Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sandy Hook Hoax Fraud - Original Flexfit Email Released

 Sandy Hook Hoax
Fabricated Evidence - Final Proof!
The original Flexfit email released.

Sandy Hook hoaxers were caught red-handed intentionally passing fake evidence.
A hoaxer fabricated an email that the Hoaxer Crew claimed to be from Flexfit and was used to attempt to show Adam Lanza's hat was not manufactured until 2013! It has turned out to be contrived evidence and Flexfit did not stand for it and set the record straight!

Catching Sandy Hook Hoax blatantly fabricating evidence has shocked all legitimate researchers.

Originally debunked here:

1. http://sandyhookanalysis.blogspot.com/2014/08/sandy-hook-hoax-caught-manipulating.html

The flaws with the' fabrication of the Flexfit email was further detailed in a subsequent post.  While they hoaxer claimed the hat bore "numbers" (that apparently only she could see)  and those numbers could identify the purchaser of the hat.

2. http://sandyhookanalysis.blogspot.com/2014/08/sandy-hook-hoax-perpetuates-their-fraud.html

3. See also Keith's Article here, which includes the audio of the phone call:

There was one loose end that needed to be tied up to complete the debunking ,the "smoking gun".  

We needed the original email to prove Sandy Hook Hoax's underhanded scheme once and for all.

Keith Johnson stepped up to the plate and contacted Flexfit, speaking personally to the Vice President by phone and the VP agreed to help us put this to rest and to provide the original email that was recovered by Flexfit IT personnel.

Comparing the real email below, with Sandy Hook Hoax's fabricated version (bottom of post), you start to gain insight into the fraud that was attempted: .


A deleted post has been recovered from archives that shows Bridgett (aka Adam Babb) talking about the nonexistent serial numbers that she believes she can see on the ha.  There are no serial numbers on the hat, an easily observed fact:

Evidence Photo that she claims contains these secret numbers:

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