Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Matthew Mills to be Arraigned today

Brooklyn, New York, Matthew Mills, aka Youtuber "millsmost", the most recent Sandy Hook Hoaxer arrested for accosting families of Sandy Hook victims, is to be arraigned today.

Mills was arrested at a charity event named for victim Vicki Soto.  

It is unknown if Matthew Mills will attempt to convince the judge that "Sandy Hook was a hoax" and "Soto's are crisis actors" as his defense for his acts.

Mills is currently free on bail bond.


Matthew Mills was granted a diversionary program and thus avoids jail for the moment.    He is further ordered to stay away from and not harass ‘Sandy Hook families’ as a condition of his sentence, including his online activities. he is specifically ordered to stay away from several of the victims of Mills' assaultive behavior. 


Apparently he did not choose to attempt to prove Sandy Hook was a hoax.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Mills screws up (he's not very bright) and violates court orders to stop harassing the victims' families, both online AND in real life, and then ends up back in prison for a good 5-10 years. If he ends up getting himself beat up in prison, raped, or both by a cellmate named Bubba, and then he complains about said abuse to the media once he is released, we can just claim he is faking enduring the abuse in prison. We can just claim "he didn't cry enough during and after the beatings and rapes", "there wasn't enough blood found on him", "there was no anal tearing from his anus", etc., and then HE will know what it's like to be accused of lying about going through something horrible, kind of like what he and his ilk have repeatedly done to the families of the Sandy Hook shootings for about 3.5 years and counting.