Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sandy Hook Fact - The Deadliest Minute in school shooting history

I received a message from an online friend of mine indicating that there were Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist hoaxers wanting me to use the report to support the claim that the "First minute of the shooting was the deadliest minute".  Apparently, a few nonsensical hoaxers are stating that I claimed this.

Basically, hoaxers have invented a claim, lied claiming I said this, and now want to back me into a corner challenging me "back up" the claim they invented.  All this is more lies and BS by hoaxers; as we've come to expect.

The first minute of the shooting at Sandy Hook School was, in fact, not the deadliest minute.  Nor have I ever made such a claim.  

That said, the deadliest minute in school massacre history did happen at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

Even a simple google search reveals my extensive, exclusive work on the subject:

Sandy Hook: The Deadliest Minute, the series

To me, the "deadliest minute" is one of the most profound aspects of the shooting and one of the least understood.

Perhaps the fairest question any person could have is:  "How could any shooter walk into a school and kill 26 people, leaving only 2 wounded, in under 10 minutes?"  Some hoaxers have even claimed no "Navy Seal could not have done it".  That is another false claim by hoaxers.   Nearly any person, armed as the shooter was armed,  could replicate the shooting given the conditions the shooter faced, if they were so inclined.  In other words, Sandy Hook, or worse, could happen again.

The number killed in such a short amount of time was an incredible fact of the shooting; so the question does deserve a fair answer.

"Sandy Hook:  The Deadliest Minute" was published in February 2014, just after the release of the final report.   I explain "the deadliest minute" at about  59 minutes into the film:

That video was ground breaking in that ballistics were used to mathematically prove the order of the shooting and the "deadliest minute"; something the final report did not do.  Sandy Hook Facts was the first and only person to publish this finding.

I have proven that the deadliest minute in United States school shooting history happened in Room 8 of Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12-14-12.  This happened about 5 minutes into the rampage.  I have published this information in blog and on video; using information from the final report:

As my marquee investigative video, I have used the catch phrase "Deadliest Minute" for several other supplemental investigations, including: "Sandy Hook: The Deadliest Minute": Fallen Angel" - which explores the removal of a victim from Room 10 to a waiting ambulance

Incidentally, I also explained my methology in my "Fallen Angel Video" right here:

There I state: "Welcome to my latest installment of 'Sandy Hook: The Deadliest Minute series', so named because the deadliest minute in civilian mass shooting history occurred in Room 8 of Sandy Hook School on December 14, 2012."

Other videos in the series, currently marked "unlisted" in youtube as obsolete, incorrect, or incomplete information can still be found:

Sandy Hook The Deadliest Minute- The 911 Calls and Radio Feed analysis

Sandy Hook The Deadliest Minute - Casing supplement - was published in response to a comment by JFK371 on my original Sandy Hook: The Deadliest Minute, where believe I actually misunderstood his question/comment -

I also have several blog posts on the subject, including my comprehensive analysis on the shooting, which I published in May of 2014:

Part 1: Sandy Hook School Shooting Analysis: The shooter's gear

Part 2: Sandy Hook School Shooting Analysis: The Animal Attacks - Room 10 is First

Part 3: Sandy Hook School Shooting Analysis: The Deadliest Minute of Mass Shooting history

In Part 3, I detail the portion of the shooting that was, in fact, the deadliest minute of mass shooting history, summarized as follows:

On 12-14-12, AFTER killing Ms. Hochsprung and Ms. Sherlach in the hallway (and wounding the lead teacher) and after then killing several in Room 10 (Part 2 of the blog series),  the Sandy Hook shooter entered Room 8 as teachers were attempting to cram their 16  students into the small restroom in the corner of the classroom (in the manner Kaitlin Roig accomplished in Room 12).

The gunman rushed in and fired 80 rounds in under 2 minutes with an AR-15, slaughtering the huddled group of teachers and children.  15 first graders and two teachers were killed within those 2 minutes. 1 student survived.

This image, made modifying an image from Final Report, shows the shooter's approximate positions as he advanced on the huddled children firing the AR-15.  The circles indicate the location of the casings after they ejected from the rifle:

Side note: The Soft Point Rounds: 
The rounds used by the shooter were manufactured in 2009 by Sellier and Bellot and they were SOFT POINT rounds (not full metal jacket rounds, as claimed by hoaxers). Incidentally, Sellier and Bellot no longer sell a 5.56 soft point round in the USA, as confirmed by Sellier and Bellot themselves. They sell a .223 soft point round.  This crime scene photo clearly illustrates the rounds are soft point as indicated by the lead point at the front.

The deadliest minute - 911 Shot Analysis
In November of 2015, I published my findings after an exhaustive review of the shots heard on 3 different 911 calls. This work revised and obsoleted some of my previous findings. This video was supplemental to "Sandy Hook: The Deadliest Minute"; however, I did not use that in the title because I did not want to confuse viewers as to the time frame of the shots being heard.

In that video, I provided a timeline of the entire shooting.  I detailed Room 8 at about 7 min 19 sec of the above video:  at 7m50 I specifically state the "Deadliest Minute" occurred in that room.

Hoaxers must support their claim
Since I have been so painstakingly clear in so many publications about the time frame of "deadliest minute",  it is up to the hoaxer to prove that I ever made the claim that the "first minute was the deadliest minute" before asking me to support their claim.  Moreover, their claim is false on many levels.

Until the hoaxers support their false claim, they are just shills and liars pushing more of their slanted propaganda in a sad attempt to drum up views and street cred for themselves by discussing my research.  Since my work cannot be debunked, they invent lies for themselves to debunk.  Thus, these hoaxers remain unworthy of further response; especially if the hoaxer is a nonsensical noobie lamer who lacks basic comprehension skills and is, frankly, not even in my league of research.


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Good bless you for your work!

This "truthers" are som of the sickest people i have witnessed, how can this individuals still believe this was a hoax/false flag? how much evidence do they need?

All this bullshit on youtube are making me sick with their "bunked" bullshit where they twist the facts and making money out of stupid people who seriously need help.

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I'm guessing HillBilly will never admit, this is just one more thing he can't seem to get right.

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