Saturday, March 28, 2015

FOIA Commission Hearing Rescheduled as Wolfgang's numbers conflict

FOI Commission Reschedules Halbig Hearing

    The Connecticut FOI Commission has rescheduled the Wolfgang Halbig v. Newtown FOI matters on it's own motion due to unavailability of counsel.  According to available information, Newtown Attorney Monte Frank had a known prior engagement and Wolfgang Halbig's attorney, Paul Spinella did not object to the change.

    The Sandy Hook hoaxer groups, unfamiliar with this common professional courtesy, are outraged with many threatening violence.   This is not surprising.  It has been reported that the hoaxer groups are becoming increasingly aggressive, violent, and threatening in tone and with their actions. Considering that many of these people believe children are government agents involved in a "psyop", they represent a very real present danger.

Sandy Hook Hoaxer are threatening violence.

     Alarmingly, Wolfgang Halbig continues to demand the identity of the children of the Sandy Hook Choir while extending his raving beyond Sandy Hook into fantasies about mercenaries at Boston Bombing and lamenting Obama's use of Air Force One.   Many hoaxers believe the six-year old Sandy Hook children killed were magically "aged" by the government  and sang at the Super Bowl as 12 year olds. This is their "focus" of evidence.

     Many have observed that conspiracy theorists tend to degrade in their mental capacities becoming increasingly paranoid, dark, wild eyed, and dangerous over time; very similar in many respects to drug addicts.  That seems to be self-evident of late with many leaders of the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory groups..

    I think the FOI Commission and parties from the Newtown side would do well to recheck their security between now and the new date; anticipated to be in early May, because the group of people that are in the "wings" of the "truther" movement are extremely dangerous.

Conflicting Numbers

    Upon receiving notice from his attorney, Wolfgang Halbig fired off an email to Colleen Murphy, Connecticut FOI Commission Executive Director and General Counsel protesting the slight continuance.

     In the email, something Halbig wrote stood out:

     This was striking because lately, Halbig seems to have been saying he gave his FOI lawyer $15,000.  That is a $5,000 anomaly! For example, during "Pete Santilli Episode 822" on October 20, 2014, Halbig clearly stated:: "I have spent $15,000 hiring a Connecticut attorney trying to get the Connecticut FOIA..."  as can be seen in the video:

    InfoWars reported: "On yesterday’s show, Halbig also described how he’s spent $15,000 trying to follow up on various FOIA requests" on their blog.

About a month ago, Halbig stated he spent $15,000 during a InfoWars interview in this video "

      One would think that the truest number would be the number sent to the Commission; however, is simply unable to ascertain with any degree of certainty when Halbig is stating the real numbers since the numbers vary from $9,000-$15,000.

    Halbig has never provided any detailed accounting of the funds received or spent; generally sticking to the posted defunct GoFundMe numbers as his "income"; those numbers obviously did not include donations received by mail or through his extensive fund raising on Paypal.   His spending is equally cryptic, having allegedly been spent on "pro-bono attorney's in California" and "Newtown Documentaries" that never materialized.  "Where did the money go, Wolfgang?" seems to be an unanswered question.

      SandyHookFacts will keep you updated when the new date is announced or if it is ascertained just how much money Halbig is blowing in his meritless and destined to fail legal actions.

 Update March 29, 2015 - Did Wolfgang's attorney get the boot?

     According to a post on Facebook, Wolfgang has fired Hartford Attorney Paul Spinella. 

 26 cyclists will ride from March 28-31, 2015 from
Sandy Hook to the Capitol to remember all victims of gun violence.



Anonymous said...

" According to a post on Facebook, Wolfgang has fired Hartford Attorney Paul Spinella. "

BWAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Lumpy Halbig just can't catch a break! Couldn't happen to a nicer lump of excrement.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious how the SH-anti-truthers are all wearing greenscreen-green. Lol! It's like they're spitting in the face of America, then saying, "What are you crybabies gonna do about it?"