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Ten Reasons Jim Fetzer's Sandy Hook Book is Fiction

Ten Reasons 

James Fetzer's "Nobody Died At Sandy Hook:
It wasn't a School Massacre.  It was a FEMA drill"

is nothing but a work of fiction.

First a quick review:

Jim Fetzer's Sandy Hook book with the "roll your eyes" title of "Nobody Died At Sandy Hook: 
It wasn't a School Massacre.  It was a FEMA drill"  is a horribly edited 400 pages of copy pasted blog posts of varying degrees of illrepute.  The substance of this book is freely online as blog posts, but for a simple google search.   There is nothing new to be gleamed from the book; in fact, most of it was debunked long ago.

Desipite the fact Fetzer wants to charge you nearly $20 for this book, he did not think his readers were worth a professional editor, and it shows.  The book is filled with unaligned pages, grammar errors, and typos.

The roots of this book hail primarily from the thoroughly discredited pages of Veteran's Today and from the cartoonish blog work of so-called "Dr. Eowyn (the name of a fictional Lord of the Rings character), thus there is not a single source that could be considered credible.

The writers lack of credibility could have been mitigated if they actually put in some effort to present a fact based case.  Instead, the book presents Jim Fetzer's wild conclusions, devoid of rational logical basis for that conclusion.  The reader must "take it by faith", because Jim Fetzer fails to present facts.

Therefore, I present an analysis demonstrating why Fetzer's book is nothing more than poorly contrived fiction.

Note, these are ordered in the order I researched them; the order itself is not an indicator.

Jim Fetzer is held accountable for all the misinformation in the book, as the book's author, regardless of which ghost writer he claims actually wrote the particular piece he is presenting.  It's his book and his reputation on the line.

Number 1: Shannon Hicks' photos.

Fetzer claims Shannon Hicks' photos from the Newtown Bee were staged. To make his case, he claims the children were "rearranged" and the photograph retaken.

 Fetzer's so called "evidence" that the photos are faked is easily debunked because Fetzer is using sleight of hand trickery (read: lie) to make his case. Fetzer's trick is to use blurry versions of the photos, upon which he analyzes only two children.  Obviously, if the photos were of children rearranged, one would be able to point to all the children in both photos.  However, lets give him Fetzer his due and examine his offer of proof at face value.  This is a screen shot of Fetzer's book:

This screen shot suggests Fetzer intentionally blurred the photos because you barely can read the original caption.   Fetzer repeats this trickery throughout the book.

Fetzer consistently uses blurry photos for "analysis":

More trickery by Fetzer:

Using blurry photos to make their case is old-hat tricks of long-time hoaxers like Fetzer. Since clear photos are available on countless websites, it's obvious Fetzer was intentionally using blurry photos as a means of deception.

  Let's look at clear photos of the four children at issue in the book:

Different shoes, sweatshirt, and hair jump immediately out, proving Fetzer's "hoax". The face is even obviously different.  As a side note, one of the hoaxer claims is that the teachers in the back ground are sitting on law chairs; by looking at clear photos (right photo), you can see both teachers legs; both are clearly standing. To be fair, Fetzer did not include that particular hoaxer lie in the book, as far as I know.

Second boy.

Fezter's second offer of proof quite obviously quite ridiculous. While the two boys are wearing a similar grey sweatshirt, that is where the similarities end.  The hair, face, pants, brow, and shoes are quite different.

Fetzer has failed to make a rational case the photos are staged; moreover, he intentionally used blurry photos when clear photos are readily available. One can only conclude these segments in the book (repeated a few times) were nothing short of intentional deception by Fezter..

Number 2: "No internet activity at Sandy Hook School".

According to Fetzer, the most compelling evidence Sandy Hook School has been abandoned with the lack of internet activity "according to Wayback Machine".

So let's look at the most compelling piece of evidence the hoaxer's have after nearly 3 years of digging into Sandy Hook.  Incidentally, SHF and others debunked Fetzer on this point long ago; however, he still chose to intentionally mislead people in his book.

The obvious debunking is in order.  The Wayback machine DOES NOT monitor internet activity from a given facility.  The Wayback Machine crawls and archives webpages. It has nothing to do with "internet usage" of a facility. This is common knowledge; so Fetzer is simply intentionally passing along misinformation.

Wayback "about" page:

Secondarily, Fetzer fails to mention that Sandy Hook School changed websites at least 3 times, thus accounting for most periods of inactivity. Fetzer only examines one of the websites.  However, the primary debunking is shown when examining all of Newtown's schools.  From Metabunk:

Any website can change their settings to exclude archiving from Wayback Machine. Considering ALL Newtown School's are missing certain periods of time, its obvious the district webmasters disabled archiving.

In any event Fetzer's claim that there is no "internet activity" is false on it's face and in fact flies in the face of logic because the Wayback machine simply does not measure internet activity.   One wonders, why there is significant presence of Apple IPAD's and Laptops within the school, if in fact there was no internet usage.

It appears the hoaxer's "most compelling evidence" is rather flat and easily debunked.

