Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wolgang says he is leaving

Sandy Hook Facts is pleased to announce Wolfgang says hes leaving his "investgation".  Hopefully he stays gone.

We hope he takes some time to reflect on the horrible things he has said and done, causing pain to so many innocent people, realizes he owes these families sincere apologies and we hope he  seeks out some professional mental help.

Hopefully he withdraws his antifree speech actions as well before he gets hit with more fees to pay.


It appears Wolfgang pretending to quit was yet anotger Wolfgang hoax. Wolf and Tony's Sandy Hook Hoax group launched a brand new fundraising campaign on gofund me for Wolfgang today and are netting hundreds of dollars from the hoaxer cult members.

The well is not dry, Wolf is not going anywhere... new ploy, same wolf.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I say....we mount a campaign to force Lumpy Failbig to admit he was wrong and force him to apologize to the families he has cause more pain and suffering.