Thursday, November 26, 2015

WANTED: Jonathan Reich Arrest Ordered, new Halbig Biography, Fetzer Debunked, and More Updates~

Wanted: Jonathan Reich

Jonathan failed to appear in court on 11-25-15 and Connecticut has announced that his rearrest has been ordered.

The state's notification system stated "This e-mail is to inform you about a change involving the defendant JONATHAN REICH and docket number H14HCR130116876T. This defendant did not come to court and a warrant for this defendant's arrest is being processed."

I was going to blog the warrant yesterday; however a very odd exchange occurred after Sandy Hook Facts announced Reich's warrant via Google Plus feed; Jonathan's partner  "Sleight of Sin" came rushing to his aid stating Connecticut did not have the "balls to issue the warrant".  Another poster, "Jon Doe" stated the "Warrant is illegal" and to  "check facts":

These were curious responses and prudence dictated I wait to see if perhaps there was an error in the state's notification. This morning the Connecticut Judicial website clearly shows Reich's rearrest has indeed been ordered, and therefore it can be reported that Connecticut does "have the balls" to issue the warrant for Reich's arrest:

 If you see Jonathan Reich, or know where he is located, please contact the authorities.

Explosive eBook Biography of Wolfgang Halbig has been released

What appears to be a professional quality eBook titled "Wolfgang Halbig: The Hoax of a Lifetime" has been published that sheds new light on this very public figure and undisputed, famous leader of the "Hoaxer Movement". Details and facts on Wolfgang that have never before been revealed are included. The book also raises  some very serious questions as it appears Wolfgang's resume might not be complete.  Currently no author is claiming credit for the explosive, exhaustive, tell-all book.

Wolfgang Halbig has often challenged people "Look into my background" and it appears that has been done, in spades.

Sandy Hook Facts is still evaluating the exhaustive research in the book and will write a full review soon.  At this point it is not even clear if the book is complete as sections appear to be missing.
The book can be downloaded here:

**Updated Link:

Wolfgang Halbig's most recent work has been as a contributor to James Fetzer's book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook it was a FEMA Drill".

New Video proves Photo Manipulation as Part of Fetzer's Sandy Hook book.   

Sandy Hook Facts published proof that brutally debunks Fetzer's book "No One Died at Sandy Hook" proving manipulated photos were used to support their ridiculous contrived claims.

A poster claiming to be Alan Powell, the co-author of the section of photos that were manipulated, attacked the video on Youtube;  however, when he refused to answer our questions as to why he and Fetzer were claiming the photos they used were "leaked by an insider" (they aren't leaked photos they are from the report) and it appeared the poster was just an unstable, ridiculous, internet troll, we banned him from further comments.

Wolfgang's posts getting stranger and stranger

Wolfgang continued his pattern of increasingly bizarre postings; yesterday making the claim that: (copy/pasted as typed by Wolfgang Halbig)

"These people have Inflicted serious Emtional Distress on my sons, all of my relatives and my grandchildren.
They call me a Jew Killer, Jew Killer of babies, Nazi over and over againg and now I am the Nazi leaders in CT hurting innocent family memebrs who had children that supposedly died at sandy Hook."

This post is even more bizarre considering to my knowledge, no one has ever said these things about Wolfgang Halbig. Ever. So where is he getting these claims?  Who is calling Wolfgang these names and where can we see them? Are these voices in his head?

Here is a screen shot of his bizarre rambling post:

As shown, Wolfgang Halbig continues to post what has been thought to be a parody photo of himself in Nazi garb.  Halbig's purpose for near daily republishing this photo is unclear.  Sandy Hook Facts counts that Wolfgang has republished this photo no less than 10 times in few short weeks.    The origins of the parody picture remain unknown.

The post comes on the heals of Sandy Hook Facts releasing proof the details of "Exhibit O" was discussed by Halbig's Attorney, Kay Wilson, in an InfoWars interview, the exhibit was handled by Wolfgang at his hearing, and submitted into evidence. The video soundly debunks Wolfgang's claim he 'never saw Exhibit O". Sandy Hook Justices' webmaster, Jonathan Reich, recently published slanderous videos that suggest Sandy Hook Facts forged Exhibit O.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Last but not least, Sandy Hook Facts wishes every one a Happy Thanksgiving!


Steverino said...

Jonathan Reich to be rearrested ....BWAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! So much for bastard justice!

Anonymous said...

Not funny. This man is clearly mentally deranged and a threat to the sandy hook community - and on the loose