Sandy Hook School Conference Room 9
Crime vcene video still
For a more thorough analysis, see the following:

Number 3: The "check-in sign" returns as one of Fetzer's main lies

One of the most over debunked aspects of the "Sandy Hook Hoax" claims is the Gene Rosen "Check-in Sign". See two videos below.

For his book, Fetzer finally concedes the interview was well after the day of the shooting (heretofore,  Fetzer pushed the lie that the check-in sign was there on the morning of 12-14-12, thus proving drill).

 However, instead of simpling acknowledging that Mr. Rosen walked out of his house door about 50 yards and conducted a live, on air interview on December 18, 2012, Fetzer invents a  new lie.  He claims the news went through the trouble to "green-screen" the interview. Logic demands to know why they would need to green screen something filmed a few short feet from Mr. Rosen's house; however, even setting that aside, it is fair to let Fetzer present his case.

Fetzer's offer of proof:
Nothing. Literally, not a single word to support his claim.  It is never discussed, much less proved in a scientific manner.  

A search of the book shows the words "Green screen" is found on pages 57 (Screen shot above) , page 66 (merely repeating the one sentence claim) , Page 73 (discussing Anderson Cooper) and a reference to a ridiculous youtube video that fails to show a green screen on page 92. That is it!  No evidence, no discussion, no analysis, no offer of proof.  Nothing.

Fetzer simply concludes with one sentence, in a very "un-professor" like manner; merely decreeing it to  be so.  The "check-in sign" has been over debunked and further nod toward this absurdity requires a faith based religious belief called: "I believe what Jim Fetzer says without evidence or analysis".

Number 4 "Officer Destroys Evidence"

Fetzer claims  "the policeman handles the gun without gloves and ejects the ammunition on the spot, destroying evidence in the process"

Fetzer's contention is again made using photo trickery.  

The officer is quite obviously wearing white latex or exam type gloves, but you must look beyond the one photo Fetzer decided to show.  The officer's pinkish skin tone  contrasted against the white latex type gloves on the officer's hands is obvious throughout the video.

The video may be watched here:

Number 5: Newtown Bee Video uploaded on the 13th

This recycled and long debunked claim was thoroughly debunked by Sandy Hook Facts when debunking "We need to talk about Sandy Hook".  This video proves without a shadow of a doubt that Youtube's server time stamps are not indicative of the upload date, as they often have the date 1 day prior due to server related issues.

We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook EXIF Data Debunked 

Number 6 Countless conclusions without supporting evidence, ridiculous photo analysis

Throughout the book, Fetzer makes wild claims and conclusions without providing basis for his conclusions.  A few examples are here:

Does Fetzer offer proof that there is "pretend blood"? No. Simply a conclusion, without analysis.   Indeed, the report found that it was in fact blood.  

Fetzer offers no basis for concluding it is "pretend blood".

Fetzer claims the photo is a DHS/FEMA photo. His basis for that claim?  None.  It is simply a lie to lead viewers to the conclusion in line with the title of his book, that it was a "FEMA Drill".   In fact, the photo was taken by Detective Ryan Luther of the Connecticut State Police, along with hundreds of other crime scene photos available in the report (titled Sec - 5 BackUp Scene 1).

Fetzer goes on to claim the photo does not show the color of "dried human blood". His support of that claim? Nothing. A google search reveals hundreds of photos of dried human blood and quite obviously the blood can been any number of shades from a dark brown to an exact match of the above.  

Fetzer also states "There is no corpse wearing polka-dot pajamas".  The photos depict the crime scene as it was searched and processed in varying states. And while the answer to his claim is obvious, the photo was taken after the corpse was removed, at a minimum Fetzer finally typed a true statement. As a matter of fact, the report describes these photos as "closing photos", showing the processing is nearly complete.

"Top of Bed" lie

Fetzer's conclusion of this photo is that it is "captured to causally".  One wonders how that conclusion is reached; however, if we set that aside and analyze his claim, that the photo "captures the top of the bed" sans "corpse, head, or staining", then we realize that Fetzer is again misleading his readers. The photo shows a reflection of the end of the bed. 

The "Top of the bed" is against the wall, and has a headboard.  In fact, Fetzer debunks his own claim with Photo 665, shown in Fetzer's blurry version above.    This is an actual screen shot of the photo showing the mirrors, bed, and head board. 

Here Fetzer claims there is no protective gear on the photographer.

A white protective suit and gloves are clearly seen; however, Fetzer's analysis defies logic.

Number 7: Outdated electronics at Yogananda

Fetzer makes the claim and offers his proof. Once again Fetzer resorts to his near patented "blur photo and then misinform my reader" method of analysis; however, his best offer of proof is the photo of a Brother Copy/Print/Fax

Fortunately, the report provided clear photos. The machine is a Brother MFC-J825DW.  

The printer was released in late 2011, as indicated by numerous product reviews. 

The first Amazon customer review of this product was October 23, 2011.

Number 8: "We have the FEMA Manual".

