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Hoaxer Updates: Wolfgang and Tony's scheme, Millsmost Arrest, and Jonathan Reich Pretrial

A few updates I want to touch on in the "hoaxer world".

1. Wolfgang Halbig "quitting" donation drive launched

On Monday, Wolfgang announced he is "leaving his investigation".

It appears that Wolfgang Halbig's announcement that he is "leaving his investigation" to spend time with his "family" was yet another well orchestrated fundraising scheme; this time using his wife and grandchildren as props to gain sympathy.

Within hours of Wolfgang's announcement, while hoaxers were at the height of wringing their hands and wailing in sorrow, Sandy Hook Hoax Group owner Tony Mead swooped in, launching a shiny new fundraising website on GoFundMe.  Tony Mead announced the fundraising slogan "Rally before it's too late!".

How can one not laugh at this obvious ploy?

  Wolfgang Halbig is, of course, a prominent player in Sandy Hook Hoax Group and the clear leader of the Hoaxer cult-ish movement as a whole.

Tony Mead went so far as to demand his members give money to fellow member Wolfgang.  Single mothers, trying to support their children, begged Tony, trying to explain why they couldn't donate.

Tony was unmoved by such pleas; the edict had been set forth and there are no excuses.  Even a disabled single mother of 3 small children are being required to donate to Wolfgang.

Apparently, "quitting" doesn't mean Wolfgang will stop taking pensions of retired ladies any more than they have stopped demanding single mothers donate.

Here,  Wolfgang cheer-leads the donation thread by Tony Mead,
and a retired woman makes her tithe to the group.

In a few short hours, Wolfgang and Tony raked in nearly $500.   Not a bad take for a single Facebook post and a few hours of coercing Hoax group members into donating.

 Gofundme shut down the campaign, though.  The reasons behind GoFundme's action are unclear; however, Wolfgang has stated that, in the past that GoFundMe called him a fraud and shut down his fundraising.   Perhaps their opinion has not changed.  Tony is indicating he may have made an error that resulted in the shut down of the website.

One oddity was observed with the donations, which appeared to reveal that perhaps Wolfgang and Tony had messed up their "script".  In Wolfgang's "swansong", he claimed he would transfer the balance of his funds to whomever "takes over".

Yet, the GoFundMe site set up by Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead claim that Wolfgang "exhausted his funds."

Obviously, both statements cannot be true.  Either there is a fund balance or funds are exhausted.

Another oddity was found - the name "Margaret Mead". Who is this new player coordinating this fundraising ploy off of slander towards Sandy Hook Facts?

A second "anomaly" was observed with the apparent script,  Wolfgang's post was on Monday, yet he claimed his wife, a School District employee, was harassed "yesterday" at work.  A office worker working on Sunday with other "co-workers" appeared highly unusual.  A fellow researcher called the school district offices to ask if the offices were open on Sunday and the district clerk stated the district offices were closed on Sunday, as would be expected.

Obviously,  Sandy Hook Facts finds it very concerning that Wolfgang Halbig and Sandy Hook Hoax group, clearly in coordination together and with solid monetary ties to each other, are using slanderous and false statements about Sandy Hook Facts to raise money together for their organization.

2.  Matthew "millsmost" Mills

"Matthew Mills, 32, of Brooklyn, New York,
was charged Saturday with breach of peace and interfering with an officer."

This hoaxer apparently decided to show up  at benefit for the the charity for slain teacher, Victoria Soto and make inappropriate comments towards the family.  Last night, he plublished a video claiming he was just "asking a question".  Obviously millsmost has a long history going after Sandy Hook victims and hopefully he gets the mental help and a taste of the judicial system that he desperately needs.  

An eye witness to the event stated to this writer that he did much more than just ask questions; however, this is a matter for the courts to work out.

At this time, millsmost has decided to remove all his disgusting delusional videos from Youtube, such as when he bum rushed Kaitlin Roig, a heroic teacher from Sandy Hook, at night, in a parking lot. SHF Recently screen-shot the video and observed that millsmost had not removed a death threat directed directly to Roig (see below).

