Saturday, May 27, 2017

Connecticut Attorney L. Kay Wilson continues to try to get away from Wolfgang Halbig

Is the third time a charm?
Connecticut attorney L. Kay Wilson sacrificed her dignity, her career, in her glee to represent Wolfgang Halbig. Now she is desperate to get away from him.

Finally, after nearly two years of being publicly degraded and humiliated by Halbig, L. Kay decided she has had enough and is trying to withdraw from Halbig's case.

Demonstrating the same skill that we saw in her FOIA representation of Halbig, i.e., little-to-none, Kay Wilson's ex-parte request to withdraw has been denied twice. She has filed the third request. This time, she followed Connecticut's procedure and requested a hearing.

Biggest Sin
Kay Wilson's biggest sin was not going on anti-semetic racist Jim Fetzer's show and admitting she "no longer believes the official narrative"; it was her filing of multiple requests to get school records of the Sandy Hook Choir due to hoaxer belief the choir is actually the children who were killed at Sandy Hook.   All of her requests were denied and rebuked by the Freedom of Information Commission.

 Kay Wilson filed these requests despite clear Connecticut law that makes school records exempt.  Even if she didn't know the law, she should have had common sense. Obviously little children's school records are not "public records".    Her desire to put into the hands of the hoaxer community the personal information of little children that were being stalked by Sandy Hook hoaxers was disgusting. To date, she has never publicly apologized. Sandy Hook Facts gave her that opportunity; which she ignored.

nd even indicated she was a Hoaxer ("I no longer believe the official narrative" to Jim Fetzer, no less)


Anonymous said...

Like a rat, leaving a sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

or she could have 1. had her life threatened stop or else, or .2 been paid off to stop what she is doing..also possible, but nah you only see what you want to see. said...

I saw her publiclly humiliated and degraded by Halbig. Is there anything you would like to share outside of that? Who threatened her? Hoax group?