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Sandy Hook Bushmaster Lawsuit - Remington concedes Adam Lanza did it

Sandy Hook Hoax Bushmaster Lawsuit -
Remington concedes Adam Lanza did the shooting
with their Bushmaster Rifle - those facts not at issue!

"You ridiculous hoaxers who thought Remington would embarrass themselves with hoax nonsense are hereby debunked by the Remington companies themselves." - Sandy Hook Facts

Preface: To the average person, this might seem a rather odd post because it restates obvious and known facts; however, you must realize that this blog often addresses and/or debunks Sandy Hook hoaxer conspiracy theorists who believe that Sandy Hook is a illusion, FEMA drill, lizard people invasion, Illuminati playbook, Zionist plot, mockingjay scheme, Batman symbolgy uber conspiracy controlled by Masons.

Hoaxer Claim "No Lawsuits": For two years after the shooting, Sandy Hook hoaxers claimed the families would not file a lawsuit related to Sandy Hook because the families fear discovery.

Many posts and videos were made with the claim:

Hoaxers were debunked when ten families of deceased victims and Natalie Hammond (wounded lead SHS teacher) filed a lawsuit versus the manufacturers (Remington, Bushmaster, Camfour, etc) as well as the dealer of the Bushmaster XM-15; the rifle used by the Sandy Hook Shooter shooter.  For this article, I will refer to the defendants collectively as "Remington"

Hoaxers were further debunked when two families filed a negligence suit versus Newtown.   A settlement offer was filed June 13, 2016 with the two families splitting the $11 million dollar cap of Newtown's insurance policy ($5.5 million each).

As to the Remington lawsuit, many hoaxers have thought Remington would (or should) use defenses related to their wacko Sandy Hook conspiracy theories, Youtube videos, fabricated memes, and blogs.

After all, figures the foggy mind of the conspiracy theorist, if there was no shooting, Remington could not be liable!

What hoaxers don't know is that behind the scenes discovery is ongoing and proof of the crime itself is not even at issue, at all.

 The issue in the Bushmaster case involves complex Federal laws that, in a nutshell, protect gun manufacturers from liability for harm caused when their weapons are used in crimes so long as those weapons function properly (without manufacturing defect).

 Obviously, no serious legal professional would ever consider pushing a nonsense hoaxer argument (*cough L.Kay Wilson*); as Remington is demonstrating with their motion.

A shining example of "hoaxer nonsense" is William ShanleyShanley claims to have filed a "Motion to File an Amicus Curiae" brief with his nonsensical allegations of hoax citing Fetzers debunked book and other tripe.


As of this blog post, I don't see Shanley's filing listed on the court docket.  In any event; I have reviewed Shanley's motion and the allegations are as moronic as his dismissed trillion dollar lawsuits; obviously the court is not going to waste time on Shanley's absurd ramblings nor will the court encumber the parties with wasting time on his nonsense.

The Hoax claims are OVER!
So, to the Hoaxers, this post is for you!

This wild-eyed fantasy of "hoax" defenses by Remington are not even on the table, at all.

On 6-10-16, two defendants, Remington and Camfour filed Memorandums in Support of a Motion to Dismiss and the arms manufacurers completely concede the essential facts of the Sandy Hook Shooting.  In other words; those facts are NOT EVEN AT ISSUE.   Adam Lanza used the Bushmaster XM15 (AR15) to murder and shoot people at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14, 2012; Remington makes this admission over and over in their motion.

"Hoax" will NOT be their defense. Remington is making very powerful and persuasive legal argument; however, Remington does NOT insinuate "hoax" in any way, shape, or form.

You ridiculous hoaxers who thought Remington would embarrass themselves with hoax nonsense are hereby debunked by the Remington companies themselves.

Here are some highlights to the admissions made in the full document is below.

1. Remington concedes the Bushmaster XM15 was sold to Nancy Lanza.

2. Bushmaster concedes the Bushmaster was used to shooting Natalie Hammond and the decedents:

 3. Remington concedes the shooter used the Bushmaster to cause the harm:

4.  Remington again concedes the shooter caused the harm with the Bushmaster:

5.  Remington concedes the intentional shooting and murder of the victims on December 14, 2012 by the shooter.

 Debunked Sandy Hook Hoaxers move goal posts -

Now that you hoaxers have been soundly debunked by Sandy Hook families and Remington companies, you may begin twisting, turning, and moving goal posts as you contort logic to arttempt to push your memes.

Reply Memorandum - Remington -

Reply Memorandum - Camfour

Soto v. Bushmaster - the case

Lewis v. Newtown - the case

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