Saturday, November 7, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig slanders Sandy Hook Facts using a hoax to raise money

As researchers into the Sandy Hook Shooting and the subsequent invention of the "Sandy Hook Hoax" by Hoaxers, Sandy Hook Facts has documented many lies by Wolfgang Halbig. Usually, Halbig just lies about the Sandy Hook shooting.

 Of late, Halbig is directing his lies directly at Sandy Hook Facts. Worse, he is attempting to slander us, heaping dishonest vile and contempt upon us; to top it off, he is using those lies to raise money for himself.

We initially documented his claims when at the FOIA hearing, on camera, Wolfgang stated "Sandy Hook Facts, these are the people threatening my life". This is a completely false statement as Sandy Hook Facts has NEVER threatened or advocated any harm to intentionally befall Wolfgang Halbig whatsoever, nor would we.

Lately, Wolfgang Halbig has taken to Facebook to spread lie after lie, in an attempt to raise money for himself while simultaneously instigating hatred and contempt towards Sandy Hook Facts.

Wolfgang is hoaxing his followers, he is not telling the truth.

Let us look at the lies and then break it down.  Here is a screen shot of his post made today, November 7, 2015.

Wolfgang Halbig stated
 "If this does not get you pissed off then I am just wasting my time and placing my grandchildren at risk of being poisoned."

The entire premise of his post is that Sandy Hook Facts is stalking him and putting his grandchildren at risk of being poisoned.  The claim is ridiculous, on it's face because, Sandy Hook Facts has never given anything to Wolfgang at all, let alone something that has been "poisoned" or something that can poison his grandchildren.  Nor would we want that.  Nor are we anywhere near him to give him anything, nor are we "stalking him".   Quite the opposite, as we are 3,000 miles away in California.  

We will debunk Halbig, expose his lies, and using our constitutional right, respond to his public speaking on Sandy Hook; however, that's as far as we will go.

Wolfgang has enemies to be sure; that happens when you are  a leader of a conspiracy theorist movement concerning the murder of little children and and leveling false claims towards families. EMS. and police; however, Sandy Hook Facts is not among that group.  
Wolfgang Halbig stated: 
I have reported it to my Sheriff's office the same Sheriff who sends two homicide Investigators to my house and threatened me to stop asking questions about Sandy Hook.   Google is their method of communicating and hiding behind fake names.What if this was happening to your grandchildren?They have nothing to do with I am doing yet they are now being placed at risk. They have nothing to do with I am doing yet they are now being placed at risk.

At this point, it's not entirely clear what Wolfgang reported to a Florida sheriff; however, we will work on that with a FOIA request.  Presumably, his claim would apply to his false contention that someone is trying to poison his Grandchildren; at any rate, this statement is simply to stir up contempt and hatred towards Sandy Hook Facts, since it has no basis of reality.   

Now we get to the "meat"; Halbig's basis for the claim he is being stalked, and his "punchline" to raise money:

Wolfgang Halbig stated: 
Look at this very closely and look how they are now physically stalking me in New Britian, CT with taken photos of me on the bench waiting to see the Superior Court Judge.
Help me raise the funds to put these scumbags in jail.
So Wolfgang needs money because he is being physically stalked?

Ok, lets look at the picture of Wolfgang, very closely, just as he asks of us.  This photo is purportedly of Wolfgang sitting on the bench waiting to see the Superior Court Judge.

Left, middle. There he is, sitting on the bench waiting to see the Superior Court Judge. 

So, therefore, for him to be "stalked", it would need to be "taken" of him, correct?  Did Wolfgang shave his head and lose about  a 100 pounds? Because that doesn't look like him at all. It's obvious the photo looks nothing like Wolfgang. 

Enlarging it a tad makes it clear; it is a bald headed guy who is appears to be drooling on the ground or perhaps taking a selfie.  

Wolfgang Halbig has hair and looks much more obese than the man in that photo.

Luckily for us, Mert Melfa recorded an interview with Wolfgang on the very day he was at that court house "sitting on the bench waiting to see the Superior Court Judge"  Here is a screen shot from Mert's video.

He does not appear to be wearing a blue shirt.  And he is not bald.

Wolfgang is overtly lying to raise money and doing so to the harm of Sandy Hook Facts.  

Sandy Hook Facts remains committed to the factual research of the Sandy Hook Shooting and to asserting our First Amendment Free Speech right to expose, in a legal manner, those who would perpetrate the Sandy Hook Hoax.

Wolfgang Halbig is requested to stop harming Sandy Hook Facts by telling lies and to stop attempting to raise money off of causing Sandy Hook Facts harm and by making false claims.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't there something these dishonest, lying assholes can be sued for?... something they can be held accountable for? Why is it they can demand proof from the families but are not held to the same level of scrutiny and evidence.