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Sandy Hook Hoax Debunking Part 2 - Sandy Hook Hoax Debunked

Sandy Hook Hoax Debunking
Part 2

This is a comprehensive debunking of claims by Sandy Hook "hoaxers" as researched by Sandy Hook Expert Mike  Flagg.   The Sandy Hook massacre took place December 14, 2014 in a village of Newtown, Connecticut.  Subsequent to that horrific shooting, Sandy Hook Hoax was created by Youtubers and Bloggers.  Sandy Hook Hoax is a fiction, a fabricated "event"  contrived by conspiracy theorists using 'photoshopped' images, fraudulent evidence, and carefully snipped video presented to paint the Sandy Hook Massacre as a "False Flag' operation.   -- C.W. Wade

Part I of Michael Flagg's Debunking can be found here:


The Debunking:

19. The claim that two weapons were found in the trunk of AL's car.
  • "Seized from suspect’s car in parking lot:
#4. Izhmash Canta-12   12 gauge Shotgun    (seized from car in parking lot)" (Archive:
  • From CFS 1200704559\Book 6\00258036.pdf, page 3 of Officer Leonard Penna's interview: "Shortly after I went back outside to the front of the building and looked through the inside of the suspect vehicle. I then observed a long gun on the floor of the back seat. I removed the long gun with a loose magazine and placed it into the trunk of the vehicle to secure it."

20. Children evacuating/being escorted from Sandy Hook Elementary School.
  • While children evacuating/being escorted from the school are redacted in the dash camera recordings, there are some photos.

21. The claim that we were lied about when school evacuation times were, via the final report timeline, due to the dash camera recordings not matching up.
  • From CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00184096.pdf, page 1 (going by the page number on the document): "The programmed times on several mobile video recorders were found to have been set incorrectly. For the purpose of this summary, those times have been corrected to reflect the actual time as determined by utilizing accurately documented communications from the dispatch center and now correlate with the times of the dispatch centers and properly set mobile video recorders."
  • PDF file, Newtown Police Response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting..., refers to dash camera recordings from Newtown Police Department (which the times correlate with the final report timeline), not the State Police dash camera recordings that were released with the final report.
    Page 8:
The information contained in this report is based on the documentation, audio, video, and statements, provided to us by Newtown Police Department in September of 2013." (Archive:

22. The claim that Lenny Pozner, father of victim Noah Pozner, was not at his son's funeral.
23. The claim that the money shown in a photo, from the final report, was found in Victoria Soto's classroom.
24. The claim that TransAct Technologies, where Benjamin Wyatt works at, is not a real business.
2319 Whitney Ave, Suite 3B
Hamden, CT 06518
25. The claim that Steve DeMartino, who is on the mailing address for sending checks to donate for Allison Wyatt Memorial Fund and Fund For Allison's Sister, is the name of someone who has passed away before December 14, 2012.
26. The claim that two nuns are wearing identification badges, wearing 511 Tactical Shoes, and that one nun is carrying a gun under her coat.
27. The claim that a 2010 forum post, by kathaksung, predicted the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
28. Sandy Hook appearing on the Gotham City map in The Dark Knight Rises movie.
  • "Susan Getzinger: I haven’t seen the movie Batman yet and my husband never told me the ending of anything (they are under strict confidentiality with hiring contracts, etc…) but it is COMMON practice for props guys especially to put cool family/neighborhood things in films as a cool fluke for their kids, etc…
My husband was always doing stuff like that if the movie permitted it and it received approval (directors, producers have the final say). I am sure the people in the film didn’t even know that Sandy Hook was a real place, just sounds cool for a film’s map." (Archive:

29. The claim that Dr. H. Wayne Carver, Chief Medical Examiner, supported Bill 1045.
  • Wayne Carver is stating that he believes the current statue, regulations and practices already address the issues that are in the proposed Bill 1045, thus he does not support the bill, finding it redundant and unnecessary.
"I believe that the proposed legislation is however, redundant of current statue, regulations and practices."
"I do however; believe that the current statutory and regulatory scheme covers the issues that I perceived to be addressed by the proposed legislation."