According to reports, millsmost Matthew Mills is free on $10,000 bail with a court date on Nov. 17, 2015. 

Photos courtesy of Ryan Graney - check her out at @RyanEGraney  on Twitter. She is awesome!

3. Jonathan Reich set for Pretrial

In an unusual move, with diversion nearly complete, and Reich's case slated for successful dismissal, Jonathan Reich's criminal case has been set for Pre-Trial.

It is unknown at this point if this move is on the motion of the state; however, close confidant "Sleight of Sin" in numerous postings seems to indicate Jonathan Reich is making the legal moves.

"Outwitting the state", as Sleight of Sin contends, is a form of justice none of us could afford. According to reports, the Reich family heir was defended to the tune of $40,000 for this lowly misdemeanor case.    Jonathan Reich is of course, the son of a wealthy high powered Business attorney in New York, and very connected with the influential Orthodox Jewish community.  According to available research, Jonathan has literally never worked a single day in his life.

Over a year ago, Jonathan Reich's father had financed high priced attorneys to negotiate the "outwitting of the state", a sweetheart deal consisting of pre-plea diversion.  It is not common for courts to allow division without taking a plea; demonstrating just how good of a deal Reich's father had arranged.

Further, the case was even arranged to be heard in the lower level court, the community court, which appears unusual in harassment cases.

Now it appears Jonathan Reich has decided to attempt a legal gambit, taking advantage of the fact no plea was entered into the records.

Jonathan Reich's charges often result in significant jail time, as shown with another defendant here:

SHF supports Jonathan Reich in this effort because we did not prefer that Reich get away scott-free with a sweet heart high priced pre-plea diversion deal.  Our opinion was redoubled after Reich published his sickening phone calls to a charity set up to aid victims.

Going to trial affords the opportunity of jail time, which in our opinion, could greatly benefit Jonathan Reich.  Even a small chance at jail time makes it worth it to SHG.

For this case, we must root for the state to "throw the book at him"; however, realistically, we know what big money and well connected high powered daddys can accomplish.

Wolfgang Halbig affiliated websites:

I would issue a word of caution before you visit those websites as they appear to attempt to phish information.  My computer security is activated when I visit the website, even with a proxy. Suspicions were confirmed when it was observed by one Wolfgang Halbig followers also got a security warning; however, Wolfgang refused to respond to his concerned fan.

SHF will continue to monitor the Reich case closely and will attempt to obtain clarifying documents.

4. Wolfgang tells another Whopper - That Sandy Hook Facts is "connected" to other debunkers.   

Apparently, Wolfgang HAS given up on his Sandy Hook research and has become obsessed with attacking Sandy Hook Facts.    Post after post on his Facebook page and statement after statement in interviews clearly indicate Wolfgang's unusual obsession and his very public slanderous attacks on SHG.

He has filed one lawsuit against us already; lost that, and now is appealing it. Apparently, he is planning to "come our way" again.

First, to be clear, anyone "coming my way" will be met at the door and I will not cede my Constitutional rights to be bullied, especially not by a hoaxer.

However, by way of clarification,

Sandy Hook Facts is a blog only, meant to assert the writer's rights protected by the First Amendment and the Constitution of the state of California, by publishing pieces on the Sandy Hook tragedy and the subsequent hoax by hoaxers called the "Sandy Hook Hoax".

SHF is not an entity or a business and does not accept donations or pay salary. SHF Videos are not monetized.  Any advertising is incidental to the platforms utilized, such as Google and Youtube and in no way benefits SHF.  

There are no employees or contractors.  CW Wade solely owns and runs the blog. CW Wade is a nom de plume.  SHF does not control or manage the content of anyone else. SHF will link or republish good research, with permission, when it is found; , as is often the case with fellow independent researchers Keith Johnson and Samuel Spieltens.

Keith Johnson and Samuel Spieltens have no affiliation with SHF blogs or websites; however, they are both excellent researchers and considered friends.

It is unfortunate that ZeeRoe3 made a "game" of the Jonathan Reich case.  Many were tricked by ZeeRoe3's dirty actions.

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