Sunday, June 12, 2016

Wolfgang's Bizarre Behavior Documented

Note: This article was published a few weeks ago, in May (as you can see by the comments).  I'm not sure what error I made or what glitch was triggered to cause it to republish as of today (6/12/16). There has been a lot more bizarre behavior since this article published!  Apologies!


When you have a man acting bizarre who makes a living threatening to sue bloggers, it is very important to document their behavior.  This will help a court apportion attorney fees after he losses his bad faith lawsuit.  To that end, we take a look at and document Wolfgang's recent over-the-top posts and claims.

Halbig's recent hoaxes for dollars:

Recently, Wolfgang falsely claimed to be a Certified Fire Inspector. The state of Florida and his former employer, Lake County Schools, refuted that claim.   Then Wolfgang told a whopper under oath, attempting to bolster his legal arguments by stating he had "twenty years of law enforcement experience."  He does not.  He topped off his hat-trick of ridiculous lies by actually emailing the NAACP to solicit their help by claiming to have been Martin Luther King, Jr's driver "keeping him safe".  Only a low life would tell such a disgusting lie, especially to the NAACP.  This man is nasty.

So the question is, can Wolfgang get lower down the slime hole as he circles the drain?  And Wolfgang answers for us: "Yes!"

In recent interviews and on his own broadcast, public figure Wolfgang Halbig has stated that his own Lake County Sheriff considers him mentally ill.  Halbig's recent Facebook posts seem to support the Lake County Sheriff's reported professional assessment.

Let's take a look.

Halbig's "Oh Noes! UN Van" Hoax lives! 
Yesterday, Wolfgang was telling all of his followers to get themselves and their children "ready to die" because, essentially Obama is going to declare "Marshall" (sic) law.  Oh goody, we get to hear that one just about every election. Wolfgang's evidence? Wolfgang whipped out a moronic conspiracy theory photo & meme from 2010.
"UN Vehicles parked on Runway".

Achive link:

This "oldie but goody" meme was idiotic and without foundation or evidence in  2010 and its still idiotic; but that doesn't stop a radical, rabid conspiracy theorist like Wolfgang Halbig from pushing it on social media.   Med check, STAT!  No doubt he will be a able to squeeze a few more dollars out of his followers as they stockpile chicken soup and assault rifles and prepare to be invaded by "4,000 white delivery vans" led by Obama.

Attorney Quits
Wolfgang holds the distinction of being banned from a fire department, the United Way, and a Catholic school; all such bannings happening within a few months of each other.    GoFundMe, Paypal, and a number of other businesses literally refuse to do business with him.  Amazon refused to sell Wolfgang, Tracy, and Fetzer's book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook".  Wolfgang hired an expert. The expert refuses to have anything further to do with him.  Watchguard video kicked Wolfgang out of their lobby.  The list could go on and on...  this man is like a modern day leper.  Does any normal person want to be around him at all? I doubt it.

Well, add this attorney to the list of people who refuse to be associated with Wolfgang Halbig. This attorney represented Wolfgang Halbig, and he quit!

Bravo for this attorney.  

Wolfgang Banned from National School Safety Conference
Did you know that, despite exhaustive research, there isn't a single case, to date, that has been located where Wolfgang testified in court or was formally recognized by a court as a Expert Witness? iNot one.  It appears to be yet another story fabricated from whole cloth; a business operated out of a UPS Store.   I will be glad to retract that statement if even one court recognition can be shown by his cult-like followers. Just one.

Did you know that there is not a single shred of evidence that Wolfgang went to Columbine in the wake of the 1999 shooting?  We've asked for proof numerous times; the only thing that Wolfgang has ever proven about Columbine is that he is unfamiliar with the details of case.

Was Wolfgang ever really an court certified expert?  I doubt it.  It seems He may have been, at most, a self-proclaimed expert that tricked a few people into hiring him.

This years National School Safety Conference is being held a few short miles from his very own home. Surely, these REAL experts would want Wolfgang's local flavor there.  An actual Columbine first responder and expert is even scheduled to speak.

But these people apparently want nothing to do with self proclaimed "expert" Wolfgang Halbig.

 If Wolfgang was really a National School Safety Expert, it seems logical that these people would be proud to have him and to allow him to share his expertise.   However, that is not the case, according to Wolfgang himself. Wolfgang has announced that the National School Safety Conference has banned him from presenting at the 2016 Conference. Banned! I bet if he shows up, he will be dragged out, Trump style.

