Friday, November 13, 2015

Charges Filed on millsmost as Soto Family Seeks Justice

Matthew Mills aka millsmost Faces Jail Time
Charges are Filed!

"Kaitlin needs to be killed for treason"
 - Comment to Matthew Mills by one of his followers
 just days before the attack on the Sotos.  Mills left the comment prominently displayed.
-Screen shot below-

Connecticut Courts verify that Matthew Mills has been formally charged with Resisting Arrest and Breach of Peace. A witness confirmed that Matthew Mills ran like a jack rabbit after the assault; however, luckily, the police ran him down.

All the indicators are that Matthew Mills is headed to jail for the unprovoked verbal assault on Jillian Soto and Carlee Soto.  Class A misdemeanors face up to one year jail and a fine of $2,000.

Matthew Mills is known as Youtuber millsmost and he has made quite a name for himself effectively stalking individuals related to the Sandy Hook tragedy.

The Soto's were assaulted as they were holding a benefit in memory of their slain sister, Victoria Soto. 

“This man made a mockery of us trying to figure out how to live without our loved ones, and that isn’t OK,” she told the Daily News. “You want to think the government is behind it, then go ahead and think that. But there are still 26 people dead because of it, and one of those people was my best friend and older sister. - Jillian Soto to NY Daily News

Sandy Hook Facts spoke with a source close to the Soto family and she confirmed that the victims of Matthew Mills intend to see justice done for Mills' unprovoked assault

   It appears Mills went so far as to purchase a benefit Tshirt in order
 to blend in and get close to the Soto family, demonstrating his pre-planning and intent.

The Newtown Patch is reporting that the Soto family intends to seek a restraining order due to their justifiable fear for their safety.  

The Soto family has good reason to fear.  Hoax leadership is presently actively encouraging their members and praising Matthew Mills.  For example, Tony Mead, of Hollywood, Florida, and leader of the 7,000 member strong Sandy Hook Hoax group, has made several posts such as:

To counter this, Connecticut needs to be very proactive in making examples of Hoaxers who decide to take Hoax leadership up on their challenges.

Details on the Matthew Mills story can be found on any number of news outlets including this article in the NY Daily News.  

Matthew Mills is presently free on $2,500 bail.

Sandy Hook Facts applauds the Soto Family for bravely
taking a stand against the hoaxer menace.

Stay tuned because SHF has more to report on this developing case, very soon.

This screenshot from Matthew Mills video of him rushing Kaitlin Roig shows the type of commentary Matthew Mills encouraged.

Mug shot

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