Fetzer's book proclaims, yelling at you, furiously typing with caps lock on :
 "WE HAVE THE FEMA MANUAL. It stipulates that everyone must register and that
refreshments and restrooms will be provided. Some participants did not realize that the official event was not until the 14th:"

The entire "manual" is even included as Appendix A.

There are a few problems with this manual. First and foremost, it's a complete fake and debunked long ago here:

The document creator made a number of mistakes when creating their forgery, such as not realizing how government emails are formed:  ("@ct.gove")

The manual's reference to "check-in" on December 14 has been debunked to pieces.  The Code 3 (lights and sirens) response of to the Sandy Hook Shooting, including Dash Cam Footage, is abundant.  Obiviously, you don't drive to a drill Code 3.  Nor was the activity at the school like a drill, which would most importantly include weapon safety checks.

 The "manual" has never been located on a government server or authenticated in any way. Ever.

The Microsoft Word Document Template for the "manual" is freely available online. You could use the template to create your own manual at any time right here:

And this manual was first brought to the public by Tony Mead of Sandy Hook Hoax Group via a Youtube video from a sock account. 

Tony Mead and Sandy Hook Hoax Group have no credibility, especially since they have brought you such classic fake evidence offerings as the "Flex-fit hat" debacle, and also, along with Wolfgang Halbig, claiming a Connecticut State Police Sergeant is a EMS Region 1 Director and "Homeland Security Award Winner" named Robert Kenny was present on scene dressed as a police officer.  In truth, the Officer's name was learned to be  CSP Sergeant Troy Anderson.

The very first location of this document was a surefire website hosted by Tony Mead:

Tony Mead banned the only member to point out the identifiers of an authentica FEMA document were not present in Tony's document.

Fetzer's offer of proof that the document is authentic?  None. He has none. He declares it.  The manual is fake.

Number  9  Death Certificates are either  "fake" or "not available".

While it is true that in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Shooting, Newtown's overwhelmed Town Clerk did with hold  release of the certificates.  The certificates have been available for quite some time.  You can order one today and this has been verified.

 Sandy Hook Facts has personally ordered and received  a embossed certified copy of the Adam Lanza's death certificate; Death Certificates are readily available in Connecticut by  following their procedure.  They are not confidential and the public can get a copy that includes everything except a Social Security number.

Here is a photo of the shooter's embossed certified certificate of  held up to Mike Flagg's review decimating Jim Fetzer's book on, photo taken today,  11-11-15.  

To order the death certificate Sandy Hook Facts followed the procedure outline on Newtown's web page:

The death certificates cost $20. You must include a copy of your drivers license, a SASE, and complete the form and Newtown will mail you any Sandy Hook victim death certificate you wish to view, and that includes Noah Pozner's death Certificate. Newtown was quick to respond; it only took a couple of weeks total turn around time.

Three death certificates are also available through Danbury because 2 victims were pronounced there and one of the victims lived in Danbury.

Therefore, you have your choice of where you can make your order.

The claim the death certificates are "fake" have no basis in reality since any doubter can simply order their own copy from Newtown, or in some cases, from Danbury. Fetzer has been challenged to order copies for himself  (you know, real research). Thus far, he has chosen to cower from that challenge.

Number 10  The Sandy Hook School photo was taken in the morning

Jim Fetzer declares this photo his  "decisive proof beyond a reasonable doubt" because he claims the photo was taken on the morning of the 14th.  What is his offer of proof? He has none.

Jim Fetzer's "decisive proof beyond a reasonable doubt" has been debunked by the irrepressible Mike Flagg and by a Truther named Joel on the channel AryanEmpires. 

The scene as it was during the above photo can be seen in this video:

Joel has two videos debunking (eviscerating)  Fetzer on this photo:

Mike Flagg debunks Fetzer here: debunks James/Jim Fetzer's and other people's claim that...
Posted by Sandy Hook Tragedy: Focus on Facts on Monday, November 9, 2015


Jim Fetzer's book is filled with illogical premise, flawed analysis, conclusion without any analysis whatsoever, overtly fabricated "evidence", and intentional misinformation, and therefore, should be relegated to the fiction section and would be better suited as a liner for a bird cage than as research into the Sandy Hook tragedy.


Anonymous said...

What's clear is, Fetter is knowingly dishonest or he's the most delusional asshole in the planet and need to be confronted.

Anonymous said...

He's knowingly dishonest.

Chad said...

Fetzer's main point about the iconic photo is that it was not taken on December 14, 2012. It was taken at a drill some weeks before. It was uploaded to Shannon Hicks computer on December 13, the day before the alleged event. The fact that it was published on the front pages of most newspapers in the world and not reporte later as false is compelling evidence that the "massacre" was faked. The fact that this blog does not even address this point is evidence that this blog is disinformation. There are less blurry photos available. Complaining about the blurring is to miss the point. said...

You are a lying shill lying on behalf of a bigger lying disinfo shill. His main point is the children are rearranged. His evidence of that is a bold face lie. Any other lies?

Anonymous said...

Someone linked to this website in Fetzer's comment box and he responded that all your claims against him are rubbish! Go to his blog and please set him straight.