30. The claim that Lt. Paul Vance said that anyone who spreads misinformation about the Sandy Hook, December 14th shooting, will be prosecuted.
  • From Lt. Vance's press conference, he states: "There has been misinformation coming from people posing as the shooter in this case, posing using other IDs, mimicking this crime and crime scene and criminal activity that took place in this community. There's been some things in somewhat of a threatening manner."
    "So any of that information and people that are putting that information up there, in any manner, alright, that can be construed as a violation of state or federal law, will be investigated and prosecuted."
Lt. Vance is clearly referring to what is found to be state or federal law violations, as also noted in the official press release below.
  • "Additionally, “anyone who harasses or threatens the victims, victims’ families or witnesses of these horrific crimes, or who, in any manner interferes with the ongoing state or federal investigations will be referred for state and/or federal prosecution to the fullest extent permitted by law.  Harassment not only includes in-person contact, but also contact via the internet, social media, and telephone.”  Social media includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and MySpace.  Harassment or interfering includes, but is not limited to, making claims of your involvement in the crime or making claims that hinder the advancement of the investigation." (Archive:
31. The number of students who attended Sandy Hook Elementary School.
  • From CFS 1200704559\Book 2\00006263.pdf: "The student enrollment as of December 13, 2012 was 489. Due to lack of time, student attendance was not taken on December 14, 2012. The total staff count for the school is 91. On December 14, 2012, there were 9 staff members absent thus leaving a total of 82 staff members in the school that day. Refer to attached email."
Two students probably left between the time frame of November 30th and December 13th, though getting that confirmed would be great.

32. In regard to Adam Lanza's AAA card and Ryan Lanza's AAA card.
  • An email reply after contacting AAA Member Relations: "The first 3 digits are the company identifier number and the last digit is the computerized number associated with the membership number."
The second set, 3 digits, is the club code, and the third set, 9 digits, is the membership number:
  • AL's AAA card: 620 240 421600221 9
620 is the company identifier number.
240 is the club code.
421600221 is the membership number.
9 is the computerized number associated with the membership number.
  • Ryan's AAA card: 438 240 421600201 8
438 is the company identifier number.
240 is the club code.
421600201 is the membership number.
8 is computerized number associated with the membership number.
  • Both, AL and Ryan, have the same 240 club code, because 240 indicates the region of the card member. In this case, AAA Southern New England.
A list of the AAA regions and club codes: (Archive:

"Serving AAA Members in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island*" (Archive:
Note the 240 in the URL.

Even if you have a whole family on the same account, the last 3 digits of the membership number will be different to denote each individual person. 221 for AL; 201 for Ryan.

33. The claim that AL had a kill-to-wounded ratio of 26:1 or 96.2% (or higher).
The 96.2% ratio claim includes 1 wounded survivor and that 27 shots were fired. However, there were 2 wounded survivors and 154 shots fired. Implying there were 27 shots fired, gives the impression that there were no misses, when that is absolutely not true. The ratio was actually 26:2 or 92.8571%, which rounds up to 92.9%.      

Hallway (4 adults)
2 wounded (survived)
2 dead

Room 8 (16 children, 2 adults):
1 child unharmed
15 children dead
2 adults dead

Room 10 (16 children, 2 adults):
11 children unharmed
5 children dead
2 adults dead

Just going by the numbers above, there were 40 people in AL's path. From those 40 people, 28 were shot, which is a 70% ratio (28 divided by 40 x 100). That is going by targets (40 people that could have been shot) and hits (28 people that were shot). Kill-to-wounded ratio is being used in a tactical sense, but this was a school shooting, not a war, and AL had the intention to shoot as many people as he could. After all, AL fired 154 rounds and officers found 253 live rounds on his body.
Considering there were 80 rounds fired in room 8 (1 child unharmed) and 49 rounds fired in room 10 (11 children unharmed), that shows AL was not the "all-time world accuracy record" that has been claimed.

34. The claim that Christopher Manfredonia was in the woods and wearing camo pants.
A guy was being walked out of the woods in handcuffs.
He walked by people, looked into a parent's eyes, and said "I didn't do it."
At the time of the witness being interviewed, the guy was sitting in the front of a police car.
The witness did not see him with a gun.
The witness describes him wearing camo pants with a dark jacket.
  • However, Christopher Manfredonia was never in the woods, and he was not wearing camo pants.
"I know Chris. His daughter was in the same class as my son for two years ( k and 1st) I also know the officer who tackled him, by a side door of the school ( by playground, which was near our classes door, and why he went that way. He was there a minute or two before me, saw gun smoke and went to find daughter. Came around the corner with cell phone in hAnd. Was tackled and held until our class came out and his daughter called him daddy. He was wearing khakis, loafers and a polo... Standard fair for an athletic director." (Facebook message.)

