Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig announces Firearm Purchase just prior to trip to Connecticut

Wolfgang Halbig is heading back to Connecticut and this time he has announced he has purchased a pistol.  Halbig further announced he has been practicing at a local range, achieving "sharpshooter" rank.  Wolfgang Halbig has stated many times that it's "none Newtown's business" if he owns a pistol; however, on the eve of his trip, he has apparently changed that stance and made it their business. Halbig went on live radio to announce he is well armed, practiced, and ready!  The announcement was made during Halbig's appearance on the Richie Allen show a few days ago and can be heard here:

Wolfgang Halbig stated he bought the pistol because a black unmarked SUV allegedly ran him off the road as Halbig was driving to a restaurant.  It is unclear if Florida law allows residents to begin shooting during minor traffic incidents; however, apparently Wolfgang will be ready if such a thing happens again.

More concerning, Sandy Hook Hoax has announced Halbig is heading to Connecticut March 31; ominously promising that this time, Halbig is bringing "backup".

One can't help but recall that during a previous radio appearance, followers of Wolfgang Halbig promised to march a citizens militia "Bundy Ranch" style into Connecticut if Halbig's "rights" are violated. 

The last time Wolfgang Halbig visited the Newtown School Board, his followers, clad in Revolution War uniform, showed they meant business when they hung an effigy of Connecticut Governor Malloy  in front of the school board meeting steps, shocking the panel of educators.  

SandyHookFacts prays everyone stays safe as Wolfgang Halbig and his "back up", potentially a armed, dangerous, and paranoid gang of conspiracy theorist march into Connecticut to square off with state officials.   Wolfgang has said many times he believes that the Sandy Hook school shooting was an "illusion" and a "FEMA event" and that all these state officials and, indeed, the entire Newtown community are "in on the biggest government coverup of all-time".  With Halbig fueling the paranoia fires, the potential for danger is there. 

Guns and paranoid delusion have, historically, not mixed well.

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Anonymous said...

I believe Lumpy Halbig has armed himself to keep his vast supply of donuts safe.