Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sandy Hook Elementary School Bio Hazard Clean-Up - Who Cleaned the blood?

A Top 10 corner stone of "Hoax Theory" concerns the Bio-Clean up of Sandy Hook Elementary. Somehow, the Hoaxer community, led by Jim Fetzer and Wolfgang Halibig, believe that since they are unable to figure out who cleaned up the SHES after the tragedy, this is evidence of hoax.

Hoaxers are donating Halbig thousands of dollars so that he can ask this question for them!

Is this question a sick, disgusting, mean spirited, absurd, and irrelevant question designed to hurt the re-victimize families and titillate their own filthy minds? Yes, of course it is.

While the question of WHO did the bio-hazard waste at Sandy Hook Elementary School after the tragedy has dumbfounded Fetzer and his crack team of Hoax Investigators.  A horde of hoaxers left unable to figure out the answer; Review Manify, Sofia Smallstorm, and Wolfgang Halbig and, indeed, the combined talents of the whole Hoaxer Community combine in hundreds of hours of videos and countless blog posts.

The fact is 63 boxes of hazardous waste were removed from the school and the clean up was performed by a certified Connecticut company, CleanHarbors.

Book 2 Document 198991 contains the supplemental report on the cleanup:

Original Video

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