"Chris Manfredonia, whose 6-year-old daughter attends the school, was heading there Friday morning to help make gingerbread houses with first-graders when he heard popping sounds and smelled sulfur.

He ran around the school trying to reach his daughter and was briefly handcuffed by police. He later found his child, who had been locked in a small room with a teacher." (Archive:

"On Friday morning, her husband, Chris, went to help make gingerbread houses in the first-grade class of the couple’s daughter. As he approached the school, he heard popping sounds, then smelled sulfur.

He attempted to reach his daughter by going around the side of the school. Police had arrived by then, stopped him and briefly handcuffed him." (Archive:

"A couple of FCIAC athletic directors also have close ties to Newtown. Fairfield Warde AD Chris Manfredonia not only has a daughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but he had just pulled into the parking lot and was on his way into the school to help his daughter's class build a gingerbread house when he heard shots ring out."

"Several officers ran to the playground on the side of the school to assist McGowan in arresting Christopher Manfredonia, who was walking into the school to help make gingerbread men when he heard shots. Manfredonia was running towards the side of the building where his daughters classroom was located when police tackled him." (Archive:

"9:41:24 — McGowan detains parent Christopher Manfredonia outside the school. The parent heard shots and ran toward playground area. Several Newtown officers respond to McGowan's call for assistance, including Chief Michael Kehoe and Captain Joseph Rios." (Archive:

From CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00184096.pdf, page 6 (going by the page number on the document):
"9:40:46 First indication that Officer McGowan has [redacted] in custody on the east side of the school near the playground. (Newtown radio)"
Page 7 (going by the page number on the document): "9:41:24 Officer McGowan has [redacted] prone out on the playground of SHES."

CFS 1200704559\Book 5\00014498.pdf, page 2 is the summary report of the statement provided by Christopher Manfredonia:

35. Noah Pozner did not have an autopsy done.
  • As stated in page 1 of 3 in the postmortem examination report: "Internal examination is not performed in keeping with the wishes of the family as expressed to the undersigned through a representative of the funeral home."
However; Lenny Pozner, father of victim Noah Pozner, got this cleared up after emailing James Gill, Chief Medical Examiner (who also stated they define an autopsy as an external and internal postmortem examination): "Unfortunately, in my cover letter to the State Police, I incorrectly used "26 autopsy reports" and this was then later included in State Police report. I am sorry for the confusion this has caused you and I have contacted Alison Peters of the State Police to let her know."

36. The claim that Alex Israel (former classmate of AL) and Katie Foley (sister of deceased journalist James Foley) are one and the same person.
37. The claim that AL's Flexfit bucket hat was not available for purchase until 2013.
  • While an email was sent to Leslie Umphrey, General Manager at Flexfit, her response was modified by the sender, Bridget Norris. 
Modified email:

Original email:
Unlike what Bridget modified in Leslie's email response with: "We updated the sweat band inside in 2013….but we continued to sell through the previous sweat band until stock levels depleted…However the new sweat band is pictured in this photo you have sent me. This is odd given the information you have given me," the actual truth, straight from Vice President Brian Yang at Flexfit, is: "We have made the inner sweatband changes which took place in 2014. Therefore, the sweatband with “Flexfit” legible ones were produced between 2005, when we launched the product line until 2014 when we made the running change."

38. The claim that Sandy Hook Elementary School was not in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), further proving the school was abandoned/closed.While I do not know for sure if Sandy Hook Elementary School was ADA-compliant or not, it is not uncommon for schools to not be ADA-compliant.
  • April 13, 2011. Page 1: "Superintendent Robinson noted there are many considerations in closing an elementary school. The neighborhood elementary school is a tradition. If one of the elementary schools were to be closed, Hawley, as the oldest, is the logical one. It is not ADA compliant and cannot be made ADA compliant." 
  • March 6, 2012. Page 12: Under Consolidation Considerations:
    "Hawley, small and central to town, is not ADA compliant
    Must be made compliant if reopened or for use as a public building"
Since Sandy Hook Elementary School was built in 1956, Crystal Lake Elementary School is a good example to use since it is still an operating school. While there is a lot that can be shown to prove Crystal Lake Elementary was and is still an operating school, I will just show some information as to not go too off-topic.Crystal Lake Elementary School website:

Student and teacher enrollment for Crystal Lake Elementary School going back from 1987: (Archive:

2009-2010  No Child Left Behind (NCLB) report cards: (Archive:

2010-2011 No Child Left Behind (NCLB) report cards: (Archive:

2014-2015 bus routes:

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