Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Jeremy Christian - Another Alex Jones inspired nut job rampager

Another Alex Jones inspired white supremacist nut job has gone on a rampage.  Alex Jones attacks innocent families himself on one hand, all the while inspiring his viewers to go on the attack.

Here is a selection of posts by by Jeremy Christian.

We know exactly what flavor nut job he is; Alex Jones made him.

Jeremy Christian put the entire world on notice he was going to kill people. It was clearly posted to his Facebook page.   He even threatened, openly, to kill Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  He literally swore a blood oath to assassinate him and the authorities did nothing. Facebook didn't even remove the posts.

Some other posts by this man who was clearly advertising what he was going to do:

Of course, he was a big Bundy fan:


Anonymous said...

WOW...what a confused, twisted individual. Just the type that Alex Jones reaches out too. Jones needs to take some responsibility and reel in his rhetoric and dial it down.

CopBlaster said...

What was this guy doing on the street selling comic books? He should have been on stage at the Helium Club.