Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sandy Hook: Nancy Lanza Death Certificate and Birth Record

*Another Sandy Hook Facts Exclusive*

Sandy Hook Facts exclusively releases the Death Certificate of Nancy Lanza as part of continuing research into the Sandy Hook shooting.  The Death Certificate is certified by the Newtown Town Clerk Debbie Aurelia Halsted would hold up in any court of law.

This is the third death certificate that has been released through Sandy Hook Facts.

Nancy Lanza Social Security Death Index

The Lanza's post-Sandy Hook
 The Lanza's conduct towards the public release of information has been egregious. The Lanza's created, armed, and loosed a shooter on a elementary school . The Lanza's then covered up for their Animal, refusing to release and refusing to allow Connecticut State Police to release any public information that my assist people, including health care and mental health professionals, in investigating the shooter or his motives.  Photos, videos, writings are all off limits as the Lanza's strictly control the release of information.

Due to the Lanza's failure to release information on Animal, they have re-victimized the families of victims by forcing them endure additional burden as these families try to find answers and as they face an onslaught of hoaxers.

Tracing the Lanza's
Numerous hoaxers spread the disinformation no evidence of the Lanza family.  Despite the efforts of the Lanza's to scrub themselves from the internet, this is untrue and easily debunked.

Video debunking- Sandy Hook Covenant series: Birth records  & Honor roll

Video release of Nancy Lanza's death certificate - Nancy Lanza Death Certificate

Official record of live birth for Nancy Lanza (1960), Ryan Lanza (1988), and Adam Lanza (1992) can be found here. New Hampshire Official Record Archive
University of New Hampshire Digital Collection

Peter and Nancy Lanza divorce documents

Adam Lanza's death certificate is here -  more here,

Adam Lanza Social Security Death Index

Adam Lanza - Profile of  a killer

Adam Lanza Rampage - Mind of a Mass Murderer Part 1

Peter Lanza -
It is easy to see from which tree the apple rolled; the father of the shooter is personally responsible for the re-victimization of Sandy Hook families by refusing to allow the release of information on the shooter, Adam Lanza.


Unknown said...

I dont know if you can say that Peter Lanza is re-victimizing the families just cause he doesnt want his personal info released on the internet... thats a pretty harsh statement. Maybe he could have been a better parent, but he isnt personally responsible for the deaths and if he wants to keep a private life he has that right as a law abiding american citizen.

SandyHookFacts.com said...

the way that was written made it seem info on Peter should be released and the intent was info on the shooter.. corrected and thanks

Anonymous said...

HoaxTards will just claim it's bogus. They'll make a fact-less claim about the document, claim that's not how it should be and declare it's a fake...and the rest of the HoaxTurds will gobble it up as fact...Lather, rinse, repeat...

Unknown said...

Nancy died at 2.20pm? I'm confused!!

Anonymous said...

Good point

Mortician911 said...

As a funeral director, time of death is determined at 1 of 2 times: when deceased actually stops breathing and circulatory function OR when police/ems or hospice arrives on scene to find them deceased.