Here is Wolfgang's embarrassing announcement:

This morning I received a phone call from the Executive Director of this organization Curt Lavarello and he informed me that I have been banned from being an Exhibitor at the National School Safety Conference in Orlando, Florida."  -- Wolfgang Halbig

The Conference is even refunding the $1,100 he gave them to attempt to cajole them into allowing him to even rent a table.   The Conference doesn't even want his money!  He can't pay his way to pretend to be an expert, apparently.

If you are BANNED from the National School Safety Conference, I doubt you can really say you are a National School Safety  Expert. Just sayin...

Archive link:

I don't blame the real National School Safety Experts one bit because Wolfgang appears to be losing it.  Do educators really want to be around someone like this?

Or this:

No doubt the conference will be about how to identify and threat assess radicals who make wild-eyed conspiracy posts on social media, such as those shown above.  Wolfgang, with his "Get ready to die" and outrageous Sandy Hook claims could serve, perhaps, as an exhibit of what to watch for while trying to keep children safe. I can see it now.   Exhibit A: If you see Wolfgang coming toward your school... here is what St. Rose of Lima school did to keep their children safe.. 

"George Washington Patriots"

Wolfgang's desperation to wrest from his followers each and every dollar he possibly can was on full display when he invented the "George Washington Patriot". Wolfgang's newest fund raising gimmick is to pretend that you can "buy into" his (fictional) class-action lawsuit with a dollar. Anyone dumb enough to send him the dollar gets the distinguished facebook  title "George Washington Patriot".  If you fell for this, please post your name below, so we can mock you. Obviously, Wolfgang is not going to file a class action lawsuit related to Sandy Hook. He has been telling you this for 2 years. Get a clue.  It's all for money, in my opinion.

Two Officers Signed Affidavits

For two years Wolfgang has been talking about his two mythical Connecticut State Troopers. Depending on the day he tells the story, they've changed jobs and responses; however, Wolfgang has  consistently claimed these Mythotroopers gave him "the script" for Sandy Hook. The script Wolfgang presents just happens to match, exactly, the transcript from the Final Report.

This week Wolfgang added a new twist to his "Two State Troopers" fundraising gimmick. He is now claiming they signed affidavits that they falsified their police reports.

Of course, just like the material Wolfgang bought via FOIA (using donor funds), and refuses to release; Wolfgang will not simply release copies of the affadavits.  Instead, Wolfgang claims he has locked them in a Safety Deposit box.


Considering Wolfgang's track record of false and unsupported claims, I'll believe Wolfgang has these affidavits when he shows them and they are verified.

Jonathan Reich was again talked about extensively by Halbig.  Halbig forgot to mention Jon refuses to go to Connecticus simply handle his case. Instead, he cowers in New York while hosting fundraisers.


Peter said...

On the third last picture here, Halbig's "My dream", the time stamp says

3:00 am on Dec 17, 2016

Does this error have any significance? said...

Its not a time stamp.. I think he wrote that.. hes weird like that.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Executive Director of this organization Curt Lavarello can be contacted to have the organization take an official stance and proclaim the Sandy Hook School shooting a real event.

That would go right up Wolfturds ass.

Deanna said...

Great work as usual Wade!I personally spoke with Curtis Lavarello on the phone about Halbig in early 2014. I noted it on my website devoted to Halbig although I did not mention Lavarello's name. Just visit and look for the word "pariah" just under the date March 4, 2014 where I discuss Halbig's phony certificates. The National School Safety and Security Services has most definitely taken a position on Sandy Hook: It is interesting that Lavarello spent most of his career in Florida and is certainly aware of law enforcement practices and procedures in that state: It is no wonder that he has such utter disdain for Halbig as any rational person would.

Anonymous said...

Halbig IS a pariah. NO ONE, other than HoaxTards, wants anything to do with him. He is ignorant, uneducated and flat-out stupid. His dishonest tactics will only prove his lack of credibility and intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Halbig has so much imagination, he is wasting his talent. Nobody in Hollywood has so much talent as a storyteller.He ahould try and try a new career as a writer or TV-producer. All those twists he pulls out, no mystery writer is able to produce such a masterpiece. Not even Alex Jones has this amount of talent.