a friend of the court.  The information sought to be put before the court would not assist in the resolution of any matters of law in this case of which there is doubt."

The judge highlighting that the hoaxers appear adversarial and NOT a friend of the court is the understatement of the year.

If you want to read the entire ruling, it is here:

The order here:


Anonymous said...

That door has now been closed for it should have been long ago

Anonymous said...

If Adam Lanza had survived and stood trial, he would be laughing like the Joker at those hoaxers. They give people like Dylann Roof and Dschochar Zarnajew satisfaction. Instand of shaming those people, they make them victms or crisis actors. People like Shanley are their apologists and that's really disturbing.