Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sandy Hook Helicopter News Footage Time Stamps

I was asked to take a look at the Connecticut News 12 chopper HD Footage and try to determine the time.  While my time stamp for the HD footage is not conclusive, I believe the helicopter footage to be at about 10:54 as it is filming the SHE Parking lot. This analysis was accomplished by analyzing Blumenthal's dash cam (and Davis') and through process of elimination settling on this shot as  the best time marker:

Screen shot from HD Footage and Blumenthal Dash Cam

Link to Full HD Video here:

Next, the Low Def Footage "Brown Footage" 

The Low Def Helicopter footage sometimes referred to as the "Brown footage" is confirmed as being at about 11:20.

My original analysis of this footage as a part of "Sandy Hook: The Deadliest Minute"
Is solid and irrefutable by logical analysis.

Full Low Def footage here:

All dash cams can be found as part of the Final Report for from this youtube channel

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